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Water-Themed Party: Setting the Scene and Planning the Party

by Backyard Play Store on December 30, 2020


Water-Themed Party: Setting the Scene and Planning the Party

The summer months bring kids out of school and ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. With so much time spent inside during the winter months, children and adults alike are bursting to get out in the sun and appreciate the outdoors by the time summer rolls around.

So whether it’s a birthday party, a family get-together, or any other celebration, get planning your summer bash ahead of time and have peace of mind when the day comes around. Dazzle and delight your guests with what’s to come: with a creative menu, entertainment options, and best of all, the big, eye-catching water feature to bring everyone bouncing into the splash zone!

The invitation is an opportunity to get the juices flowing and build the anticipation for the big day. With ne and engaging apps on computers, as well as designers and digital partners available, there are a range of possibilities to create one-of-a-kind invitations that will live long in the memory and ensure your guest list keeps building.

With the prospect of an inflatable water slide, guests are sure to be chomping at the bit to be a part of your party, so let’s see some ways to get the guest list rolling.

Water, water, and more water

It’s summer and those long, hot days bring a delirium that water can vanquish. The prospect of chilling out in the pool or on the slide is a tantalizing one when the weather reaches such heat. Playing on the water theme can ensure guests know what to expect, and why to be excited.

Expand the Theme

With such a range of both residential and commercial water slide options, with a number of other features, the possibilities are vast. Perhaps you want a pirate ship theme for your little boy, or a Hawaiian beach for your little girl?Expand the theme

The point is, don’t stop with just the water theme. Bounce house stores have a diverse range of options to ensure your party is an immersive experience for everyone involved.

The Slide is just the Beginning

Water slides come with so many features that you really can branch out. You could opt to have just the water slide, or you can bring in an attachable pool for chilling out, or even have the bounce house-water slide combo. Whichever route you take, it’s sure to be a winner.


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