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Maintenance Guide: 6 Tips to Take Care and Maintain A Trampoline

by Backyard Play Store on May 02, 2021
6 Best Practices For Trampoline Maintenance

Trampoline maintenance tips and proper use are the only way to ensure that your trampoline will still stand tall for years to come. Taking care of these rebound equipment also safeguards the jumpers against injuries resulting from deteriorated materials.

They’re also expensive equipment to acquire, so proper maintenance will give you elongated service and avoid costly replacements. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installation and subject the trampoline to adequate care regularly.

Trampoline Maintenance Tips To Take Care and Keep It Long Term

Since trampolines are mainly meant for outdoor use, they’re made using high-quality, durable material to withstand harsh weather elements. But this is no excuse for not maintaining them.

After buying a professional grade trampoline, follow these essential trampoline care and maintenance tips to ensure that you get the most out of this fun equipment.

1. Follow the trampoline manufacturer installation instructions 

It seems so obvious that you should put the trampoline together correctly. Well, it’s still worth mentioning just for emphasis. If you want to get the most out of your trampoline, first ensure that the location you’ve chosen to install it is the right one.

Above-ground trampolines must never be placed on rigid surfaces such as concrete, pavement, or asphalt. Instead, always set it up on the grass. If you opt for in-ground type, ensure that the ground is adequately prepared and a weed barrier placed inside before actual installation.

Always follow the manufacturer’s installation guide. Do the assembling of the trampoline parts gently. Remember that the frames with powder coating are usually a little more sensitive. If not correctly handled, they can stretch and get damaged.

2. Use trampolines for the intended use

Again, this will be mentioned in the manufacturer’s guide. Ensure that you only use the trampoline for the intended purpose and in the right way to get the safest jumping and durability.

Every jumper using it must be shown or at least learn or how to backflip or jump correctly. The jumpers should also be shown what can and cannot be done while on the trampoline bounce mat. For instance, standing on the bounce mat with shoes shouldn’t be done to avoid dusting it. The bounce mat is only UV protected but will be damaged by dust and stones.

Instead, let jumpers get on the mat in socks or barefoot. Alternatively, you can opt for a mat shoe accessory for use.

3. Avoid harsh cleaning agents 

regular maintenance of trampoline to make it safe to jump

The trampoline must be cleaned regularly before storage. However, when cleaning, ensure that harsh cleaning agent are not used. Only use ordinary detergent soap and water, then allow it to dry thoroughly. You may also use the UV protection spray to provide all-around protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Caution kids against rowdy behavior

When kids are very disorderly or with rowdy behavior, they can cause not only injury to other kids but also damage the trampoline. Behaviors such as climbing the safety net, bringing sharp objects on the jumping mat can cause damages. You should also make sure the kids safety regarding trampoline

5. Use trampoline in winter?

Trampolines are ideal for use all year round and in any season. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -40 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. Feel free to use it during winter as well. However, when the jumping surface is covered by ice, take caution not to force remove it. Also, check the frames, springs, and mat. Ensure the jumping mat is clean and dry enough.

If the trampoline is covered in snow, ensure to use a soft bristle broom similar to the one used in removing snow from a car. The brush won’t leave scratches behind, damage the PVC padding or the bounce mat.

6. Accessories with extra protection materials

One essential trampoline maintenance tip involves using additional protection equipment and accessories. One of the additions to consider is the weather cover. A weather cover covers the trampoline and protects it against different weather conditions like sun, rain, snow, and dust. To find out the right cover you first need to measure the size of your trampoline. Once you're done with the measurement you can buy a cover slightly larger than the overall size of your trampoline.

A PVC protection spray is another essential accessory; it helps protect the mat against damages caused by harmful rays, dirt, and other weather conditions. A shoe mat helps prevent dust and tiny stones on the bounce mat that can cause damage. Ensure the shoes are next to the trampoline entry so jumpers can find them with ease.

Last Few Talks On Maintenance of Trampoline

Follow these 6 tips from our trampoline maintenance guide, you can rest assured that your trampoline will give you years of service. Ensure that the guidelines and recommendations are adhered to strictly, and you’ll realize real value for your money. 

If you didn't buy one yet and just researching before your purchase, you can check our trampoline buying guide to help you out.


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