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Buy Inflatable Commercial Water Slides Clearance At Low Cost

Finding the best commercial water slides clearance for sale to incorporate in your inflatable rental business is ideal for attracting more customers and keeping the old ones coming back.

Kids love playing in the water. There’s nothing that can convince them otherwise if playing in the water is on the table. That is why so many rental inflatable businesses are on the rise in the neighborhood. If you’re thinking about sprucing up the fun for kids in your business, there’s no better way than with commercial water slides.

With top-quality commercial inflatable water slides as part of your party rental venture, you’re sure to get a high influx of rental orders. And soon before you know it, you’ll be expanding your stock to accommodate new clients. It’s all in the little details that your commercial grade inflatables

How do you ensure that your choice of commercial grade water slides investment brings you returns? We’ve selected a couple of essential things to consider when choosing commercial inflatable slides for sale for sale.

inflatable water slides clearance for commercial use

Want To Run A Commercial Inflatable Water Slide Business?

At first glance, a water slide business looks like a pretty simple and straightforward business that anyone can do. To a greater extent, that is very true. But also, there exist challenges, just like with other ventures.

Pros of Water Slide Business

  • Meet and make new relationships.
  • The business offers better profit margins with lower maintenance costs.
  • The business model does not need a full-time 9 to 5 dedication.
  • New experiences as you interact with different guests at events.

Cons of Water Slide Business

  • Maintaining and keeping the inflatables clean.
  • Handling the stress of taking down the units after event completion.
  • Low seasons can result in lower profits.

Like any other business, the inflatable water slides business also has its challenges. But the pros outweigh the disadvantages. And with better planning and strategy, it’s possible to realize many benefits to wash out the cons.

The goodness of the business is that you can do it even on your own. You’ll need a truck to carry the inflatables to the customer’s site and take them back when the event is over.

One great advantage that comes with owning a commercial inflatable business is its limited time investment. You’ll need to drive the equipment to the client’s site, set it up, and then collect it after the event ends. Apart from that, you’ll get a lot of free time to do other stuff.

Most commercial businesses with bounce house opt to start on a part-time basis, renting the equipment out on weekends and special events. They might choose to spend only a day or two on the rental business.

By finding the best water slides for sale, you’ll be able to operate your business with minor hassles and reap big profit margins.

The only major downside would be to kick off the business with low-quality inflatables, which may cost you a lot more and risk closing down the business.

Why Commercial Grade Water Slides Are The Best For Business?

As mentioned, business is all about keeping the clients happy. One minor mishap leading to dissatisfaction can make you shut your doors. When running a party rental business, you should never compromise on the quality of the water slides you’re renting out. Don’t be tempted to opt for the cheap or residential inflatables for your business.

The inflatable water slide for commercial usage are built to handle a lot of stress that comes with prolonged constant use. Most importantly, they also adhere to high safety standards. It’s your sole responsibility to ensure the rented out inflatables are of high quality and maintain safety requirements.

By choosing our commercial water slides for sale, you’re guaranteed that they are the best quality material, durable and safe for use by both children and adults. Our commercial waterslides are built with plenty of features that make them the best in the market. They come with the following features:

  • 18.5 oz vinyl material coated with PVC.
  • Heavy-duty nylon threads.
  • Safety features to guide users.

Commercial grade inflatables will also ensure that your stock of water slides lasts longer before they can be replaced with new ones.

commercial grade inflatable water slides with blower

Select The Commercial Business Model For Inflatable Water Slides Clearance

Before going into the business of finding and buying the best inflatable pool slides for commercial use, you need to understand the range of business models available for you. one way of setting up a business with this fun equipment is to rent them to customers regularly.

You’ll have to do some marketing of your business to various organizations and party planners who regularly host events. With proper marketing, you’ll get yourself a stream of new customers who seek to rent your commercial inflatables.

With this business model, you’ll need to be ready to install, take down, and monitor the inflatables by yourself. For this reason, it’s prudent to consider taking insurance coverage as well to cover the liabilities of potential injuries and damages.

You may also consider another business model, which involves setting up the inflatables at a single location for public access. With a fixed location, you won’t need to set up the inflatables and take them down from time to time. You’ll only need to keep the inflatable water slides clean and well maintained. You’ll then charge entry fees for a set time limit.

Regardless of the type of commercial inflatable water slide business you want to set up, ensure that you meet your state’s laws on business licensing and other requirements

dual lane paradise inflatable slip n slide with pool

How To Select Among The Commercial Inflatable Slides For Sale?

The subsequent important task goes to selecting the best commercial water slides for your business. Don’t be overwhelmed by the many brand options available in the market. We have a list of things to consider to ensure that your selection meets the criteria for the best inflatables. 

rainbow inflatable slide wet n dry slides for kids and adults

Material Quality Of Water Slide

When your business is getting started, one temptation is to reduce costs by going for the cheapest or residential water slide option. This approach is, however, not good with commercial inflatables. If you opt for the inferior quality material, you’ll find yourself spending too much time and money repairing the inflatables. Make your investment count by going for the best quality at the initial stage.


obstacle wet n dry slides for kids and adults

Your Budget To Buy Water Slide

Every business must have a starting capital. You need to have a good amount of money to procure good quality commercial water inflatables. Analyze your budget to determine if you can afford the excellent quality inflatables.

If your budget is short and you can’t buy several inflatables at a go, don’t worry. It’s better to start with a few high-quality and durable inflatables than many but of poor quality. Over time, you’ll be able to add to your stock through the profits made.

This way, you have the advantage of building a reliable name for yourself when getting started. Many more customers will trust you as a provider of high-quality inflatables.

view from top of the commercial water slide

Safety Features Of The Inflatables Slides

Safety is a top concern when it comes to commercial grade blow up water slides. Suppose the inflatables you opt for are of low quality and do not conform to safety guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM). In that case, customers may be at risk of danger.

Any slight holes in the inflatable can cause leakages and users to sink. With customer dissatisfaction, your business may be at risk of losing customers and probably shutting down. As such, ensure that the commercial inflatable slides adhere to high safety standards.

view from bottom of the commercial inflatable water slide

Make your venture unique

It’s worth noting that the market has other similar businesses competing against yours. You, therefore, have a responsibility to make your business stand out. You can achieve this by offering your customers unique experiences.

Research the different high-quality commercial grade water slides for sale in the market and find the unique ones. Do due diligence by reading comments and reviews of various customers about their water slides.


inside view of commercial grade water slides

Theme Of The Inflatables Slides

When ready to make a purchase, be creative with the theme of the commercial inflatables. Nowadays, there are so many themes available for the commercial blow up water slides. Select styles and designs that are more likely to attract many clients.

Don’t limit yourself to themes that target only a specific group of people or gender. Go for gender-neutral themes to attract both boys and girls. You can choose the tropical island or the water-based safari theme.

Take your time to research the themes that are most likely to be a favorite among the local customer. Also, consider your business model and select a theme that will match it perfectly.

No matter the type of commercial grade inflatable water slides you choose, do not settle for the cheap types. At first, they might seem like a cost-saver but will eventually cost you a lot in the long run. If you want a profitable business, get your commercial inflatable water slides clearance from a reputable seller.

a portion of the commercial inflatable slides