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7 Incredible Advantages of Built-In Trampolines

by Backyard Play Store on April 27, 2021
Advantages of Built-In Trampolines

We’re all excited and motivated by the advantages of built-in trampolines. Kids can’t get enough of them, jumping up and down all day. On the other hand, adults use them for their daily share of energy and stress relief.

If you're shopping around for a trampoline and are confused between choosing an above-ground and built-in trampoline, we can make your work easier. Both types of trampolines come with their advantages, but the benefits of the built-in type surpass the above-ground.

How’s a built-in trampoline different?

Often when people think of trampoline, what comes to mind is parents and kids jumping on flat table-like equipment resting above ground level. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town; the built-in trampoline, also known as the in-ground trampoline, is one that’s set up below the ground.

Some people call it underground or sunken trampoline. And they come in various sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, and circular.

Advantages of built-in trampoline

The built-in trampoline is a great backyard inclusion for both kids and adults to have some fun at home. It offers excellent acrobatic exercises to help the whole family keep fit.  The following are the 7 advantages of built-in trampolines to make you settle your mind on this type of trampoline. 

Maximized safety when rebounding

The number one concern of any parent when their kids are playing is safety. One of the top advantages of a built-in trampoline is safety. If you’re skeptical about your kids falling off from an above-ground type, the in-ground trampoline will give you peace of mind.

The in-ground trampoline doesn’t have a metal frame, which is often the cause of injuries should an accident occur while rebounding on an above-ground. Additionally, no ladder is needed as kids and adults can get right into the trampoline from the ground level. We have a dedicated guide on trampoline safety you can also check that out for further safety assurance.

Backyard space optimum use

Backyard space optimum use

With the above-ground trampoline, the space it covers cannot be used for anything else once it’s set up. One of the greatest advantages of the built-in trampoline you’ll enjoy is the ability to use the space they occupy for other activities.

For instance, if you some guests in your backyard space, you can put some flower pots on a large table then set the table on the built-in trampoline.

Elegant backyard design

If you love magnificent exterior décor, choosing an attractive built-in trampoline is an excellent way to spruce up your backyard aesthetics. Due to their below-ground hidden nature, the trampolines can blend perfectly without obscuring the garden view.

It’s for this reason that built-in trampolines are considered the best for any backyard garden. Remember to choose a color that matches your house’s façade for maximized appeal.

Less maintenance headache

Taking care and well maintaining a trampoline is a big deal. However, low maintenance is one of the advantages of built-in one that you will enjoy most. With these trampolines, you don’t have to worry about regular seasonal maintenance budgets.

The above-ground type will require disassembling during the cold weather to prevent the steel frame from damage. Additionally, the trampolines need to be staked into the ground to prevent being blow off by the wind. The built-in type can only be covered during winter or strong winds, and that’s it!

As with a built-in ground trampoline, the exposure to weather elements is minimal; hence there are fewer chances of experiencing the hazards.

Rebounding is livelier and more fun

Jumping on an above-ground trampoline has the same feeling as on a built-in type. But the latter creates a notion that you’re jumping on a bouncy ground surface. Hence the level of the thrill is much livelier.

The built-in trampolines are also built using high-quality jumping mats and safety pads enhanced with bouncing features to spruce up the fun.

More fun in any season

More fun in any season

Another significant advantages of the built-in trampolines are their ability to withstand any seasonal weather elements. They’re built using high-quality material to endure a wide temperature range, from -40 to 70 degrees Celcius.

The weed barrier consists of porous material to allow the mat to seep water into the soil. The only time when the built-in trampoline will collect some water is if the soil type is clay. Clay soil has a high water retention capacity. Luckily, there are accessories you can use to extend the usefulness in such situations.

Health benefits

And of course, the built-trampoline offers health benefits to both kids and adults. They’re much more beneficial to seniors since they tend to generate more thrill during rebound.

Now it’s time to go shopping and harness the advantages of built-in trampolines. Don’t forget to check the quality of the material for a more prolonged service period.


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