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Trampolines and Accessories For Sale

Choosing the best from a wide variety of professional trampolines for sale can be a daunting task, considering that you also need to consider its safety standards. The best trampoline will be the center stage of fun for your kids and can be a great inclusion in birthday parties, sleepovers, and friends and family reunions.

Apart from keeping your kids happy with their play, trampolines also offer many health benefits, as advised by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). The division US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends physical activities for at least one hour daily for children. Physical activity can even be more beneficial if it is made moderate or intensive aerobic activity.

To keep fit, you’re also advised to engage in moderate activities for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. There’s no better way of getting your kids and yourself physically active than with trampolines. Our varieties of trampolines are ergonomic, safe, and fun-filled to keep your kids happy and healthy!

What’s a Trampoline?

A trampoline is play equipment made of sturdy fabric sheet firmly connected by a series of springs onto a frame. Trampolines are ideal for use as a landing area or a springboard in gymnastics, acrobatics, or children’s jump play.

The springs offer tension allowing the surface sheet to recoil if someone jumps on it, enabling them to bounce. These fun-filled play equipment trace their origin back to the 1900s, from where their popularity grew through astronauts and pilots’ training exercises. Today, they’re widely used in gymnastics and other related sports.

The trampoline’s bouncing effect makes it a favorite among kids, but adults can also join in the fun with their kids to help them build stronger bonds. If you love the outdoors, you’ll undoubtedly find trampolines enjoyable.


octagonal trampoline for sale

Professional trampolines for kids and adults

Despite trampolines being associated with kids’ play, they aren’t entirely meant for children only. Young adults, as well as seniors, find them more fun with lots of health benefits.

When you come across any commercial trampolines for sale, you will see a maximum weight limit there. So, they should be selected based on the users’ weight categories. Most families, however, go for trampolines with the highest weight capacity so everyone can be part of the fun.

Trampolines will prove very useful to persons suffering from joint issues. If you have some joint aches, you can pick the small-sized trampolines to ease the pain on the hips, knees, and back.

If looking to slash down some calories and become fit, trampolines are an ideal solution. They keep your body active while eliminating any injuries that may come with doing workouts at the gym.

We keep a professional wide variety of trampolines for sale that households will find very efficient and valuable. Apart from household use, our trampolines can help daycare centers, children’s camps, and church groups keep participants active and healthy.


octagonal trampoline for adults to have fun

Buy trampoline online to have outdoor fun

Recently, we’ve seen many indoor and outdoor trampoline parks popping up to meet the demands of users. But frequently going to these parks can be expensive, not to mention the time to travel, especially with a large family.

Buying trampolines online and installing one at home will save you a great deal of time and money. Moreover, whenever there are special events at home, such as get-togethers and birthday parties, your kids and their friends will have something to keep them extra occupied. You won’t have to stress yourself running to the rental stores or book some spot at local trampoline parks.

With a trampoline at home, your kids will spend less time glued to the TV or mobile phone screens. And that way, you can kiss goodbye to health complications such as childhood obesity that’s become a menace to many parents.

Trampolines, unlike most outdoor equipment, are easy to install, take down and move. Moving the trampoline won’t be much of a hassle, making it easier to bring it along with you when moving to new neighborhoods.


medium size round shape trampoline for adults

Different types of professional trampoline jumpers

Trampoline jumpers are categorized according to their sizes and shapes. Personal preference is a significant determinant when finding one that best meets your family’s needs.

Generally, trampolines can be grouped into one of these categories:

  • Round trampolines.
  • Rectangular trampolines.
  • Octagonal trampolines.
  • Water trampolines.

small round shape trampoline for kids

Round Trampolines For Sale

Round trampolines are the traditional type of trampoline and the most popular of all. They have a wide range of sizes, starting from 10 feet up to 16 feet, with a weight capacity is up to 450 lbs. The 14 feet and the 15 feet trampolines are the most popular under this category.

round shape trampoline for kids and adults

Rectangular Trampolines For Sale

Rectangular trampolines are mostly the preferred type in commercial setups due to their broad surface area. The Skybound Horizon is an example under this category and measures 18 feet by 11 feet. This trampoline is professional-grade, built to suit athletic performances that can exert up to 500 lbs. weight.

rectangular trampoline for kids

Octagonal Trampolines For Sale

On our list of trampolines for sale, the octagonal trampoline design is the second most popular. It’s almost similar to the round trampoline and is available in various sizes, from 10 feet to 20 feet worth of diameter. Our range of trampolines can hold up to 500 lbs., making them ideal for family use.

octagonal trampoline for sale with safety net

Water Trampolines For Sale

If jumping alone doesn’t get your adrenaline up enough, water trampolines can do the magic. The water trampoline is a favorite among kids, as well as young adults. They’re built to float therefore providing an excellent springboard when diving into the water.

Are you thinking about basking in the sun with your favorite glass of juice? A water trampoline can provide a perfect buoyancy for you to relax in the pool.

girls on water trampoline

Essential Features and Accessories of Bouncy Trampolines

A good trampoline should be easy to assemble and have several features and accessories that make it ideal for children during play. These include:

a boy is doing backflip on large trampoline

Safety Net

Trampolines are great for building body momentum and stability. For such, the safety net is among the essential features that any trampoline needs to have. The trampoline enclosure is meant to restrict motion out of the jumping surface by catching the jumper and moving them back to the surface safely. Moreover, it has optimal visibility enabling supervision of kids during play.

trampoline with safety enclosure

Anchor kit

A good trampoline needs to be sturdy. It shouldn’t move when jumpers are playing on it. Anchor kit gives bouncy trampoline stability, preventing it from moving sideways during play or being rolled away by a heavy windstorm.

install your trampoline easily


A ladder is an essential accessory to a good trampoline. It makes it easier for kids to get onto the trampoline. It also facilitates easier use by anyone with mobility limitations.

kids on a large trampoline

Shoe Caddy

For a trampoline to be durable, users shouldn’t get onto it with shoes. Shoe caddy holds shoes for kids when they’re on the trampoline so they can find them with ease when they alight from it. It also prevents shoes from being misplaced or becoming a tripping threat in the backyard.

setup your trampoline properly

How to Be Safe on a Trampoline?

Trampolines are a fun haven for kids, but safety precautions need to be adhered to so the activities can be safer. If your trampoline is old, measure its condition and take the necessary steps.

Always bear the following precautions when jumping on a trampoline:

  • Keep your trampoline away from overhead structures such as power lines or tree branches.
  • Children must not jump on a trampoline without adult supervision.
  • Maintain the recommended weight limit of a trampoline to avoid the danger of injuries should the canvas sheet tear.
  • Only bounce on calm weather. Avoid jumping during thunderstorms or windstorms.
buy trampoline online with safety net

What Are the Top Trampoline Brands?

We only deal with top brands of trampolines at our store to ensure that they’re more durable to give your kids more fun for longer.

Our trampoline brands are manufactured by renowned manufacturers who adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. Be sure that you’ll be getting a trampoline tested for quality and safety.

These are the top trampoline brands available at our store:

  • JumpFree.
  • SkyBound.
  • Island Hopper.
  • Magic Circle.
buy professional trampoline to do a backflip

How To Choose The Best Trampoline To Buy

Picking the best trampoline that meets your kids’ fun needs and yours doesn’t have to be rocket science. Our simple guide below will help you select the best from our professional trampolines for sale.

commercial trampoline for sale in USA

Your Yard Space

Consider the area left outside the trampoline after it’s mounted in your yard. A 3-4 foot radius is the most recommended. If you’re constraint by space, a rectangular trampoline can best serve you compared to the oval or round-shaped. If you want to do or learn how to do a backflip, check if the trampolines are big enough. 

women is going to jump on a professional trampoline

Number of users

The larger the number of users on the trampoline, the more stress it’s bound to hold. If exposed to more stress for longer times, the trampoline’s durability reduces as the sheet gets toned. Also, consider whether those who’ll be using the trampoline are adults or children. A trampoline meant for kids doesn’t have to be too big. That for adults must be sizeable enough to sustain the weight.

kids jumping on a medium size trampoline

Trampoline theme

Nowadays, there are numerous trampoline styles and designs that feature brilliant colors to make them attractive. Find a trampoline that matches well with your yard or outdoor décor.

gigantic black blue trampoline with safety net

Your budget

Don’t let the price factor be the only consideration when checking out the professional trampolines for sale. Determine your budget and get the most suitable trampoline that you and your kids can use for years to come. 

multiple kids having fun on large trampoline

How To Choose A Water Trampoline

If you’re a water sports enthusiast and your kids or fond of it too, a water trampoline might be the best type to purchase. On top of the items mentioned above, you might want to consider the following points to get you the best water trampoline:

  • How easy can you set it up or tear it down?
  • What additional features does it have? Check for availability of waterslide and ladder.
  • The bouncing area size.
  • Storage space required.
  • The maximum weight capacity.

yellow water trampoline setted up in a park

Which Trampoline Best Suits Me?

If you have a large family, the most suitable trampoline would be a large size. The opposite is true for small-sized families.  Plus always choose easy to assemble trampoline. Check this out to know how to put a trampoline together easily?

We recommend the following trampolines, which are among our favorites:

kids jumping on a commercial trampoline in the backyard

Exercise Trampolines

If you’re want to spice up your workout sessions, we recommend the Skybound Cirrus 14ft trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System. It’s the most ideal as it offers a large bouncing area yet doesn’t consume much space in your backyard. It’s also equipped with weatherproof foam to cushion the joints during workout sessions and prevent injuries.

women exercising on a black trampoline

Large Trampolines

When you’re planning to have a birthday party or a family gathering, the Skybound Horizon 11x 18ft Trampoline with Safety Net is an ideal choice. This trampoline offers a jumping area of over 105 square feet and is accompanied by a 7.5-foot tall safety net. Its 10” springs provide great tension for a roller-coaster bounce.

In terms of weight capacity, it’s one of the strongest, able to hold 500 lbs.

trampoline for kids with safety enclosure

Small Trampolines

Small trampolines are best suited for kids and can offer excellent performance until they become adults. Magic Circle 13.5 Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is our favorite trampoline for kids. It comes with a 10-foot tall safety net plus a 3-foot surface height making it easily accessible by children of all ages. Weight-wise, it can carry up to 450 lbs. and give your kids performance for years to come.

women exercising on a small trampoline

Top Water Trampoline Brand

If you’re a water sports enthusiast looking for a water trampoline, we recommend the Island Hopper 13’ Bounce-n-Splash Water Bouncer. It’s sizeable enough to suit the entire family. You’ll also find its foot pump, storage, and carriage bag very ideal.

This water trampoline is easy to set up and comes with an access ladder and inflatable water slide to heighten the fun experience.

yellow water trampoline to have fun

Commercial Trampolines For Sale To Have Fun With Family

Trampolines present an excellent way for parents and kids to enjoy fun activities in the comfort of their homes. Pick from our vast collection of Professional trampolines for sale and keep your family healthier and maintain an adorable shape. If you are not sure which one to buy, you can check our trampoline buying guide to decide.