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Swing Sets for Sale - Setup Your Backyard with Outdoor Playsets

When searching online for swing sets for sale, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the plethora of options from multiple sellers. And the kids could also be another mayhem when they can’t decide on what type of swing sets they want.

No need to be overwhelmed. This ultimate swing sets buying guide will explain every bit of the purchase process and make sure that you get what will give your children joy and your mind at peace. So, let's jump into it right away!

Types of Swing Sets on Sale for Outdoor Activities

When planning your backyard, selecting the most suitable swing set will be the best decision you’ll ever make that every family member will benefit from. Generally, there isn’t a one-size-fits all option when it comes to outdoor swing sets. And your best or worst choice of swings will mean more or less time spent by the kids playing with it.

If you’ve been researching online, you probably already know that there are hundreds of different types of swing sets available for sale . With the overwhelming options available, it can be difficult to make a choice.

From our experience dealing with swings, when clients are looking for swing sets, they’re often looking for either of these types: maintenance-free sets, wooden swing sets, and metal swing sets. For this reason, we’ve also grouped our swings into these three categories.

setup your backyard with swing set

If you want something ergonomic yet easy to maintain, these are the best choice of swing sets for sale to go for. They’re built to last and don’t need re-staining frequently. Most importantly, they don’t show any weathering signs, leaving them appealing all year round.

Our range of maintenance-free outdoor playsets is made of wood coated protective vinyl polymer to make them completely splinter-free. This also makes them very easy to maintain as they don’t crack, rot, peel, or chip. Just get your kids these swing sets and kiss goodbye the hassles of sanding, refinishing, and painting.

Under this category, you can pick from these options of swing sets for sale: large, standard swings with slides, and small swing sets. Let’s have a brief review of the most popular swing set under each of these subcategories.

Maintenance Free Swing Sets on Sale

Maintenance free large swing set with slide and climbing wall

Maintenance Free Small Swing Sets

Congo Swing Central

If you’d like to buy a basic three position swing beam playset for kids, this is the right choice for you. Even though it doesn’t come with plenty of add-ons such as whistles and bells like other swings, it’ll offer lots of funs for kids at affordable rate.

Measuring 12’W by 7’L by 7’H, the Congo swing central comes with two belt swing, redwood stakes for anchoring to the ground, and trapeze bar. It’s built using Woodguard lumber wrapped with vinyl polymer to make it maintenance free and durable. It’s an ideal choice for having fun on a small space backyard.

wooden swing set with slide and climbing wall

If you have a small backyard playground but need a swing set with a slide, Congo Swing’N Monkey 3 is an excellent choice. It doesn’t come loaded with so many features, but rest assured that the fun it offers is amazing to kids.

Congo Swing’N Monkey 3 measures 13’W by 12’L by 7’10’’H making it a small size choice of swing set for those with limited space. The swing comes two belt swings, a trapeze bar, 9-inch slide, and redwood stakes. It’s been built to last by coating its Woodguard lumber build with vinyl polymer. This makes it splinter and maintenance free.

Congo Swing’N Monkey 3


angular view of swing set with slide

Maintenance Free Standard Swing Sets

Congo Monkey Playsystem2

This swing set is one of the most popular standard swing sets for sale available in our inventory. It’s particularly popular due to the number of features it offers, its size, and the fact that it requires minimum to no maintenance.

Congo Monkey Playsystem 2 has a dimension of 17’W by 14’L by 10’4’’H and comes with two belt swings, trapeze bar, play fort, 10-inch wonder wave slide, sundeck and redwood stakes for ground anchoring. It’s also built using Woodguard lumber which is covered with vinyl polymer to make it splinter and maintenance free.

buy standard swing sets congo monkey playsystem2 online

Maintenance Free Large Swing Sets

If you’re looking for premium types of maintenance free large swing sets for sale, Congo Playsystem 4 is your ultimate choice. It has the highest number of features than the rest, including two slides, rock wall, and multiple levels.

Being one of the largest swing sets, it measures 24’W by 14’L by 12’9’’H and comes with lots of features, including two belt swings, trapeze bar, 7ft turbo tube slide. 10ft wonder wave slide, upper and lower fort, redwood stakes, and rock wall.

To make it a maintenance free swing set it’s made using Woodguard lumber coated with vinyl polymer.

Congo Playsystem 4
outdoor wooden swing set on sale

If you’re more interested in aesthetic appeal of your backyard, these wooden swing sets for sale are the best choice to consider. They have a natural rustic finish that matches well with your house design.

Apart from looking attractive and stylish, building a swing set by wood is strong and durable. Their strength and durability is due to the fact that they’re made using either pine or cedar, which are resistant to decay, rot or damage by parasites. They’re additionally pre-treated at the factory and covered with a sealant to protect their lumber.

We’ve further categorised the wooden swing sets into three subcategories; small, standard with slides, and large swing sets.

Wooden Swing Sets For Sale

Small Wooden Swing Sets

This small wooden swing set is an ideal choice of big time fun on a small backyard space. The Gorilla Five Star Space Saver only measures 10’W by 13’6’’L by 10’6’’H and comes with several features including alpine wave slide, rock wall with a climbing rope, trapeze swing, and deluxe swing belt.

The swing set also has additional features such as chalkboard kit, sand box, tic-tac-toe panel, partially enclosed clubhouse, and a telescope to elevate the fun during kids’ play time.

Gorilla Five Star Space Saver Swing Set
Small Wooden Swing Sets Gorilla Five Star Space Saver Swing Set for sale

If your backyard is squeezed on space, Gorilla Chateau Tower swing set will come in handy. It’s a compact playset that measures 9’6’’W by 14’6’’L by 11’H and is one among the few of our swing sets that do not have swing beam.

This swing set comes loaded with some fun features that your kids will love, including rock wall with a climbing rope, play fort, alpine wave slide, picnic table, telescope, tic-tac-toe panel, and steering wheel among others.

In addition, you also get to choose the type of roof from several available options. What makes this swing set great is that it comes pre-sanded, pre-cut, and pre-stained to make it ready for assembling. It’s built using high quality cedar lumber to give it maximum durability.

Gorilla Chateau Tower Swing Sets

Gorilla Chateau Tower Swing Sets with climbing wall and slide

Standard wooden swing sets

If not constraint with space that much, then this swing set is a great choice for your kids. Nantucket swing sets measures 16’W by 13’6’’L by 10’6’’H, which is an excellent size for the standard backyard space.

Gorilla Playsets Nantucket swing set is ideal for play kids of varying ages, and comes with great features, such as trapeze bar, two sings, and an alpine wave slide. In addition, the swing set also comes with a sandbox, rock wall with a climbing rope, play fort, a tic-tac-toe panel, a telescope, and a steering wheel.

To make it highly durable, it’s made with high quality pre-treated cedar and given a stunning redwood satin finish.

Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Swing sets
Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Swing sets for sale

If your kids like to explore new fun activities, the Mountaineer wooden swing set is a great choice of swing sets for sale you might want to consider. It measures 21’W by 15’D by 11’H, which is an ideal option if space isn’t much of a worry.

The Mountaineer wooden swing set comes with lots of features including two sings, alpine wave slide, trapeze, and extreme tube slide. To spice up the fun activities, this swing set comes with a play fort, steering wheel, telescope, picnic table, rock wall with a climbing rope, tic-tac-toe panel, sand box, and high-quality rope ladder.

This swing set comes pre-cut, pre-stained, pre-sanded making it ready to assemble and go. It’s play deck has a wood roof or a green vinyl canopy for protection.

Mountaineer Wooden Swing Sets
green colour mountaineer swing set with slide

If looking for a swing set that comes with lots of fun features and a slide, Navigator swing sets by Gorilla Playsets is a great choice. This swing set is different from other swings in that it comes with monkey bars, which are additional features to spice up the fun.

Measuring 19’W by 18’6’’D by 11’H, the Navigator swing set is large to accommodate a number of kids making the play more interactive. Some of the fun features of the swing set include two sings, trapeze bar, monkey bars, and alpine wave slide.

The Navigator swing set offers a long warranty period for the lumber, of up to 10 years. This, together with its pre-treated cedar material makes it highly durable. All the accessories come with a one-year warranty.

Gorilla Playsets Navigator Swing Sets
white blue swing set with slide

If looking for an ergonomic, fun filled and trendy swing sets for sale that will best fit the country side, the Pioneer Peak swing sets by Gorilla Playsets are a great choice.

The 24’W by 23’D by 11’H dimension makes this swing set one of the largest standard wooden swing sets. It comes loaded with fun features include two 4’ by 6’ swing beams; a turbo tire swing beam and a two-belt with trapeze bar swing beam.

Pioneer Peak also offers other amazing features such as a play fort, slide, clatter bridge with mesh panels, rope ladder and climbing ramp, built-in picnic table, rock wall, and two sandboxes. The swing set also gives you the option of customizing the roof; you can opt for the wooden roof and a green vinyl canopy.

Gorilla Playsets Pioneer Peak Swing sets
Gorilla Playsets Pioneer Peak Swing sets

Large wooden swing sets

If you’re looking for a large swing set that offers more than fun, Empire is a great choice. It comes with three slides, a rock wall, and three play decks. It measures 27’W by 21’6”L by 13’H and lots of features.

The fun features of the swing set include:

  • Trapeze swing.
  • Two belt swings.
  • Picnic table.
  • Lower-level clubhouse equipped with solar wall lights.
  • Built-in sandbox with corner seats.

This is a great choice if you have space and kids’ fun is at the top of your priority list!

With our ultimate guide for selecting the right swing sets, you’re sure to choose one that best serves the purpose and gives your kid more reason to enjoy their playtime.

Empire swing sets
Large wooden swing sets for sale Empire swing sets