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Which Trampolines Are the Best? Your Guide to Choosing the Right Trampoline

by Backyard Play Store on July 11, 2021
Choosing the Right Trampoline

With many possible options in the industry nowadays, it can be a challenge to choose which trampolines are the best or perhaps, which trampolines are the bounciest. However, with a buying guide like this one, you can select and buy the one that is right according to what you are looking for. Lets help in choosing the right trampoline. 

Trampolines are significant play areas both for kids and the young at heart. There are so many advantages when playing on trampolines. They include those for health, strengthening their physique, or improving their cardiovascular well-being. In this blog edition, you will get to know more about trampolines, which trampolines are the best, a concise yet comprehensive history of trampolines, the best products in the market, and your buying guide. Let us get to it.

Get To Know More About Trampolines

A trampoline pertains to a resilient sheet—otherwise, a web made of nylon that springs support in a frame out of metal. Trampolines are used as a springboard, as well as a landing area in tumbling, and more.

When used as fitness equipment, trampolines provide various benefits to your health and well-being. Bouncing with trampolines will develop the person's balance, motor skills, and coordination. A trampoline is also bound to work out your core, back, and leg muscles, among others. With the trampoline, the person can also work on their neck, arms, and glutes. Using the trampoline also promotes better bone health, as it can enhance bone strength and density. There are several providers of trampolines, including The Backyard Play Store.

Who invented trampolines? When were trampolines invented? Your answers to these questions will require taking a look at its history. The inventor of the trampoline is George Nissen, an American gymnast who developed the equipment, making it known worldwide in sports and recreation. He invented the trampoline in the 1930s, just midway between the First and the Second World War, after watching how other gymnasts tend to use their safety nets to improve their performances. He invented it when he was a teenage gymnast, when, with his coach Larry Griswold, they created this piece of equipment out of scrap steel with inner tire tubes for their gymnastics act at the Iowa Hawkeye Circus. The trampoline's "bouncing rig" gave George Nissen the capability to perfect his back somersault.

Get To Know More About Trampolines

The two then realized that the trampoline is a crowd-pleaser. At this time, George Nissen was still practicing his tumbling, so Larry Griswold decided to relocate the trampoline they invented to the YMCA camp where the development happened. This is where the trampoline caught the attention of youngsters of children. And so, they introduced this device to a broader audience, conceiving the Griswold-Nissen Trampoline and the Tumbling Company. This went on until the rest of the century and further beyond.

Then, trampolines were used by NASA to ensure astronauts are prepared for space travel. Today, it has continuously played a role in people's lives, including their well-being.

Which Trampolines Are the Best? The Most Preferred Trampolines in the Industry

There are different types of trampoline. In this section of the discussion, you will get to know the best trampolines sold in the industry. With the list, you should be able to find out which trampolines are the best according to your preferences. We begin with the first product, the Magic Circle 16' Octagon Trampoline from The Backyard Play Store.

1. Magic Circle 16' Octagon Trampoline

The Backyard Play Store is one of the worldwide retailers that offer bounce houses, trampolines, swing sets, event supplies, party supplies, and so much more. Their Magic Circle 16' Octagon Trampoline has the largest surface of all their trampolines in their catalog. It also holds one of the largest sizes in the market.

This heavy-duty trampoline features four top rails created from 13 gauge steels; the diameter is at 1.9" with one-piece legs, four of them. The 16' trampoline octagon features 112 springs, particularly 14 springs on each of the sides. Each side has safety pads attached. You can choose between colors of yellow, green, and purple.

2. Magic Circle 12' Hexagon Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

Magic Circle 12' Hexagon Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

Here is another product sold at The Backyard Play Store. This Magic Circle 12' Hexagon Trampoline With Safety Enclosure features a traditional trampoline enclosure attached to the mat with sewing. Thus, it can provide a system that is integrated, letting the cage motion with the mat.

This type of design eliminates the gap between the mat and the cage, so the trampoline user is provided with more safety. It is easy to maintain and designed for outdoor use. It also features galvanized springs for a superior bounce effect that can be utilized in gymnastics.

Let us take a look at more recommended trampolines of this brand.

3. Magic Circle 12' Round Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

We have searched far and wide to provide you with the list of the best trampolines in the industry. The third one we have is this Magic Circle 12' Round Trampoline With Safety Enclosure from The Backyard Play Store.

If you are a fan of round shapes, this trampoline is the right choice for your needs. It features the traditional enclosure sewn in the trampoline's mat. It provides the user with a system that is integrated, letting the cage motion within the trampoline mat.

Designed for safety, this round trampoline also features 78 springs for superior bouncing; plus, it is considered a trampoline of the heavy-duty type. Here are more of the best trampolines you can find.

4. Sports Tramp Extreme 13.5' Round Trampoline With Detachable Enclosure

Introducing the trampoline for the kids that is best for their health. The Sports Tramp Extreme 13.5' Round Trampoline with Detachable Enclosure comes from the similar brand, with many features to ensure safety and which you can enjoy. Like the previous trampoline, it also has a safety enclosure you can detach anytime, depending on the usage.

Unlike the traditional safety enclosure, this for this trampoline attaches to the trampoline springs. It also features 96 springs plus is likewise a heavy-duty trampoline.

5. Sports Tramp Extreme 16' Octagon Trampoline With Detachable Safety Enclosure

5. Sports Tramp Extreme 16' Octagon Trampoline With Detachable Safety Enclosure

Last but certainly not least, we found this trampoline that is very suitable for home gyms, fitness clubs, and more. The features of the Sports Tramp Extreme 16' Octagon Trampoline with Detachable Safety Enclosure are the detachable enclosure for safety, 112 springs, and the heavy-duty components. These include the four top-rails made from the 14-gauge steel, four one-piece legs, and the diameter at 1.9 inches. It weighs 450 lbs. You can jump and bounce freely with this trampoline without worrying about getting into accidents.

Your Buying Guide: Trampolines

Buying the perfect trampoline according to your needs can be daunting, especially without a guide. Knowing which trampolines are the best involves reading various resources for consumers like you. In this consumer guide, you will get to see how you can purchase the perfect trampoline based on the brand, its types, pricing, and safety. Read on.


The brand is very important when looking for the best trampolines. Here at The Backyard Play Store, they take pride in offering trampolines from various brands. These include brands such as JumpFree, SkyBound, Island Hopper, and Magic Circle.

Another area that should be considered by the customer is how trampolines are measured. It depends on how they intend to use the trampoline, for example, whether the trampoline will be used by little kids, teenagers, or adults. The next consideration is the type.


Did you know there are a lot of types when it comes to trampolines? Trampoline jumpers can be categorized based on their shapes and sizes. Your personal taste is essential in determining the right trampoline for your needs.

The types of trampolines are round trampolines, rectangular trampolines, octagonal trampolines, and water trampolines.


Then, you must also consider the price. Various trampolines are being sold in the market.

The cost varies depending on the brand, the materials, and so much more.


Finding the balance between quality and price is essential. You must stay away from affordable trampolines, but the quality is compromised. There are times it is still better to invest in trampolines at mid-range prices that offer superior quality.


Are trampolines safe? It is a very crucial question you must consider to ask yourself when buying a trampoline. Safety will mostly depend on the trampoline's material. Guaranteeing safety is vital so you can be able to realize the advantages that the trampoline can offer without getting into accidents and mishaps.

You can also visit blogs to read more about which trampolines are the best. They offer tips and advice on how you can seek the trampoline that is right for your needs.

Choosing the right trampoline is crucial for your kids. And it is easier said than done. Several considerations include your particular needs, product quality, prices, and so much more. Trampolines are great equipment to have in your backyard, at school, or in your fitness clubs, should you own one. With tools and guidelines like this, you should make the right choice on which trampolines are the best.

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