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How to Measure a Trampoline - Quick Ways

by Backyard Marketplace on March 26, 2021
Quick Ways on How to Measure a Trampoline

If you are wondering about how to measure a trampoline, you definitely bounced onto the right page. When a trampoline is aged, you normally have to replace its parts to remain in its best condition. Plus, if you want to upgrade your backyard and let your kids have a playground, knowing a trampoline's exact size is crucial. Measuring a trampoline may somehow be challenging, but when taken slowly, you'll eventually find it fun and interesting. 

Reasons for Taking a Trampoline's Measurement

Trampolines are commercially advertised with varying specifications, including their shapes and dimensions. However, it is not unusual for buyers to measure a trampoline personally because of various reasons. So, why do you need to measure a trampoline? It's probably you want to replace the parts or buy a new trampoline.


Parts Replacement

A trampoline's parts size varies depending on your trampoline's size and even the manufacturer. Getting the right accessories for your trampoline is essential to ensure correct assembly and, of course, your safety. If the parts don't fit, there's a higher chance of not using the trampoline, or worse, facing potential threats from a damaged jumping mat and enclosure net.

Ease of Assembly and Use

Another reason why you need to measure a trampoline is to know how easy it is to assemble and use one. Assembly time varies on the trampoline's size and shape. Thus, if you know your trampoline's approximate size, you'll be able to visualize how many people and how long it will take for you to assemble and use it.  

Selecting the Most Appropriate Trampoline 

Among the most popular reasons why you need to measure a trampoline is to know whether you are buying the most appropriate trampoline or not. If you know the trampoline's size, it would be easier for you to choose one that will fit in your backyard. Moreover, if you are renovating your home and relocating stuff, including your existing trampoline, knowing its size would be beneficial to find a corresponding space. Additionally, you would know how many people can enjoy inside the trampoline if you know its exact measurement. 

How to Measure a Trampoline Based on Its Shape

How to Measure a Trampoline Based on Its Shape

Taking a trampoline's measurement requires measuring the entire trampoline's structure, including its metal frame. By this technique, you get to know your trampoline's approximate size and not only your jumping mat's size. Therefore, always ensure to include the outer edge of your trampoline whenever you want to measure one.

Before proceeding to the steps on how to measure a trampoline, make sure to prepare the following materials:

  1.  Measuring Tape - used to measure your trampoline.
  2. Pen and Paper - used to record a trampoline's size accordingly.
  3. Step ladder (optional) - used as a stepping stone if you measure your trampoline's height. If you want to measure a trampoline's size in diameter, you don't need a ladder.

Once you have these tools, you can now proceed with your measurements. There're different types of trampolines available depending on size and shape. Here we've covered the most common ones.

Octagonal/Hexagonal Trampoline

Although measuring an oddly-shaped trampoline like octagons and hexagons looks challenging, knowing its size is easy. However, that is, only if you know the correct way of doing so. Fortunately, it only takes a few steps to know its exact measurement.

  1. Measure your octagonal/hexagonal trampoline's diameter from one corner to another. The corner should be on opposite ends, not the adjacent point. Moreover, you should measure starting on the outermost corner of its metal frame up to the corner across the starting point.
  2. After that, repeat your measurement from step 1, but this time, do it on the perpendicular side of your first measurement.
  3. Once you have the two measurements, get their average, and the answer is your trampoline's size.

Round Trampoline

Among the most famous shapes of a trampoline is round, and knowing its size is easy as 1-2-3. Here are the steps on how to measure a trampoline.

  1. A round trampoline size depends on its diameter. You can measure its diameter by starting at the trampoline's outer edge and taking your measuring tape all the way across its opposite end.
  2. When you already have your first measurement, start to measure perpendicularly using the same method, from the outermost edge to the outer edge on the other side.
  3. The average of both measurements is your round trampoline's approximate size.

Oval Trampoline

Oval Trampoline

An oval trampoline is quite tricky to measure because of its uncanny form. Therefore, you have to take its measurement with care to get your trampoline's exact size. Follow the steps below to measure an oval trampoline.

  1. Start on its short side, then find its greatest width. Mark that point and take your measuring tape across its opposite end.
  2. Once you have your first measurement, proceed to the longer side, perpendicular to your first measurement, and find the widest point. From there, measure its length towards its opposite end.
  3. Please take note that when you take both measurements, always start from your trampoline's outer edge and end to its outer opposite point.
  4. These two measurements are the size of your oval trampoline.

Rectangular Trampoline

Like an oval trampoline, a rectangular trampoline should be measured on both sides. Consider the following steps to learn how to measure a trampoline in rectangular form.

  1. Look for the shorter side of your trampoline, then measure it from its outer edge up to its opposite point.
  2. Next, measure perpendicularly from where you have measured in step 1, which is the longer side of your trampoline.
  3. The two different measurements will serve as your rectangular trampoline's dimensions.

Square Trampoline

Similar to a rectangular trampoline, you need to measure your trampoline's outer frame on each side. However, this time you are measuring identical sides. It would be best if you measure two sides of your trampoline to ensure taking its approximate dimension.

  1. Measure one side of your trampoline from its outer metal frame all the way across to the opposite end.
  2. Repeat step 1 on the other side.
  3. The two measurements should be the same, and that will be your square trampoline's size.


Learning how to measure a trampoline is easy as long as you are equipped with the appropriate materials and guided with the correct procedure. Moreover, knowing the exact measurements of a trampoline helps you in many ways, like finding the befitting one according to your purpose and preference. It also helps to take care and maintain your trampoline the right way. Although there are quick steps on measuring a trampoline, it is still essential to do this action with utmost care and details to avoid mistakes.


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