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Buy Inflatable Residential Water Slides For Kids & Adults

When you need to make your kids’ summertime magical, there’s no better way than to find the best residential inflatable water slides for sale. During those warm months when they’re on holiday break, many nasty things can happen if you don’t have a way to curb your little ones’ energy. With the best residential water slide, there’s nothing that can convince them to divert their attention elsewhere.

The inflatable water slides also come in handy when you have a party or family gathering in the backyard. Both kids and adults will need something to exhilarate them and make the summertime lovely.

However, finding the ultimate inflatable water park takes a lot of effort. You can’t just pick a water slide because it looks gorgeous. There’s more to it. Let’s find out what you need to do to get your family the best inflatable residential water slide.

Commercial Vs. Residential inflatable water slides

Commercial inflatable water slides are inflatable play equipment with water slides and a pool built for high-level usage. They’re made from highly durable fire and wear and tear-resistant PVC material. These inflatables can handle adults’ weight and, therefore, be used in public places for rental purposes.

As the name suggests, our water slides for home are inflatable play equipment that comprises a water slide and a pool for use at home. They’re mainly built for use by kids and toddlers. Since they’re made from nylon, they tend to be less durable compared to commercial ones.

Safety-wise, the residential slides offer as many safety features as the commercial ones. The latter may have a little more features, however. The residential inflatables, like the commercial ones, are made with consideration to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines. Expect the residential inflatable to have sufficient features that can get you and your family happy. These include:

  • Water pool and slide.
  • Basketball hoops.
  • Ball pits.
  • Soccer goals.
  • Interactive games.

Generally, the commercial-grade inflatable water slides cost higher than the residential ones.

buy residential inflatable water slides for kids

What To Consider When Choosing Residential Inflatable Water Slides

When searching for residential water slides to buy, don’t just concentrate on the price aspect. Looking at other elements will ensure that your inflatable gives you longer service, and therefore a valuable investment for your kids’ wellbeing.

buy green color residential bounce house with water slides

Size Of The Backyard For Water Slides

As much as you’d like to have a large residential inflatable water slide for your kids and their friends, first consider your backyard space.

Ensure that the unit also leaves some additional space around to allow kids to jump and run around. If the inflatable fills your entire backyard space, it will make it look cluttered. Also, children may have difficulties retrieving their shoes or belongings once they’re trapped under the inflatable.

The backyard space also needs to be free from overhead structures, such as low-hanging tree branches and power lines.

girls playing with residential water slides

Material Quality Of Inflatable Splash Water Slides

The best inflatable pool water slide must be manufactured using high-quality and durable material to give your family a more extended service. When browsing through the different residential inflatable water slides for sale, ensure that the material conforms to the Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Quality materials also means you have to spend less time and money for repairing the inflatables.

Residential water slides are usually made using Polyester oxford or nylon, are durable and puncture-proof.

kids playing on the residential splash water slides

What’s the warranty coverage

A lot of things go into warranty provisions of residential slides for sale. Always check the warranty and make a comparison to ensure you aren’t duped into buying an inflatable with a short warranty period. Good warranty coverage should offer more than 90 days coverage, with good return policies.

Another thing to consider about the warranty is the period the company has been in operation. Often, older companies will give durable products with better warranty conditions. Be wary of companies popping up with dubious warranty offers for their products. Always check their reviews online before committing yourself.

kids having fun with inflatable pool water slides

Kids Preferences For Water Slides

It’s advisable not to rush to pick residential kidwise bounce house with slides without consulting your little guys since they’re are the end-users. Check with them to see their preferred theme and design of the inflatables. However, if they’re too picky, try to strike a balance by selecting a neutral theme.

You can then supplement with playing accessories that have their favorite themes. A neutral theme helps in avoiding rivalry between the kids and instead make them focus on their play.

monitor the safety of the kids on inflatable water slides

Budget For Residential Water Slides

When looking for the right residential inflatable water slide for sale, many people often concentrate on the price factor more than often. If your budget accommodates the inflatable splash water slides cost you’re looking for, don’t let the price factor restrict your options.

However, if your budget is a little tight, it’s advisable to pick an inflatable with just enough features, the right size, and safety standards for your budget. If you can’t seem to find one within your budget, you may consider a smaller inflatable that caters to the features you’re looking for in your budget.

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Weight Of The Inflatable Water Slide

An easy-to-manage weight will come in handy when setting up the inflatable water slide. A heavier unit might be troublesome in setting up and may force you to get some additional help every time you want to use it. Always check to confirm that the weight of the inflatable is as advertised by the seller.

Apart from weight, also confirm the height is correct. Some dubious sellers may misinform the buyer about the actual height of the inflatable. Some of the trickery used to make the inflatable seem taller include featuring designs with items such as palm trees. The slide platform height is the correct unit’s height. Always confirm with the seller before committing.

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Best Brands of Residential Inflatable Water Slides For Sale

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of many residential inflatable water slides for sale in the market. Luckily, we have our top three inflatables, which we believe will suit your needs best. These are inflatables with the best customer review and ratings.

If planning an occasion such as a kid’s birthday party, you need to consider the number and size of indoor inflatables that can perfectly accommodate the available kids. If you go for a small or fewer inflatable, kids will become unhappy waiting for their turn. Those already in will most likely not leave for others.

buy palm tree combo water slide and bounce house for kids

KidWise Double Water Slide

This inflatable water slide is a favorite among kids three years old and above. It comes with plenty of features that make your kids’ playtime magical. This inflatable is sizeable enough to accommodate two kids in a row, supporting a total of 200lbs weight. It has a size of 20ft long, 7ft wide, and 8.5ft high.

KidWise Double Water Slide comes with a dual water supply and safe climbing walls with a netting enclosure. The sliding surface is made of high-quality material to give a smooth slide with long-lasting durability.

This residential bounce house with slide comes packed with features and accessories, including a water horse, an air blower, a carry bag, and stakes.

buy red and blue combo bounce house with water slide for kids

Pink Castle Combo Water Slide

If you want an inflatable water slide that’s sizeable and built with durability and safety in mind, the Pink Castle Combo Water Slide is your ultimate choice. The pink theme of the inflatable makes it a perfect choice for your little princess and her friends.

The inflatable is 15ft long, 12ft wide, and 10ft high, supporting six kids aged three years old and above. The Pink Castle Combo Water slide is built using 15 oz viny materal on the high-stress regions for longer durability.

This inflatable water slide for residential use comes with many features and accessories to make it easier to play with and handle. These include sprinkler hose, safety mat, sandbag covers, anchoring stakes, inflatable unit, and commercial grade air blower.

buy pink castle combo residential bounce house with water slide

KidWise Splash’N Play

A smaller backyard shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting an inflatable water slide for your kids. The KidWise Splash’N Play is purposely built with small backyard owners in mind. When fully inflated, the water slide measures 13ft long by 9ft wide by 7.5ft tall to fit in almost all backyard sizes.

It comes packed with features to make kid’s playtime fun and magical. It features a climbable rock wall, water slide, splash pool, and a water tunnel for enthralling fun. It’s built using highly durable coated vinyl and nylon. The seams are double-stitched and reinforced to support higher tension and stress. KidWise Splash’N Play can support 100lbs weight, that is, two kids aged three years and above.

Residential water slides offer an excellent way to spruce up fun for your kids. They’re made available in various styles, designs, and themes to match different occasions. Since they feature water slides and pools, any kid will find them enjoyable. And the good thing about the inflatables is that they’re available even in smaller sizes to fit in small backyards.

They’re equally built with safety features as commercial ones, making them ideal for kids to play with without worrying much about their safety. When looking for the best residential inflatable water slides to buy, always look beyond the price factor. Consider it as a lifetime investment for your kids and the best present to give during birthdays, get-togethers, and family gatherings.

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