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How to Rent a Bounce House

by Backyard Play Store on November 30, 2020

There are many things to consider when going out to rent a bounce house. With an expanding market and increasingly diversified options available, it can be both an exciting and overwhelming decision. With a rental it is important to consider the purpose for the inflatable- it’s projected use- and the kind of budget you hope to be working with. Initially, the portability and location of the bounce house are of particular concern, and nailing down a location can facilitate the next steps.

Consider the Location

When considering the location, the most pressing concern is whether you wish the commercial bouncer to be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. A ‘permanent’ bounce house can be fixed in a set location and is rugged, with greater ability to facilitate both children and adults alike. For events with perhaps more people, or in an area where there is likely to be a greater degree of weather variability, a permanent bouncer is the best option.

On the other hand, for smaller children or with the projected purpose of mobility, a portable bounce house can prove a much more versatile option. These bounce houses are generally smaller and offer a more interactive experience for smaller children, and though not as rugged and structurally sound as a permanent house, they are much easier to move around different locations. This is why it is important to consider the intended use when looking at renting a bounce house.

Shop Around

Once the projected purpose has been established and you are ready to shop around for the best deal that fits both your needs and your budget, you can begin an online search. This is a great way to assess the market and find a retailer with the specifics you are looking for. Using a google search for ‘bounce house rental companies near me’ can help locate rental companies in an expedient area that will provide a diversity of options and timely delivery.

Additional Considerations

There are other things to consider concerning purpose. Firstly, with a rental, how long will you require for the rental? Additionally, will it be a bounce house, an inflatable slide, an inflatable water slide, or a combination of several different options? These are some of the questions to ask which will likely depend on the type of event you are planning. With these options come the venue in which you will be using.

Will the venue be indoors or outdoors? With an indoor venue, a dry bounce house/ slide is likely to be a better option, and the size dimensions will be of particular concern. Making these measurements can help when giving information to a customer service agent who can align your needs to the specific range of bounce houses on offer. The weather conditions and season will also be a determining factor on whether to choose indoor or outdoor bounce houses.

Fitting to your Specifications

With an outdoor venue, the size dimensions are likely to be a little more versatile, depending on the space available. Whether a church, school, or community event, an outdoor space will also need to be assessed in terms of it’s proximity to things like parking and establishing a relatively flat surface. With outdoor venues, you will be able to accommodate both wet and dry options. During summer months, water slides are particularly popular, while a dry slide maintains all the same qualities for fun and exercise.

Continuing in this theme, with an outdoor venue, depending on the type of slide, you may have to have access to electricity and/or water. Again, working on the specifics in terms of space and liaising with a customer service agent can help nip any potential problems in the bud, and ensure that the planning phase of your event is thoroughly worked through each step of the way. With as much planning information as possible, it becomes easier to find a slide that fits your specific needs.


Other important considerations for renting a bounce house include ensuring maximum safety at all times. Again, a customer service agent can offer peace of mind by outlining all relevant safety procedures specific to your desired bounce house. Anchoring is one of the most important aspects of setting up with regards to safety, and 18-inch anchors are generally the old standard for safety with bounce houses. As well as this, maintaining proper hygiene standards and cleanliness ensures the bounce house experience has every base covered.

Additionally, depending on the kind of event you are planning to have, it may be wise to invest in insurance. For small private properties on private land, insurance is generally not required, but in other situations, it may be useful to work with a customer service agent to see what kind of insurance would meet the needs of your event.

Here at Backyard Play Store, we have a passion for fun and know the ins and outs of inflatables. We are excited to share this with you, so get in touch today!


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