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Kidswise Bounce Houses for Sale: Residential & Commercial

Kidwise inflatable bounce houses:

These kidwise bounce houses for sale will make you feel like a kid again. They’re bouncy, colorful, and pack hours of fun. Kidwise is known for manufacturing every outdoor play item kids could ever want, such as their popular Kidwise bounce houses, swing sets, bikes, trampolines, and so much more.

Kidwise: The Best Brand for Outdoor Play

Kidwise is known for producing high-quality outdoor playsets. Kidwise bounce houses are extremely durable, which is why this kid-centric brand has earned a solid reputation among parents, party-planners, and children. Aside from their quality construction, their outdoor playsets have colorful and eye-catching designs that will excite all kids.

While Kidwise’s most popular products are their inflatable bounce houses, Kidwise also manufactures fun outdoor play items like:

Kidwise: The Best Brand for Outdoor Play

Kidswise bounce houses for sale

Kidwise Inflatable Bounce Houses: Fun for Everyone

Who says only elementary children can enjoy the Kidwise inflatable bounce houses? Kidwise has all kinds of designs, from enchanted princess castles to dodgeball-inspired inflatable bounce houses. They are all designed to capture the interests of children up to age 12.

Parents who choose Kidwise can give their kids the best outdoor fun possible. Most of the inflatable bounce houses come with exciting games that were designed to encourage kids to play together and to let their imagination run free. Be the princess of your castle or the king of the jungle!

Sporty kids will enjoy the Double Shot Bouncer. It’s loaded with fun, featuring inflatable basketball hoops, a climbing wall, and a jumping area. Your kids will definitely be burning their energy after using this bounce house for just an hour.

For birthday parties, kids will spend hours in the Kidwise Lucky Rainbow Bounce House. It comes with a ball pit for endless hours of fun, and an inflated base to shield kids from falls.

Inflatable Bounce Houses for Kids: Safe for Play

Parents and adults can let their children play with confidence. All Kidhouse bounce houses have been tested for lead content and phthalates to make sure that their outdoor playsets are safe for children. Kidwise’s bounce houses meet Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines and use 3P fabric to protect kids from phthalates banned in the CPSIA act.

Kidwise Inflatable Bounce Houses Features

Kidwise offers a wide array of inflatable bounce houses at friendly prices. With so many choices, it can be hard to choose which one to buy (or you could get them all). Not all bounce houses were made equal -- each playset has a special theme to keep your kid entertained for years. Here are some of the Kidwise bounce house features that can help you decide which one to get:
  • Ball pits - Some Kidwise bounce houses have built-in ball pits that kids can jump into.
  • Climbing areas - Unleash the adventurer in your child! They’ll enjoy walking through climbing areas and “catwalks” in the bigger sized inflatables.
  • Sports Extras - Kick and shoot through inflatable hoops in Kidwise’s sports-themed bounce houses.
  • Slides - Built-in slides make bounce houses more fun. Kids can get down to lower levels by sliding down the inflatable slides.
  • Themes - Every Kidwise bounce house was designed for every age and interest. You can find ones that look like castles, safaris, rockets, race tracks, and more. They’re all appropriate, which means you can use them at any event, like birthdays and backyard parties.
  • Capacity - Playing by yourself in the bouncy house is never fun! The Kidwise bounce houses for sale can hold as many as eight children at once so kids can make friends.
  • Commercial-grade PVC - Kidwise bounce houses are made of strong, commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin which is resistant to tears. They’re also double-stitched to reinforce the seams, as well as fire and puncture-resistant. You can bounce on it as much as you want.

Kidswise commercial and residential bounce house features

Water inflatable slides Kidswise

Kidwise Bounce Houses for Sale: Our Picks

Best for Birthdays

Make your child’s birthday memorable with the Kidwise Celebration Bouncer. This bounce house was designed specifically for birthday parties. It features a play area for younger kids, and a Tower Slide so that kids can slide outside and crawl back in without ever leaving the outdoor playset. No muddy shoes and debris here!

Best for Outdoor Fun

The Kidwise Endless Fun 11 in1 Inflatable Bouncer and Waterpark is exactly what it is. With a waterslide, inflatable hoops, tunnels, bouncing area, and a ball pit, kids will never get tired of this bounce house. It’s ideal for carefree summer afternoons.

Best for Adventure

Kids are imaginative -- and you should let them embrace that! For children whose imaginations are colorful and wild, they’ll love the Safari Bouncer with Slide and the Little Raceway Bouncer. They can play with friends and pretend to be explorers and race car drivers!

Buying Kidwise Bounce House: Things to Consider

Bouncy houses are loads of fun, but which one should you buy? Before deciding on which Kidwise inflatable bounce house to buy from The Backyard Play Store, here are a few things to consider:

Commercial or Residential?

Residential inflatables are smaller and will last a shorter time. Kidwise residential bounce houses were designed to last years of play, but just like anything, it will show some wear and tear after a while. If you want your kids to have a play area that you don’t have to keep setting up, get a residential bounce house. But, if you’re thinking of starting a bounce house rental business, commercial-grade bounce houses were designed to be more durable. They’re more expensive, but you can recover the cost after renting them out just a few times.


Smaller bounce houses like the Little Star Bounce House can hold 300 pounds or less, which is around three little kids. Bigger bounce houses, such as the Jump’n Dodgeball Commercial Bounce House, can accommodate up to 800 pounds or roughly six children at one time.


Bounce houses are sold at varying prices, but whatever you choose, quality and safety are never compromised. All of Kidwise’s inflatable bounce houses are sturdily built. Your budget will just determine the size and theme of your bounce house.

Buying Kidwise Inflatable Bounce House: Things to Consider

Kidwise: all types of bounce houses and inflatables

Buy a Kidwise Bounce House with The Backyard Play Store

Buying a Kidwise bounce house is an investment that your kids will thank you for each day. They can use it until they’re older, and you can enjoy years of smiles, laughter, and memories with your kids.

The Backyard Play Store sells the largest selection of Kidwise inflatable bounce houses for sale. We know it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the great bounce house deals, so we’ve categorized the Kidwise bounce houses to help you out. You can shop by brand, type, features, and more.