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Bounce House Block Party: Things to Remember

by Backyard Marketplace on January 01, 2021


Bounce house block party

Block parties are a fun way to get communities together and participate in joint activities that bring fun and festivities whatever the time of year. In summer the outdoor bounce house block party is always a favorite, and winter brings indoor events to local community centers.

With so much to plan, it is good to have a big centerpiece around which both children and adults can get involved. With all the music, giveaways, food, and other things to organize, having a bounce house can be a fast and fun way to get everyone together.

So how can you bring those lasting memories that are so unique to a bounce house? Here are some of the best ways to get your block party popping.

Supervision Rotations

With any party, no one person wants to be stuck on babysitting duties, which is why a great community builder is taking turns in watching and supervizing the children on the bounce house. This ensures that adults are free to mingle safe in the knowledge that the children are occupied and safely attended to.

Though bounce houses are some of the safest activities around, with durable vinyl and high-powered blowers ensuring fun and safety, it’s always good to have an adult on hand keeping an eye on things.

Find Space for both Kids and Adults

Engaging with all members of your block party is important to ensure everyone has the best possible time. Browsing all available bounce houses for sale gives a range of options for both children and adults alike.

We all know kids have so much energy to expend, so why not look at residential and commercial bounce houses? Not only are the themes fun and exciting for children, they, along with the big kids, will love the competitiveness that invariably comes with slides, obstacle courses, and the plethora of activities available with bounce houses.

Bring the Party with Diverse Inflatables

Whether you’re searching for an adventure with dinosaurs or a wild west frontier, a space opera or a grand stage, there are so many options to choose from that will stimulate everyone’s curiosity and imagination.


Bring the Party with Diverse Inflatables

This is the part where you can really get creative, and there are so many to choose from! Residential bounce houses are great, and there is always the options to add slides, obstacle courses, and many other accessories to really amp up the fun!

Share the Load with Neighbors

While the price of block parties can quickly mount, organizing the expenditure with members of the community means the cost can reduce for each member when everyone works together. Bounce house block parties are a wonderful way to get neighbors together and engage in cooperative activities.

Not only is this a great bonding opportunity, but it also brings a sense of camaraderie to the community and a sense of accomplishment in working together. 

Organize Set-up Ahead of Time

Getting everything ready in advance means that you can quickly and easily arrive at the party and be ready for everyone to have a great time.

Bounce house set-up can be relatively straight forward when organized in advance, and it certainly eases the load when organizing everything else!

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