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Moonwalk Bounce Houses for Sale: Commercial & Residential Inflatables

Moonwalk Water Inflatable Bounce Houses for Sale

Buy Moonwalk USA Bounce Houses

Since 2003, Moonwalk has become a household name in USA for bounce house. The company manufactures high-quality, large-scale, themed commercial inflatables for outdoor events and summer fun.

At the Backyard Play Store, we have a wide range of Moonwalk bounce houses for sale, including residential and commercial jumper, like the best-selling Moonwalk Slide Wet and Dry, Moonwalk Pink Castle Module Combo, and the Lane Carnival Slip and Slide.

Whether you need a commercial bounce house for your rental business, or you need a residential inflatable bounce house for your kid's birthday party, we offer a range of Moonwalk products that you can choose from.

Buy Inflatable Bounce Houses Manufactured By Moonwalk

Moonwalk USA packs fun into its wet and dry inflatable bounce houses. Owning one of their commercial bounce houses for your business can boost your income, as your clients will see how happy children are when they play inside your durable, family-friendly, and safe bounce houses.

13 feet moonwalk bounce house for sale

13 feet palm tree moonwalk usa water slide for sale

Moonwalk Water Slides For Sale

Fancy a dip in the pool? The Moonwalk USA bounce house with water slides will provide you and your kids hours of fun, sliding down the slip and slide, and splashing into a refreshing pool of water.

The Backyard Play Store has several wet and dry Moonwalk bounce houses for sale. Kids can enjoy both the sun and splash by playing in the sun and jumping into the water. We offer all of the inflatable water slides you could ever imagine, from themed ones like the Volcano Slide Wet n Dry to extreme ones like the Rapid Slide Wet n Dry.

We also have beach-themed inflatable slides ready in stock, like the Palm Tree Slide Wet n Dry and the 15-feet Tidal Wave Slide. Some Moonwalk water inflatable bounce house even spray water -- perfect for hot days!

Moonwalk Combo Bounce House

Rental companies love Moonwalk inflatable bounce house combos because they offer the best of both worlds: a bounce house and a slide.

For example, we offer the Green and Blue with Pool, a wet-and-dry unit that has two slides, a jumping area, and a massive pool. The popular bounce house combo covers a total area of 27’ X 13’ X 13’ and can accommodate 900 lbs or around 9 persons at a time.

Other Moonwalk bounce house combos have more than just a slide and a pool. The 2-Lane Sports Dry Combo features an inflatable shooting hoop and pop-ups for extra fun. Combos are the ideal choice if you want your kids to have lots of entertainment without having to leave the bounce house.

Moonwalk Inflatable Bounce House

Moonwalk USA commercial bounce houses are great to have during outdoor events and children’s parties. Most of the bounce houses are castle-themed, but we also offer bounce houses that will interest all kinds of kids. With Moonwalk’s wide variety of themed bounce houses, you can buy the bouncy house that goes best with your event.

Moonwalk inflatable bounce houses are incredibly detailed and colorful. We offer festive bounce houses like the Carnival Bouncer and the Ferris Wheel Bouncer, which are both perfect for community events and fairs.

We also offer plenty of sports-themed bounce houses like the popular Moonwalk Sports Bouncer, which towers at 14 feet high, and features fun basketball, soccer, and football designs. Moonwalk simple bounce houses include the Indoor Bouncer and the Fun House Bouncer, which both have simple blue, red and yellow designs that even older kids (and adults) will love.

inflatable obstacle course manufactured by moonwalk

moonwalk inflatable bounce house with birthday cake theme

Moonwalk Obstacle Bounce House

If slides, a pool, and a jumping area aren’t enough, we offer Moonwalk Inflatable Bounce House Obstacles. These bounce houses will appeal to adults more than kids, but the amount of fun you’ll get from them will always be guaranteed. Obstacle bounce houses are perfect for team-building events and youth camps.

The 7-Element Obstacle course offers a series of physical activities that will test your physical abilities. Players will have to squeeze, climb, slide, run, and crawl their way out of this playset.

Because combo bounce houses are much bigger, they require a wider space, like backyards or empty lots. Moonwalk bounce house obstacles for sale are still themed, with fun designs like the 30’ caterpillar-inspired Caterpillar Course and the 40’ Toxic Obstacle Course.

Accessories With Our Moonwalk Jumper Bounce House

Each outdoor playset already comes with a blower, tie-down straps, caution signs, and a blank banner, but that’s not all you can get. We also sell accessories that can make the bounce house more enjoyable.

For example, you can buy boxing gloves in various sizes and colors if you purchase the Boxing Ring. We also sell the Moonwalk inflatable Velcro wall, including Velcro suits, that both children and adults can enjoy.

The Backyard Play Store: We Sell Moonwalk Bounce Houses In USA

Buying a Moonwalk bounce house at cheap rate is a great investment for your business and your family. All of their inflatable bounce houses, from the basic bouncy houses to the water inflatable bounce houses with slides, are lead-free, sturdy, and safe for play. Not only are they must-haves for any rental company, but they’re also great for entertaining your kids.

At The Backyard Play Store, we have a wide array of bounce houses. Whatever Moonwalk product you need, there’s a huge chance that we have it.

buy a multi color moonwalk jumper bounce house