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Buy Commercial Air Blowers for Indoor and Outdoor Bounce Houses

Deciding on which air blowers to buy for your kids’ bounce house can be very challenging. It’s one of the troubles parents go through as far as buying inflatables is concerned. You’ll find yourself running multiple internet searches, asking friends, or checking in at local inflatables stores to find inflatable bounce house blowers for sale that works with your bouncer.

Most inflatables retailers will give you options and recommendations without any proof of why the suggested blowers for bounce houses are the best. Plus, the market is flooded with so many air pump blowers, making it more confusing for you.

We don’t want to make it more stressful than it already is. We’ve done our research, and since we’ve dealt with inflatables for so many years, we know what’s best.

Thing To Know Before Buying A Bounce House Blower

The Backyard Play Store always includes durable blowers with each bounce house purchased. What happens when the blowers finally reach the end of life or break down, and you need to replace them? What about if your bounce house came from a different retailer and didn’t have a blower?

There are so many questions to ask regarding finding the right size of blower for your bounce houses. Whether using residential bounce houses or a commercial bounce house, we’ll break it down for you so you can find the most suitable blower.

yellow powerful air pump blower for bounce house

What’s a Bounce House Blower?

Blowers for bounce houses are massive fans that suck air pressure and inflate it into a bounce house. They often come in a plug-and-play mode, plug them into a power outlet, and connect it to the inflatable air tube.

Bounce house blowers usually come with many technicalities that those in commercial party rentals practice need to understand. But for a residential consumer, the most important aspects of an air blower that you should worry about are cubic feet per minute (CFM) and horsepower.

powerful green air blower for jump house

Horsepower Of The Inflatable Blowers

Horsepower can be referred to as the overall power that a blower generates while in operation. It’s the amount of power needed by a horse to do 33,000 foot-pounds work in a minute. It is the same idea as a car’s engine horsepower, only that it’s lower.

Any standard inflatable blower has about one to three horsepower. When the value is higher, it means the blower fans possess substantial rotational power, which translates into higher speed and more air pressure output.

A horsepower of two may seem negligible, but it’s not. It’s more than what is needed to keep your bounce houses inflated. What about the big commercial inflatables? One example of such a large bouncer is a 14' Crayon Jump House. Do they need more horsepower? Surprisingly they don’t! A 2 HP is enough for even the gigantic commercial bounce houses. When the horsepower is higher, the blower fan will produce more noise and can ruin the fun for the bounce house users.

commercial yellow air blower for your bouncers

CFM Of The Air Blower

Often abbreviated as CFM, cubic feet per minute is the rate of the amount of air blown out every minute by a blower for bounce houses. 1 CFM means one cubic foot of blown-out air in a minute. When a bounce house blower has a higher CFM, it means it will take a shorter time to inflate your bounce house fully, and it will be more rigid when in use.

high horsepower air blower to inflate quickly

Is it possible to overinflate Jump houses?

Many people often assume that inflatables are some type of balloons that can burst if inflated too much. Balloons often have some air and can be blown beyond their threshold and burst since they don’t provide air escape.

The bounce houses are, however, different. Air progressively escapes from a bounce house and therefore needs to be blown continuously to keep it inflated. The air blower for bounce houses must be kept running for the entire time the inflatables are in use.

Since air is escaping continuously from a bounce house, it’s impossible to overinflate it. As such, using blowers with larger capacities isn’t going to damage your inflatable.

use powerful air blower to inflate your bounce house

Blowers for Bounce Houses - The Bigger, the Better?

A blower with more horsepower and larger CFM will not hurt your bouncing castles or other inflatables. It will simply inflate them much faster and keep them firmer when in use. However, for most inflatables, a larger blower is nothing but plain wastage.

There will be lots of inflatable bounce house blowers for sale in the market. You may think that buying a large blower will be a good idea. But it will consume more electricity and make the outdoor space uncomfortable with too much noise. Only choose these commercial grade blowers if you intend to use them for your party rental business. If you need a large blower for residential water inflatables, ensure your inflatables are also big.

a powerful air blower is inflating a large jump house

What’s The Best Size Of Air Pump Blower?

There are hardly any ground rules for choosing blower sizes. Generally, the larger your inflatable, the larger the CFM, and the more horsepower you need.

Bounce houses of 12’ by 12’ should work fine with a blower with 900 CFM and 1 HP. On the other hand, a gigantic commercial bounce house of size 22’ by 22’ needs at least 1,000 CFM and 2 HP to operate smoothly. Larger inflatable obstacle courses and commercial inflatable water slides, 1.5 to 2 HP is enough.

Two important things to always remember; you can never inflate your bounce house, and the more powerful a blower is, the better. The older your bounce house gets, the more air it will need to keep it inflated. Older bouncers tend to have more air leakages since the stitches become weaker with time. For this reason, it’s advisable to get a large size of air blower for bouncers.

A less powerful blower will also do the work, only slower, and the bounce house will not be as rigid as it needs to be for it to be more enjoyable. So, you can shop around for powerful air blowers for jump houses to serve you and your kids for years to come. Make sure to match the size of a blower with the size of a bounce house.

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