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7 Best Bounce Houses for Toddlers (Kids) With Blower

by Backyard Play Store on April 22, 2021
The Top 7 Best Bounce House For Toddlers

Best bounce house for toddlers can save a great deal of stress with your little munchkins. Their energy reserve is never endless; the only time they’re stationery is when sleeping. If looking for a safe way to tame your little angels as you do other things, a bounce house for toddlers is the way to go.

When shopping for a jump house, it doesn’t have to be an ordinary one. Make sure you go for the best in the market to give your kids worry-free and safe entertainment. Apart from your budget, backyard space, and safety features of a bounce house, you’ll also have to check out some of the top bounce houses for toddlers to select one that best fits your needs. If you're on a tight budget you can check out our cheap bounce houses; they're reasonable in price but build with good quality.

Select from The Best Inflatable Bounce Houses For Your Kids

But the plethora of bounce houses for toddlers out there can be overwhelming. Luckily, these seven bounce houses are top-rated and have received positive reviews from many parents.

KidWise My Little Princess Bounce House

Your little princess needs her haven to exercise her nobleness. The KidWise My Little Princess Bounce House is the ideal solution for your princess and her buddies. It’s a castle-themed bounce house measuring 7.5ft by 7.5ft by 6.2 ft when inflated. Its lightweight design allows two kids with a total of 200 lbs to play in the bounce area at a go. These toddler bounce house has a 420D fabric and tarpaulin flooring to give it long-lasting durability. It’s ideal for small-sized backyards.

KidWise Zoo Park Bounce House With Ball Pit

There’s no better way of elevating your kids’ fun than with this zoo-themed bounce house. KidWise Zoo Park Bounce House With Ball Pit has animal graphics in and out and features two slides, a ball hoop, and a bounce area. The second slide runs from the bounce area to the ball pit. Its capacity is also sizeable, carrying up to 300lbs or three kids at a go. The bounce house, while inflated, measures 10.5’ by 9.8’ by 6’with an internal bounce area of 60” by 57”. This bouncer is under $500 and comes with a bounce house blower.

KidWise Monkey Explorer Bounce House

You don’t need to have an arena to own this beautiful monkey-themed bounce house for kids. The KidWise Monkey Explorer Bounce House is only 16 ft wide by 13.5 ft long by 8ft high, making it ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. The double entry through the tunnel will increase the thrill of your toddler’s playtime. The 10ft by 10ft bounce area makes it ideal for four kids. The bounce house is made from a strong material, allowing up to 400lbs of weight on it. Kids will also enjoy climbing the rock wall, 25 PVC balls, and double meshed front wall.

KidWise Celebration Bounce House and Tower Slide

kidwise celebration bounce house and tower slide

Planning a birthday party and want to make it memorable for your kids? The KidWise Celebration Bounce and Tower Slide offer the perfect party ambiance to get the fun in the air. The bounce house comes with a separate play area that can be set aside for your younger kids away from toddlers. The 6ft by 7ft bounce area provides more room for up to 4 kids in addition to the play area. The fantastic feature of the tower slide will enthrall your kids. It has a unique design that enables kids to slide out of the bounce then crawl into the bounce area without leaving the bounce house, leaving it clean from debris.

Kidwise Jump’n Dodgeball Bounce House

If you need a bounce house for toddlers spacious enough for the bouncing fun season, KidWise Jump’n Dodgeball Bounce House is all you need. The four neoprene dodgeballs further spruce up the fun so the kids can enjoy their bouncing together with the balls.

This bounce house comes with two 7-inch by 7-inch bounce areas with an inflated partition between them and unique dodgeball openings. If you also want your younger kids to join in the fun, you can place them in one play area and the toddlers on the other. When fully inflated, the bounce house measures 20ft by 10ft by 10ft. It’s ideal for your kids and their buddies as it can carry up to 4 kids with a total weight of 400 lbs at a go.

KidWise Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House with Waterslide

Kids love playing in the water and can’t trade it for anything else. KidWise Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House with Waterslide lets your kids bounce, climb, slide, crawl, overcome obstacles, shoot hoops, crawl through a tunnel, splash some water. Simply put, this outdoor inflatable bouncer is the mother of all-year-round fun.

best bounce house for toddlers with waterslide

When inflated, this bounce house for toddlers measures 14.3ft by 12ft by 8ft. It’s also strong enough and can sustain up to 300lbs weight of 3 kids at ago.

Remember, Your kid might get afraid to jump into a water slider for the first time. You can try some effective tricks to overcome the fear of water slides.

KidWise Obstacle Speed Racer Bounce House

Have you wanted to have an obstacle course in the backyard? Well, your wishes have come true. The KidWise Obstacle Speed racer Bounce House instills agility, flexibility, and fun. It’s sizeable enough to allow two kids to race through the obstacles and slide to finish in the double inflatable slide.

This bounce house for toddlers also has a bounce area in the middle to allow your kids to use their endless energy reserve jumping up and down. When inflated, this kids bounce house measures 19ft by 9ft by 7 ft and can comfortably support up to 400lbs of 4 kids.

Last Few Talks on Kids Bounce Houses

Go ahead, check each of the best bounce house for toddlers and invest in one that will make your kids’ fun times memorable for years. Visit our kidwise bounce houses for sale, If you want to check more. 


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