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Trampoline Accessories: Take Your Trampoline to The Next Level

by Backyard Play Store on April 05, 2022
Trampoline Accessories: Take Your Trampoline to The Next Level

This write-up here is about trampoline accessories because a trampoline is becoming a common piece of backyard furniture. Almost every house that has kids or fitness enthusiasts has a trampoline installed in their backyard. So how to make your trampoline stand out? Add trampoline accessories to it. 

Trampoline and Its uses

A trampoline attracts children and adults equally. Everyone enjoys a good jumping exercise occasionally. They are a great way to keep the kids busy and adults fit. A trampoline perfectly installed and used by adopting all the safety measures can turn your backyard into a favorite hang-out spot. On that note, let's look at some of the must-have trampoline accessories to take your trampoline to the next level.

Trampoline and its Parts

Before we rush off to buy trampoline accessories let's first look at the different parts of a trampoline. This way you will know which accessories to buy, where to place them and how to place them. 

Different Parts of a Trampoline-

  • Frame- the basic structure of a trampoline is its frame. Made with galvanized steel, it stays rust free for several years. Available in various shapes and sizes, the entire weight carrying capacity of the trampoline rests on the frame. 
  • Legs- made with galvanized steel again, the frame of the trampoline stands on its legs. Generally, trampolines have 3-6 legs in U shape or W shape. 
  • Mat- the flat surface on which people can jump is the mat. It has to be stretched and fitted so that it is tight enough to allow a good bounce. Made with polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or polyvinylchloride (PVC), trampoline mats are UV and fade resistant. Additionally, they are strong enough to bear the weight of the jumpers. The size of the mat is always smaller than the frame because at the end of the mat hooks are fitted. These hooks go into the springs so that the mat is nicely stretched.
  • Springs- made with galvanized steel, the springs hold the mat on one end and the frame on the other. Springs create the bounce. So, the higher the springs higher is the bounce. 
  • Bungee cords and Flexible rods- Spring free trampolines use bungee cords and flexible rods. They are good and safe substitutes to the springs. Plus, these can be replaced easily if damaged.
  • Spring cover- is used to cover the springs so that jumpers do not hit the spring and the frame. The spring cover is attached using Velcro. It tends to wear off easily, which is why it is made using good quality material like PVC, PP, or PE. 

These were the essential parts of a trampoline. Now let's move on to the trampoline accessories that can add extra fun to your backyard. 

List of Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline accessories add that extra 'Wow' factor to your backyard trampoline. These transform a trampoline from just another bouncing device to something that is multi-purpose. Although trampolines are of standard size, some accessories may or may not fit your trampoline. Therefore, carry out thorough research to purchase the right trampoline.

Following is a list of the best possible trampoline accessories- 

  • Trampoline basketball set- nurture the inner sportsman in your child by installing a basketball hoop. Do not install just any other basketball hoop. Go for one that is specially designed for trampolines; that has a backboard, a basket ring, and a mounting bracket. The hoop attaches well to the net and the backboard stops the ball from falling outside. Kids would love to jump, and slam dunk their shots. Purchase one that is made with high quality material.
  • Trampoline water sprinkler- a perfect accessory for the summers, this add-on can turn your normal trampoline into your personal water park during summers. As it is summer months can be cruel to the kids playing in the backyard. So, install a sprinkler and let them play for hours on end. Situate the sprinkler under the trampoline and turn on the water supply. Once everything appears fine, enjoy the experience!
  • Trampoline lights- if you plan on using the trampoline at night, adding lights is a good idea. These would not just light up the trampoline for usage but attract people's attention as well. You can either place a single light at the center below the trampoline or add a string of LED lights outside the trampoline on the net. These would look amazing at night and turn your trampoline into a decorative backyard item.
  • Bounce Board- a trampoline bounce board can be used to perform stunts and tricks on the trampoline. A bounce board comes in universal size so everyone can use it. It has Velcro that can be adjusted and fastened on the feet of the user. This way, adults and teens can enjoy it equally. It is designed in such a way that the shock-proof and soft material of the bounce board doesn't affect your joints or knees. You can do skateboarding, snowboarding, and other stunts wearing the bounce board on the trampoline. This additional item is a fun way to exercise on the trampoline, apart from simple bouncing.
Bounce Board


  • Ladder- a trampoline ladder is a must have accessory especially if you have young children. Most trampolines do not come with a ladder, and you have to purchase one separately. If your trampoline is placed high above the ground, then a ladder will allow the children to climb and exit the trampoline easily. Buy a steel one that is strong and sturdy.
  • Slide- a trampoline slide works similarly. It allows children to climb up and down the trampoline easily. Again, buy a sturdy one that can sustain the weight of young children.
  • Tent- since the trampoline is located outside in the backyard, it is subjected to various forces of nature. To save your trampoline from dust, rain, snow, heat and the cold protect it with a trampoline tent. You can place a roof tent on it that will only cover the roof. Alternatively, a camping style tent covers the roof and the sides. This type of tent has a zipper for easy entry and exit and is well-ventilated. This accessory serves a dual purpose. It protects your trampoline, and your kids can have their very own clubhouse. They can sleep, play or even read in the trampoline.
  • Shoe Bag/Caddy- as a safety measure it is better to remove shoes and socks before jumping on the trampolines. A shoe bag helps store the shoes and socks. This particular accessory is useful especially when kids are bouncing on the trampoline. You can ask your kids and their friends to remove their shoes and store the same in the trampoline shoe bag. It helps to keep the surrounding area of the trampoline tidy and the shoe dust free. Also, the kids can easily find their shoes in a shoe bag.  
  • Trampoline anchors- as a safety measure one must secure on-ground trampolines with anchors and sandbags. There is a chance that on-ground trampolines can blow away during a windstorm or rainstorm. To avoid any such issues, install wind stakes or corkscrew style anchors, along with straps. Ensure that every trampoline leg has at least one anchor. One of the benefits of built-in trampolines do not require any such reinforcements. 
  • Trampoline Net- made with durable materials like nylon or fabric, a trampoline net prevents the jumpers from falling off the trampoline. Most huge trampolines come with a net. For others, you need to purchase one separately. 
Trampoline Net
  • Net Poles- to place a trampoline net you need net poles. Made with rust free and durable material, these hold the net in place. Additionally, the poles are padded to avoid any accidents.
  • Stakes- made with steel, aluminum, or plastic, stakes hold down the trampoline from blowing away.
  • Springs pool noodles- these work as a perfect substitute for trampoline spring cover. By placing various colors of springs pool noodles, you can add a little color to your trampoline. 
  • Trampoline wheel- trampoline can be heavy to relocate. You might want to make some space and move the trampoline just a little bit. In that case, a trampoline wheel can help you move this huge structure effortlessly.
  • Resistance bands- mainly used by health enthusiasts, these elastic bands can prove to be an amazing exercise companion.
  • Mister Kit- this spray, when used on the trampoline mat in the summers; makes it comfortable to use. 
  • Repair Kit- trampolines can get damaged or ripped anytime and they need to be repaired immediately. A repair kit will help you here. The instructions are easy to follow. See it as a DIY project.
  • Leveling kit- if you plan on installing the trampoline on an uneven surface, the leveling kit will help you prepare the surface. 
  • Weather cover- trampolines are made of tough, sturdy, and rust-free material. But harsh effects of weather like snow in winters, blazing sun in the summers, and torrential rain in monsoons can damage your trampoline. Any trampoline costs a few hundred dollars, so by investing in a trampoline cover you have further secured your jumping device from any unintended consequences. Purchase one that fits your trampoline completely.
  • Net zipper- a trampoline net zipper is an added zipper lock on the trampoline net. Trampoline nets have a zipper of their own. This added accessory acts as a safety measure for using trampoline too. It lets you control the entry and exit into the trampoline. 
Net zipper

Final Words

Shopping for accessories can be an overwhelming task. There are tons of options out there. Therefore, before you purchase anything for your trampoline keep in mind the size and shape of the trampoline. Additionally, do bear in mind the purpose and durability of the accessories. Also, take note of the age group of the people who are using the trampoline. Jump into the world of trampoline accessories and take your trampoline to the next level.  


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