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Buy Indoor Inflatable Bounce House with & without Slide

If you need to curb your kid’s excessive energy, finding the best indoor inflatable bounce house is the way to do it. Kids usually have lots of energy to spare, even for the craziest play ideas. Don’t restrain them from having fun. It’s what makes them develop their motor skills and discover their talents.

But as much as you’d want them to have fun, you also want them to be safe. You can monitor your kids as they enjoy their play with indoor jump house while you do other stuff indoors.

However, with so many inflatable indoor bounce house for sale in the market, you can be overwhelmed if you don’t know what you need or what suits your needs best.

Why Get Inflatable Indoor Bounce House for Your Kids

Indoor inflatables form an essential part of play for your kids. They come with lots of perks to benefit your kids, which is why you shouldn’t be guided by the price factor alone when finding the best indoor bouncy house to buy.

green violate mix color indoor bounce house

Improve coordination and balance

Kids are rapidly growing, and they need to develop their motor skills along their growth curve. Running and jumping on concrete pavements pose a risk of injuries to children. That’s not a price any parent is willing to pay for their children to develop their coordination and balance. Finding the best  Indoor inflatable bounce house is a surefire way of ensuring the kids are safe as they discover themselves.

While in an inflatable, they’ll lose balance a couple of times. Don’t worry. When they repeat the activities, they’ll eventually master their balance and be able to coordinate better.

princess party indoor bounce house for kids

Improve blood circulation and cardiovascular function

By kids repeatedly playing on an indoor jump house, their bodies improve their blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, they develop stronger hearts and prevent cardiovascular complications. In the long run, their sleep routines become more improved, and they grow better and healthier.

princess party indoor jump house for kids

Indoor Bouncers to Prevent obesity

Let’s be honest. Most kids who spend much of their time playing video games with very little or no physical activity tend to be obese. While playing video games isn’t bad, it’s crucial to strike a balance. By finding the best bouncers for your home, you’ll encourage your kids to take part in physical activity without leaving the house.

The result is that their bodies become extra active, preventing them from becoming obese.

Pink color princess party indoor bouncer for kids

Inflatable Bouncer for Better mental health

When too preoccupied with staying indoors and playing only video games, your kids’ mental health could also be affected. By getting a residential inflatable bouncer with slides, you’ll present your kids with better opportunities to invite their friends over and play together. Playing among other kids helps them develop their social skills and improve their mental health.

blower for indoor bounce house

Improved safety during play

With an indoor jump house, parents can engage in other activities and comfortably monitor kids as they play. With supervision, kids can safely play in the inflatable.

indoor bounce house with slides

Having Fun on Indoor Jump House

You can’t detain kids forever from making their little mischief. They’ll always have the craziest ideas of how to enjoy the fun. If not controlled appropriately, they can do activities that can also injure them and pose other significant risks.

For that reason, you have to find the best small bounce house for sale from the market. It will really help you to put them under control. They’ll burn away much of their energy in the indoor inflatables jumping up and down, leaving them satisfied with no desire to be mischievous.

castle bounce house for indoor use

How To Choose The Best Indoor Jumpy House

Now that we’ve seen how indoor jump house for toddlers can help, how do you pick the best one from the market? Let’s take a look at the following factors which can help you make a decision.

little star indoor bouncy house with ball pit

What’s the number of users?

Indoor bouncers are available in varying sizes. Some can accommodate a single person at a go, while others can carry two or more.

If planning an occasion such as a kid’s birthday party, you need to consider the number and size of indoor bounce house that can perfectly accommodate the available kids. If you go for a small inflatable or fewer users, kids will become unhappy waiting for their turn. Those already in will most likely not leave for others.

Pink color indoor bouncer for kids

Kids Age to Enjoy Bouncy House

Children and young adults can use indoor inflatables. Consider the age of the participants when searching to buy inflatable indoor jumpy house. There are inflatables best suited for toddlers, while some can be used by adults as well.

When making a choice, go for an indoor inflatable that matches the age and the ability levels of the participants. If planning to have adults also use the inflatables, find one that best suits all ages.

rainbow design indoor inflatable bouncer

Indoor Bouncy House Theme

Most indoor inflatables will match with any interior decor regardless. But if your indoor space has a particular theme because of the event to be hosted there, you might want to consider an indoor inflatable design that matches your event’s.  For example an inflatable with a water slider for a water-themed party.They’ll increase the fun and cohesiveness of the event rather than appearing as quick addons.

playhouse indoor bouncer for kids

Size of The Indoor Bouncer

Your indoor space size is critical to consider. You don’t want to find an indoor bouncy house only to learn that it doesn’t match your basement or intended space. Take the space’s physical measurements and compare them against the inflatable size to determine which one is most suitable. Ensure that some space allowance is left to run around after the inflatable for kids is installed.

kids playhouse indoor bouncer with slide

Your Budget for Inflatables

Indoor jumpy house's price often vary according to the size, quality of the materials, and brand. Consider the inflatable a long-term investment for your kids. Don’t go for the cheaply available inflatable in the name of cutting down costs, as such inflatables often don’t last long or might pose a safety risk on your kids during play.

Plan accordingly and purchase the most suitable indoor inflatable so that you won’t compromise quality and safety.

make sure indoor bounce house safety

Kids Safety on Inflatables

Your kids’ safety during play is your topmost priority. When finding the best indoor inflatable for sale, consider the safety standards adhered to by the manufacturer. You can also follow this guide to make your bounce house safe for the kids.

The inflatable should be made with high-quality materials with secure stitches to make them withstand pressure and last longer.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Indoor Inflatables

After picking the best indoor inflatable bouncer, you’d want to ensure that you’re following the proper protocols to keep your kids safe and the inflatable free from damage.

The following are key things to keep in mind when using indoor inflatables.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Indoor Inflatables

Avoid Outdoor use

Indoor bounce houses are not suitable for outdoor use because they’re made using lighter materials. However, if you must use them outside, ensure that they’re safely secured to the ground. Use thick tarp and ground stakes to secure the indoor inflatable to the surface. If you are looking to use outside then, a commercial bouncy house will be better.

Since they’re lighter, they’re at a higher risk of being blown away by strong winds. Therefore, you should not use indoor inflatable bouncers in windy weather.

Additionally, the non-bounce regions are made with nylon, while the jump area is made with 18 ounce PVC reinforcement. The nylon part can be damaged easily by sharp objects or tree branches. As such, avoid using the inflatable outdoors as much as possible.

Avoid Outdoor use

Keep Space Around The Inflatable

Ensure that the site where you’ll set up the inflatable is big enough to allow an 80 inches perimeter space. The area is to allow kids to move freely around the structure. It also allows their shoes and other belongings to be within reach other than going under the inflatable.

playhouse indoor bouncer with kids

Clear Overhead Area of Bouncer

Ensure that the overhead space is free from loosely hanging objects such as electrical wires, among other things. Any overhead objects close to the inflatable might get trapped and lead to other dangers and injuries.

playhouse indoor jump house without kids

Monitor Kids Play on Bouncy House

Kids can be naughty even when still playing in the inflatable. Ensure that they’re supervised and prevented from doing activities that might expose other kids to injuries. More importantly, set some ground rules that they should strictly adhere to during play. Rough bouncing, tomfoolery, and rowdy behavior should be kept at a minimum.

Constantly monitor the kids during play

Follow Bounce House Manufacturer’s Guide on Safe Use

As much as you’re following the general safety rules, it’s also essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s advice on safely using the indoor inflatable jump houses.

Some of the guidelines might include avoiding contact with water, especially if the inflatable is not a wet type. It’s a general rule of thumb to read the guidelines before setting up and using the inflatable. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will also help you avoid misuse of the inflatable and cause the warranty to be void.

Indoor jumpy house present the best and easiest way for parents to spruce up fun for their kids without leaving the house. An Indoor inflatable bounce house will ensure that you get the value for your money, and your kids get to enjoy the fun years to come.

Select from our extensive collection of indoor inflatables for sale and let your kids enjoy the moment with their friends at home.

a girl playing on a indoor jumpy house