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Purchasing Guide: 7 Tips When Buying a Trampoline

by Backyard Play Store on May 08, 2021
7 Useful Tips When Buying A Trampoline

The market is flooded with so many brands and sellers, and tips for buying a trampoline are the only way to ensure you get the best. When shopping for this rebounding equipment, you’re not only looking for the most durable but also the safest.

Study reports have revealed that injuries and accidents related to trampolines in children and teens result from uninformed purchase decisions. Without proper purchase guide, parents end up buying a bad trampoline simply because of the marketing gimmick of its sellers.

What to look for when buying a trampoline?

Don’t fall prey to the trickery of sellers. Instead, carefully follow our trampoline buying guide to ensure you get the best for your family enjoyment.

1. What’s jumpers’ age group?

Are you going to be part of the rebounding fun or want only your kids to have a good time? There are different types of trampoline according to the weight of the jumpers. Generally, heavy-duty trampolines that can sustain the weight of adults are larger and made from more robust material to withstand more pressure.

A good trampoline suited for adults also should have at least 300 lbs weight limit to guarantee safety and durability.

2. What’s the quality of the frame?

Cheap trampolines usually consist of cheap material frames. Check out if the frame is galvanized both in and out to protect it from rust. Alternatively, if the frame is made from stainless steel, it’ll be even better. The trampoline will also last longer when its tube wall thickness and diameter are bigger.

3. What’s your trampoline size requirement?

This aspect will mostly be dependent on the space of your backyard. If you have a large size to spare for the trampoline, you can get a large size as you can afford. Otherwise, ensure to find a trampoline that fits your backyard space well.

trampoline buying guide: a girl with a small trampoline

One of the most popular trampolines that don’t take up too much space is the 3,6 meters size. Another thing to check before purchasing the trampoline is making sure that it allow at least 1-meter space around it after installation. This will prevent kids’ shoes and items from falling beneath the trampoline. Better yet, you can consider the in-ground trampoline if your space is too squeezed.

4. How skilled are your jumpers?

The skill level of the jumpers goes hand in hand with the shape of a trampoline. The round-shaped trampolines have optimal spring distribution and excellent rebound characteristics. As such, they’re more versatile hence suitable for the newbies.

If your jumpers are kids just getting started, the round-shaped trampoline will best suit them. On the other hand, the experienced jumpers can use the rectangular-shaped trampolines as they’re more compact and offer higher rebound.

5. What’s the shape of your garden?

The shape of your garden will mostly influence the shape of the trampoline installed. And there are different shapes of trampolines to suit various preferences and garden shapes. You can choose a trampoline that is multi-sided, rectangular, and round shapes.

The round trampolines take the largest share in the market due to their high versatility and popularity. They also have the least requirements for setup and don’t occupy too much space. If you have a narrow or rectangular space shape, the rectangular trampoline is the most suitable. They’re also ideal next to the fence or patio. But ensure that the jumpers using it are experienced.

6. In-ground or above-ground trampoline?

Your choice of the trampoline will also be guided by the topography of the surface you want to set it up. The surface must be flat and big enough, away from obstacles like hanging tree branches.

above ground trampoline with safety net

The free-standing or above-ground trampolines are ideal for level surfaces with no trees in the garden. If your garden has a slant topography, you should consider installing the in-ground trampoline. But be prepared for some digging and earthwork to get the space ready.

In the end, it’ll give your backyard a great appeal since the trampoline will be hidden below ground level.

7. Watch out for quality and safety

The quality of trampolines is often dictated by the quality of springs and bounce mats. The latter needs to be of certified materials and high quality with no toxins. Additionally, the bounce mat should be resistant to weather elements, UV rays, and fire. It should be hung correctly on the springs to allow equal tension distribution.

On the other hand, the springs should be high-quality and durable material to provide appropriate elasticity, enhanced rebound, and reduced noise levels.

When the above are adequately met, the safety of the trampoline is also guaranteed. Also, the trampoline should have safety features installed, such as a safety net and pads.

Where to buy a trampoline?

Finding an excellent trampoline should now be easy. But, if you are not getting a good and trusted shop, you can always visit Backyard Play Store to buy a trampoline.

Make sure that you are following these 7 tips of trampoline buying guide before purchasing and you will to get the best fit for your needs and family.


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