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The Best Bounce House of 2021

by Backyard Play Store on May 25, 2021
The Best Bounce House of 2021

Finding the affordable and best bounce house is already within your reach with all the varied bounce houses on the market. What used to be the popular attraction during birthdays and children’s gatherings has also become a hit for many households. While you may opt to rent for one, it will be worth your money to buy and invest in a bounce house as there are already affordable bounce houses on sale.

Bounce houses usually come in different styles and sizes and vary in their features like basketball hoops and slides. You can even go extra with themed bounce houses that your kids will surely enjoy. And instead of bringing your kids to a theme park, make use of your garden to set up a bounce house where your children can enjoy some exercise and fun at the same time. While you are contemplating on what kind of bounce house to buy for your kids, here is a list of the best bounce houses that can assure an enjoyable time with your kids and family.

Princess Enchanted Castle with Slide from Kidwise

Feel the royalty vibe with this bounce house from Kidwise. This one is probably the best bounce house choice for toddlers and kids. Whether you set it up for birthdays, gatherings or just another day in your backyard, you sure are guaranteed a fairy tale-filled time with KidWise’s Princess Enchanted Castle. When fully inflated, the bounce house measures twelve feet in length, eleven feet wide, and eleven feet high. More princesses and princes can experience the enchantment as the bounce house can accommodate up to four kids with its size.

The bounce-slide combo that this item has will give more fun and excitement for kids. Along with the enjoyment that the bounce house offers are also its safety features to make sure kids are protected from all the bouncing and sliding. The double-stitched feature guarantees long-term use and avoids any rips from continuous playing. The castle-like design of the bounce house also has high railings and strong mesh enclosed to secure a sturdier foundation.

Princess Enchanted Castle with Slide from Kidwise

The Princess-themed is the best bounce house to fulfill every kid’s dream for any royalty adventure. It has a classic princess look and has a front curtain, making every kid feel like it’s their castle when playing.

KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Best Bounce House

 Gather the family around and enjoy this one-of-a-kind sports bounce house. Apart from the fun that this bounce house provides, it also serves as a learning playground for kids. And if learning is never enough for you and your family, bring in your sports attires and play one-on-one with each other. You can consider this the best bounce house for kids who love sports. It comes with a bouncing area, soccer goals on every end, and little hoops on each goal side if kids opt to play basketball.

The arched design of the bounce house will make your kids feel like they are inside a sports arena, playing a real-like game. With its 20 feet by 10 feet by 9 feet, you need to secure a much bigger space to set this one up. But the good thing about its size is it can accommodate more kids. Find out more about this sporty bounce house from the list below.

  • The soccer goals can extend outside of each side of the bounce house, giving kids more space for playing soccer or basketball.
  • Basketball hoops are equipped with a net beneath to collect the balls as they are shot into the rings.
  • With its size, the bounce house can accommodate four kids with recommended ages between 3-10 years olds.
  • The maximum weight limit is 400 pounds for all players.
  • It is equipped with a carry-on bag, nine anchor stakes, blower, sports balls, and patch kit.

While the manual says it can accommodate four, some customers will most likely use the bounce for more kids. Just be careful, though, not tear the bounce house apart if you decide to accommodate more kids inside. The inflatable has small pieces and might cause choking hazards for kids three years under.

KidWise Little Sprout All-In-One Bounce 'n Slide Combo 

KidWise Little Sprout All-In-One Bounce 'n Slide Combo

If your kids are tired of the regular bounce house, then KidWise’s Little Sprout is the best bounce house for you. Playing has never been this exciting for kids as this features the bounce house itself and slides and enough space for a splash area. The best bounce house has to be bigger and wider to accommodate more kids. The more playmates, the merrier this bounce house can accommodate up to four kids.

With its size, security features are also doubled to prevent accidents while kids are playing. The bounce house is equipped with a hose assembly for waterslides and a rip and tear patch kit. When your kids are tired from jumping, they can enjoy the ball pit that comes with the bounce house. The deep ball pit can accommodate two packs of balls. To add to that, going from one corner to another has made it even easier with an easy step-up pad from the splash area to the bounce house.

With all the features of this bounce house, you might think of how difficult it is to assemble. But KidWise guarantees easy to inflate and easy to store bounce houses. This makes it very handy and fitting if you have a family get-away and your kids would love to bring the bounce house with them. Whether you prefer the bounce house indoors or outdoors, it’s totally up to you. With its versatility, your kids can use this even without water in it.

KidWise’s My Little Playhouse  

This bounce house serves as a little home to kids with extra fun. This is the best bounce house for kids who love to have their little playhouse with a twist. Just like a house, this inflatable comes with shade panels placed on the roof. This way, you can make the bouncer panels face the sun, blocking the radiation from the sun. Or if your kids love to play indoors, then you can set it up in your basement or your living room. With its versatility, you can use this bounce house either indoors or outdoors.

KidWise’s My Little Playhouse

The bounce house is not too, not too small. It’s just about right for four kids to play and enjoy bouncing and jumping while enjoying their little home. Little ones can also have their best moments inside this Little Playhouse and never worry about tripping or falling, with its inflated step near its entrance—more of this cute and homey bounce house from the list below.

  • When inflated, it has a length of 10.5 feet, a width of 13 feet, and stands 9.5 feet.
  • When using outdoors, the ground stakes packs can always come in handy.
  • It comes with a rip-and-tear patch kit.
  • It also has a carry-on bag with it to have proper storage when not in use.
  • The slide is about five feet long.
  • Seams and jump surfaces are double-stitched to ensure durability and prevent any rips after long hours of jumping and bouncing.

The products from KidWise are ASTM compliant puncture and fire-resistant. This means that all bounce houses passed the international standards to ensure that customers are treated with fun, quality, and safe products.

Outdoors Clubhouse Climber Bounce House by KidWise 

Kids indeed love the fun of bouncing high and low with their bounce houses, but those who love these kinds of playing ground can go extra with KidWide’s outdoor bounce house. With all the bouncing, jumping, and sliding, you can guarantee KidWise builds the best bounce house for kids with a blower that keeps itself on guard for the duration of the usage and ensures the bounce every kid would love.

There is no need to climb to treehouses to experience playing on a tree, as this bounce house features a ready to inflate treehouse for kids. It spans about 16 feet in length and nine feet in height, making more room for different play corners. This bounce house comes with three different slides, a play area that where you can also gather numerous balls and make it a ball pool, and two climbing areas.

Outdoors Clubhouse Climber Bounce House by KidWise

May it be a competition among kids or just pure fun, you surely can get your money’s worth from this bounce house. Check out the list below for more of what to expect from this huge inflatable.

  • Up to five kids with a total maximum weight of 500 lbs can occupy the bounce house.
  • Suitable for kids aged 3-10 years old.
  • Despite its size, it can quickly inflate in seconds and can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • It is equipped with a blower, carry bag, and patch kit.

Remember that excellent investment does not only come with the best price but also with the best quality. KidWise guarantees the best bounce house with its protection from any wear and tear, having its products made with heavy-duty Oxford Nylon material. And assures their customers of solid double stitches to prevent its fabric from any rips from using it numerous times. If budget is an issue you can also check out our cheap yet durable bounce houses which are mostly below $500.


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