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Buy Commercial Grade Inflatable Obstacle Courses For Kids & Adults

If you run a party rental business, finding the best commercial obstacle inflatable is an excellent way of multiplying your profits a hundredfold. Both children and adults love the obstacle course, and you can have them as part of your business to attract even more customers and expand your territory.

We’ll have a keen look at why commercial inflatable obstacle courses are so popular. We’ll also explore how you can adapt them to make money by hiring them out to companies, families, or individuals.

Why is Commercial Obstacle Course So Popular Among Bounce Houses?

If there’s one commercial inflatable that even adults can never get enough of is the obstacle course. They bring back childhood memories and let adults connect with their past. However, the inflatable obstacle courses of today have much more to offer than nostalgia.

They present exciting ways adults can work out apart from using the treadmill, attending a yoga session, or running. The obstacle courses are now a fitness trend of their own. Apart from being suitable for different age groups with varying fitness levels, they present many workout activities that everyone will find very useful.

The bouncy obstacle course stimulate the body to use the muscle systems that are often neglected. Additionally, they instill agility and speed in a person. Other things being physical, obstacle courses can also be for mental development and growth.

They present excellent opportunities for coworkers, friends, and family to interact and embrace their social sides. With different themes and designs, obstacle courses are great bonding tools that people of all ages can enjoy.

Finding the best commercial inflatable obstacle courses for sale is the only way of ensuring that the customers you attract to your business will be hooked and continue coming back.

gameday yellow commercial bounce houses

How to Earn Massive Profits From Commercial Bouncy Obstacle Course?

We’ve analyzed why bounce houses are so beneficial health-wise and why both kids and adults love them. We have also found some good reasons to buy commercial bouncers.

While considering finding the best bounce house obstacle course, it’s worth considering some of the ways you can use them for profit. The good thing is that so many people already love them, which resolves to a ready market. Now let’s see how you can seize the opportunity in front of you and earn massive profits.

inside view of commercial bounce house course

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental For Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the most common celebrations that happen almost every other month in your neighborhood. You won’t miss at least five to ten birthday celebrations within a community in a month.

By offering commercial obstacle inflatable for birthday parties to parents, you’ll play a significant role in eliminating the stress that comes with organizing birthday parties. Especially since the inflatables provide many photo-taking opportunities, be sure to make tons of profits once your business picks up.

multi color element commercial obstacle course for kids

Collaborate with summer campgrounds

Teaming up with summer campgrounds to offer your commercial grade obstacle courses is also an excellent way to cash some good profits. The fun that comes with the obstacle courses is unmatched, and campers will be thrilled to have them on site.

Even though it might not be a tradition to have one at campsites, they can be instrumental in helping campers bond and trust their abilities.

Only ensure that you find the best commercial obstacle courses for sale from reputable sellers. It’s the only way to build trust with the campground managers.

multi color element commercial grade obstacle course for kids

Team up with the local businesses

jumpy obstacle course also present an unforgettable experience for office parties and team-building events.

Reach out to the local business outlets and introduce your party rental business with the different obstacle courses on offer. Contact the business managers who’d like a simple, inexpensive way of celebrating their staffs’ achievements.

The commercial inflatable obstacle courses are also ideal in identifying quick thinkers and talents. It also helps those coworkers who aren’t very good with teamwork to learn how to best coordinate with others.

green blower for jumpy obstacle course for commercial usage

Offer them for hire by relationship therapists

Teamwork is not only crucial to offices and workplaces. Couples can learn to work together and strengthen the bond between them. In this venture, reach out to relationship therapists who organize summer camps for couples under therapy.

The obstacle courses can be a lot of fun for couples as they can help each other overcome an obstacle. Find the local couple therapists and team up to rent out inflatable courses for their therapy sessions. It can liven up the sessions and help the partners connect again.

buy commercial bounce house obstacle course for the kids

How to Find The Best One Among The Commercial Bounce House Obstacle Courses For Sale?

At this level, you’ve crossed a significant milestone in getting your party rental business up and running. You only need to find the most reliable commercial obstacle inflatable. Check this out to know more on renting your bounce house.

It’s vital to get things right to avoid trouble during your first year in business. Apart from the marketing aspect, your inflatable obstacle courses must be of high quality to build trust with your customer base.

We’ve prepared several things you can follow to help you select from the best among the commercial grade obstacle courses for sale.

gameday yellow commercial grade bounce houses

Budget For The Inflatable Obstacle Course

Your operation budget is one aspect that you need to work with closely. If you have a tight budget, you need to go for a few of the best quality inflatable rather than get many of poor quality.

Buying high-quality and durable inflatable obstacle courses will ensure that your business runs smoothly without interruptions of doing repairs or replacing the bounce house units altogether. Start small if your budget does not allow you to launch big. Over time, you’ll manage to expand your stock from the profits earned.

By doing this, you shall have protected your business image right from the start. You shall have earned the trust of many customers as a reliable party rental business.

element obstacle course - commercial grade jump house

Material Quality of Bouncy Obstacle Course

It’s common for a startup to slash down expenditure by going for the market’s cheap options. With the party rental business, cheap commercial inflatables mean the quality of the materials is lacking. With low-quality materials, you’ll often spend much time doing repairs which will only add to your operation costs.

Consult with the seller of the bounce house obstacle course and determine the quality of the materials. Check and confirm that the materials conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) standards.

Additionally, they should be made using commercial vinyl and be fire-resistant. More importantly, the inflatables must be free from lead elements that can be toxic to health.

red yellow blue obstacle course - commercial grade jump house

Safety Standards Of Obstacle Bounce Houses

The commercial bouncy obstacle course need to have safety features to guide users. Inflatable obstacle courses without proper safety features installed expose users to risks of injuries. Ensure that the high-stress regions are made using quality, durable material such as PVC-coated vinyl material.

Any dissatisfactions arising from customer complaints could damage the business’ image. Always check with the manufacturers and ensure that their inflatables are safe and adhere to safety standards as required.

red yellow blue obstacle course - commercial jumpy house

Themes & Designs of Commercial Obstacle Inflatables

When looking for commercial inflatable obstacle courses for sale, consider the themes to ensure that you do not limit your market. Some clients might be skeptical about particular designs, such as gender-themed obstacle courses.

Do some research to determine the designs and themes that customers often prefer in your locality. You can stock up with those designs to attract that class of clients.

However, if you have to select a particular design, ensure that you have neutral-themed courses to meet demanding customers’ needs.

orange color commercial inflatable obstacle courses for kids

Features of The Obstacle Courses

When finding the best commercial grade obstacle courses for sale, don’t forget to check the inflatables’ features. Depending on the age groups, it can have different features with different difficulty levels to add more challenges and make the events livelier.

The obstacle courses used primarily by adults can have more challenging features, while those suited for kids can be a little less challenging. Look out for obstacle courses with features that fit your client base. Some of the features to look out for include:

    • Pop-ups.
    • Crawl throughs.
    • Push throughs.
    • Climbers.
    • Tire runs.
  • Water Slides.

Additionally, look for accessories that come with the obstacle courses to make their use more convenient. Some accessories include an air blower, storage bag, anchor stakes, and tie-down straps.

The business of offering commercial jumpy obstacle courses for hire comes with plenty of perks other than the profits. Unlike the 9 to 5 jobs that require time and a lot of input, the party rental business gives you a lot of time to do other things. The only time you’ll be busy is when delivering and installing the obstacle courses at the customer site then collect them after the event.

With proper planning and strategy, you can earn enormous profits without too much hassle. The only downside is that you’ll have to keep the obstacle courses clean and well maintained.

Running successful business requires you to use high-quality inflatables. Find the most reliable commercial inflatable obstacle courses for sale vendors to supply you with quality inflatables, then sit back and rip the profits.

gridiron challenge - commercial inflatable obstacle courses for kids