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A Complete Bounce House Insurance Guide

by Backyard Play Store on May 29, 2021
A Complete Bounce House Insurance Guide

This article will serve as your bounce house insurance guide. A Bounce House is a large inflatable structure, used to provide enjoyment for children with the use of bouncing. It is often designed with an inflatable outer shell made from synthetic fibers, a safety perimeter of heavy-duty nylon netting and vinyl windows, which create the walls within the structure. They may come in commercial type inflatables or residential type inflatables that be very affordable.

Bounce house insurance can be a valuable part of any inflatable business. If something were to go wrong, it would be very helpful to have bounce house insurance. With the right policy, a business can save money on damages incurred on the inflatable unit.

If you own an inflatable rental company, you must have bounce house insurance to cover your investment. Injury risks still exist, which means that claims for owner-operators are a distinct possibility. This can be avoided when purchasing a decent inflatable insurance policy.

Bounce house insurance is a coverage that provides protection against accidents, injuries and general property damage caused by inflatable bounce houses. The rate varies on the type of coverage you choose. It helps to protect against liability claims that might incur if children, or anyone else, were to sustain an injury while enjoying your inflatable bounce house. Medical evacuation coverage is commonly added to this coverage for an additional premium.


Over the past decade, the success of bounce houses has skyrocketed. As a result, casualties have increased. A few documents have been published that demonstrate the magnitude of the rise. More than 18,000 emergency-level injuries were due to bounce houses in 2012, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There were also some disturbing news reports of bounce houses being raised into the air by high winds, resulting in the hospitalization of infants.


This is why, when launching your inflatable rental company, you should have bounce house insurance and proper exemptions in place. Accidents do happen, and you want to know that if they do, you and your properties will be covered.

For many instances, people get injured inside a bounce house that is not owned by them and the owner does not have insurance. This economical coverage protects the policyholder from any potential lawsuits that may result from injuries to someone who was using your bounce house.

For a bounce house insurance scheme, the only thing you want to cover against is general responsibility for physical and property harm. When you will not be using the bounce houses, for example, you should have a notarized permit. The owner of the area where the inflatable equipment is assigned should sign it, making them liable for all accidents that arise when they are on the premises. Any insurance providers that specialize in inflatables will assist you with the paperwork. However, it is best to make a lawyer modify it based on the state or city's regulations.

On the other hand, there will be times when you are responsible for running the machines. Whether you're working at a business function or at a public park, you will almost certainly need a million-dollar policy. They would still want to be identified as additional insured on the certificate. You will normally get one for free from a credible insurance company. This bounce house insurance guide advises its readers to know their privileges when it comes to protection.

It depends, as it does for so many other aspects. If you're working with a seasoned firm, they would consider a number of factors, including the scale of your business, how much you could perform during the year, and a number of other factors unique to the bounce house industry.

Bounce house

It could cost between $1,500 and $3,000 annually to have a decent policy that would adequately cover your bounce house. As the company expands and hires more people, you will most likely need a worker's compensation program as well as a commercial car policy. There are extra costs to remember if the business expands.


This bounce house insurance guide informs you of the different types of bounce houses according to their use and capacity. Commercial bounce houses have a range of essential safety features that set them apart from the competition. Durability is a key selling point for commercial grade bounce houses, with deep-layered stitching that adds a degree of protection not found in the residential version. With double stitching as a minimum requirement, it's not unusual to see triple and quadruple stitching to strengthen the bounce house and prolong its lifetime even longer, removing the hassles of maintenance and repairs. Residential bounce houses may have a different setting of structure depending on their specifications.

One of the most difficult aspects of having inflatable insurance is finding a firm that knows the industry and the risks involved. The last thing you want is to buy a policy that you think would protect all of your bases. It's disconcerting to discover you're not safe when you try to file a lawsuit.

In the past, a variety of insurance providers have sold bounce house insurance. Several companies have recently exited the business. Moving to insurance brokers who aren't familiar with these types of plans is often not a smart choice. You could end up with a policy that is way too expensive and doesn't meet your needs.


Whether it is for children's parties, sporting events or charity events, bounce house insurance is a good idea to ensure you are covered properly in the event of an accident. This bounce house insurance guides ensures everyone to make bounce houses not only fun but also safe.

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