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To The Moon: All the Things You Must Know About Moon Bounce

by Backyard Play Store on May 21, 2021
To The Moon: All the Things You Must Know About Moon Bounce

If you went to a carnival or a festival, there is a good chance that you have already seen a moon bounce.

A portable moon bounce is an inflatable playground that comes in bright and colorful shapes like an airplane, a spaceship or a castle for example. They are perfect to set up at birthday parties for kids of all ages.

Bounce Houses or moon bounces are used for recreation and entertainment for children. You could say that the moon bounce inflates almost anywhere. It requires no electricity or setup; it is easy to set up and take down and once you get it down you can use it over and over again.

The quality of many commercial moon bounces is guaranteed with a solid construction and polyvinyl chloride coating to make sure it can provide you many years of fun and excitement.

An inflatable house can be a good choice for many people. They are easy to set up and not expensive despite being attractive and functional. However, there are certain things you must know when choosing and buying an inflatable house.


The inflatable platforms are called moon bounce, as it replicates the feeling of astronauts in the moon. Moon bounce houses are inflatable structures used for the recreation and enjoyment of children. They consist of a canvas air-filled enclosure often brightly colored, inside of which children can run and jump without the restrictions imposed by gravity or the dangers of falling. Typically, moon bounces are arranged in such a way that they are divided into separate areas like squares so that many children can interact at once. Since they bounce when any part of their surface touches, the air inside of them the children tend to stay inside the square areas unless a significant amount of force is applied.


In addition, John Scurlock, a retired NASA employee, invented the first bounce house. We created the first inflatables out of horse pads. He and his wife started what is thought to be the first moon bounce rental business in the late 1960s. They started producing bouncers for resale to other rental companies in the mid-1970s.

The first inflatable amusement park, dubbed the "Space Pillow," was built in 1959 in New Orleans, Louisiana by John Scurlock, a local engineering professor. He and his family started making and selling Bounce Houses, Moonwalks, and Bouncy Castles, as they are now known.

The Scurlocks quickly started producing their Space Pillows in a New Orleans horse pad facility. But it was John Scurlock's wife Frances who, in 1968, founded Space Walk, the world's first bounce house rental agency, lending out units for birthday celebrations and other events. In 1974, they developed the "Jupiter Jump," a bounce house with inflatable pillars and safety netting.

With the growth of the moon bounce industry, we now have an abundance of inflatables that are known as home moon bounces or kid moon bounces. This category can be defined in any of these ways. One of these moon bouncers for kids weigh less than 100 pounds and is intended for use at home.


A residential bounce house with slides should not be used in a commercial environment under any conditions. What exactly does this imply? This means you can't use a residential moon bounce if you intend on having children or adults weighing more than 100 pounds.

Although large retail stores may have some options for personal residential inflatables, commercial grade inflatables are a far better choice for a more long-term investment, with a much broader variety of possible uses and a much longer lifespan.


While commercial bounce houses are most commonly correlated with young kids, they are also capable of fitting in adolescents and adults, which is a sight that occurs more frequently than many people believe! Across a wide variety of goods and styles, warranties usually last at least three years, providing longevity. Platforms that do not have too much water exposure can last for at least seven years, while wet ones can last for at least five years with proper maintenance.

It is critical to recognize the end user for whom you will be purchasing a moon bounce and match their preferences to the choices available when purchasing a moon bounce for home use. Residential bounce houses & commercial ones differ in material, lifespan, allowed capacity, cost and many other factors to consider.

Wrapping Up

Inflatables today such as bounce houses & residential water slides, which were invented by the Scurlock family in the 1950s and 1960s, are far more advanced than the original Space Pillows. However, those humble beginnings sparked the thriving industry we all know and love today.

The advantages of an inflatable house are clear. These houses are very light-weight and easy to transport, fitting snugly into trucks and trailers fastened with special straps. This makes them easy to move around when compared with other types of portable structures. With no materials required for construction, you will save a considerable amount of money on building costs. Moreover, there's no need to hire extra labor for setting up the house either. It is also important to properly have a bounce house insurance to protect the owner and users from any potential costs from accidents.

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