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How to Build Swing Sets

by Backyard Play Store on March 23, 2021
Build swing set

Are you thinking of how to build swing sets? The unmeasurable joy of children tossed high in the air and the pride from the parent pushing them are the most significant appeal of using a swing set.
Swing sets are like the thrones on public playgrounds. With only three seats at most in every set, getting to sit in one is a stroke of luck for every child and child at heart. Due to the limited number of seats, it is also one of the main causes of tantrums on playgrounds.

In order to lessen tantrums on playgrounds coupled with the desire for their children to experience the joy and freedom of being on a swing, more parents are taking steps into crafting a swing set for the private use of their kids.

Popular Swing Set Designs

Before you learn how to build swing sets, look at some of the famous swing set designs available today. 

Tree Hang-out Swing Design

This design is the most basic and identical to the earliest design of a swing. This type of swing set is easy to set up and dismantle. This design is perfect for backyards with large trees in them as the swing would be hanged from the branches of a tree. For people who live in city areas with no backyards, this design can be done by substituting the tree with the sturdiest structure inside your home that could accommodate your child's weight.

Fly High Swing Design

This design for a swing set is highlighted by the seats which take the form of an airplane. Using standard A-frames to construct the two side support of the swing can be easily built. The only challenge with this swing setup is visualizing how to fit together pieces to form the airplane!

Stay Posted Swing Design

Stay posted swing design


The basic structure of this swing set design uses three pieces of lumber. With the structure up and steady, the only thing that needs to be attached are the swing seats that can range from a simple seat to whatever you can imagine.

Playhouse Swing Set

This swing set takes it to another level by incorporating a playhouse in its design. This is a perfect outdoor kiddie kingdom. This can be done by attaching a swing set to an existing playhouse or attaching a playhouse to an existing swing set. The whole setup gives your children the swing set they desire and a more steady space where they can play or rest when they get worn out. The playhouse can also serve as a station where parents will stay when they keep an eye on their children.

The Clubhouse Swing Set

The clubhouse swing set is an upgrade to the playhouse swing set. The playhouse attached to the swing in this design is outfitted with slides and other amenities that could entertain your children better.

The Rock Wall Swing Set

If parents are feeling adventurous and think a slide is too basic an attachment to their swing set, they could also choose to attach a rock climbing wall to it. The rock climbing wall's addition introduces a more challenging task for the kids to try but also requires parents to pay more attention to prevent accidents.

The Porch Swing Set

If you want the swing set to be enjoyed by the kids and the grown-ups in the household, you are better off building a porch swing. These kinds of swing sets usually have bigger seats to accommodate more persons or to be able to let the rider lie down. The swing's limited height may be a bummer to the kids, but it is safer and more comfortable.

Easy Steps on How to Build Swing Sets

Easy Steps on How to Build Swing Sets


There can be a variety of materials you may need in order to build a swing set of your choice which largely depends on the type of swing set design you're going for. Listed below are the materials needed for constructing a wooden swing set.

  1. Swing Chains
  2. Swing Seats
  3. A-Frame Swing Set Brackets
  4. Post
  5. Cement

Step by Step Instructions

The following procedure is the steps on how to build swing sets.

  1. Lay the top post to the A-frame swing brackets in its position.
  2. Drill in and bolt the top post to the A-frame.
  3. Once all the posts were bolted, securely let the structure stand and move it to the desired position.
  4. Dig four holes equal in-depth in the place where the feet of your a-frames will go.
  5. Set the frame in the holes and make sure the whole thing is level.
  6. Once the setup is level, cement the feet of the a-frame in place.
  7. Connect the swing seats to the chains.
  8. Ensure the chain's length does not make the seat reach the ground or is too hard to reach.
  9. Hang the seats of the swing and check the sturdiness.

Tips on Building Swing Sets

  1. Choose the swing set design that is best suited for the area you will put it in and the people who will use it.
  2. For areas that experience frequent rain, consider building a roof over your swing sets and choose materials that would not be easily destroyed by constant wetness.
  3. Ensure the connections of the post after every drilling to avoid accidents.
  4. Measure the swing chain's appropriate length before attaching it to the top post to minimize adjustments needed.
  5. Choose waterproof materials for the swing seats.
  6. Measure the distance between swings to ensure that the chairs would not be bumping to each other when used.


Even a basic knowledge in carpentry can get you through building a swing set. if you don't have enough time to build one, don't worry. You can always buy a ready-made swing set from Backyard Play Store online.

But if you are determined to build one, remember that the quality and kind of materials you would use for the swing set matter the most. If you have the means to do so, build your family a swing set, they would appreciate it. The amount of work that would go into building a swing set for your family could not rival the happiness it would give your family, especially the little kids. Now that you know how to build swing sets, you will never worry about entertaining your kids, even adults, without any specialized gadgets. After you have built one it is recommended to well maintain your wooden swing set. Regular maintenance will extend the durability of your swing set and ensure the safety of your kids.



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