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5 Positive Effects Trampolines Have On Human Health

by Backyard Play Store on May 14, 2021
5 Positive Effects Trampolines Have On Human Health

Are you so stressed with work? Or is a personal issue draining all your energy away? They say a cold shower can help you calm down. But did you know a trampoline can relieve stress much and make you livelier? Trampolines’ effect on human health touches different aspects of our bodies by doing a factory reset to our energy reserves.

Rebounding on a trampoline is among the best body exercises for any age group, from kids, adults to the old. When jumping and are mid-air, the body experiences a short-lived weightless state. When you press your feet into the mat, the body experiences a gravitational force. The effect felt creates a lot of health benefits you can never get with other forms of exercise.

Trampolines’ effect on human health is science proven

The health benefits achieved through exercising on a trampoline aren’t some fallacy or marketing gimmick by their manufacturers. Findings from research conducted by a NASA study in 1979 and made available through the Journal of Applied Physiology 1980 publication revealed some real health benefits with trampoline exercise.

The report revealed that rebounding exercise has more efficiency compared to jogging by up to 98 percent. Rebounding is said to engage every part of the body in training, increasing the rate and quantity of calories burnt.

The NASA study reveals that rebounding burns more calories than jogging within the same time length. There you go, folks! What other easier exercise can you need when you’ve got a trampoline with you? 

How does trampoline exercise impact your health?

We can never stress it hard enough that trampoline is an essential part of everyday life. Apart from getting your jovial moods up, it can help you rebuild your once better health pretty fast. Let’s look at some of the trampolines’ effects on human health.

A great stress reliever

A great stress reliever

Stress is the number one cause of unhappiness. Whether it’s work, relationship, or financial stress, if left uncontrolled, can tear down even the most vigorous and relentless persons. It’s surprising how easy you can avert stress and lead a better life by just jumping up and down.

Rebounding on a trampoline is effective in preventing anxiety, regulating your mood, and reducing tension. Relaxation obtained from physical exertion can significantly reduce stress and enhance your confidence as well.

Avert the risks of cancer

Cancer is a menace that stripping people of their joy, and you don’t have to live in fear when you have an affordable trampoline at your disposal. Rebounding exercise on a trampoline improves lymphatic fluid circulation.

Let’s say lymphatic fluid is like engine oil. It cleans all harmful elements such as damaged cells, bacteria, cancerous cells in your body and drains them. Through rebounding exercise on a trampoline, the fluid will circulate better to every inch of the body and cleanse all wastes leaving you free of cancer risks. And the good thing is trampolines are everywhere; You can either buy or rent one.

Build a dense bone mass

The study by NASA also revealed that rebounding exercise is one of the best ways of restoring a lost bone mass. They achieved this through studying astronauts who’d lost their bone mass in space. With increased bone density, you’re at a better position of avoiding potential muscles, tendons, or ligaments rupture.

By increasing bone mass, trampolines’ effects on human health can also help you prevent osteoporosis or reversing the damages caused by it.

Improved general body balance and posture

Osteopenia among seniors poses the risk of falling and sustaining severe injuries. A study revealed that trampoline rebounding exercise is effective in enhancing functional mobility and improving balance. Also, it’s determined that rebounding can help with gait performance and eliminating the fear of falling among female seniors.

Improved general body balance and posture

Rebounding assists the muscles to achieve full range motion at an equal force. This way, people can learn how to shift their body mass quickly and be aware of their body balance and posture.

Improve your general energy levels

Have you ever felt that suddenly increased energy level from an adrenaline surge? You can experience the same by jumping up and down on a trampoline. Apart from adrenaline hormone release, rebounding also stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for increasing heartbeat rate, dilating the lungs, boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation and wellness.

We’re not advocating for you to ditch other forms of exercise as they’re equally beneficial. But if you want to reap big, why not include rebounding exercise as part of your wellness routine? The trampoline’s effects on human health are certainly tremendous, and you can only experience them if you try out rebounding.


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