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How to patch and repair a bounce house the right way

by Backyard Play Store on December 06, 2020
How to patch and repair a bounce house

If there is any cut or tear in the material of your bounce house, then you can consider patching it instead of throwing it away. The repair process is simple and straightforward. For patching a bounce house, you will have to cut a patch from the kit and put it on the damaged area either with patch glue or with vinyl cement.

In order to create a secure patch, make sure to patch from the inside if there is any provision in your bounce house to do so. If there is damage to the stitching or if the tear is along a seam, then you need to consider re-stitching with a sewing awl. You need to follow specific steps to patch a bounce house right away. The entire process is also dependent on the level of repair needed.

How to identify if there is a hole in a bounce house?

There are numerous ways with which you can easily identify if the commercial grade bounce house has a hole or not. It can be quite difficult to identify smaller leaks. The simplest way to try is to inflate the bounce house and run a blower to check for any air getting escaped.

In most of the bounce houses, it would not be easier to hear air escaping. It is possible only for small models. Identifying leaks in large models can truly be a hassle. You will have to start walking around the bounce house and look for areas that deflate quicker in comparison to other regions.

You can keep your hand close to the bounce house while carrying out the inspection. This will help you identify large leaks with much ease. If you still can’t identify, then you can coat the bounce house with soapy water. If there is any leak, then it will result in bubbles. This will help you locate leaks with much ease.

Quickly fixing a hole in a bounce house

fixing a hole in a bounce house

If you own small bounce houses, then can instantly fix the hole by using some duct tape over the hole. You need to remember that this trick works only on small holes and not for large ones. Moreover, it is also a temporary fix and not a long-lasting solution.

Another option is to use some vinyl repair tape over the hole. This will assure you more success than using duct tape for fixing the hole. This is also not a long term solution but can work great for small bounce houses. The problem with using tape is that it starts to pull up thereby making way for air to leak.

Patching a bounce house right away

Here is one of the most popular options for patching a bounce house right away. You will need a patch kit made especially for bounce houses. These usually come with vinyl glue which you can apply over the patch. If the kit does not come with it, then you will have to purchase it on your own.

Step-by-step procedure to apply a patch to a bounce house

Here are some simple steps that you can follow in order to apply a patch to your bounce house. Following them will help you accomplish the task conveniently.

Step 1: Clean the area that requires patching

This step is essential as there would be dirt and debris on the bounce house. Make sure that the area you want to patch is free from dirt, grease, water, and any other kind of debris. Here is a quick guide on bounce house cleaning tips.

Step 2: Cut the patch in a circular shape

You can cut the patch in a circular or oval shape. The focus is to ensure that there are no angled edges present. This is because the corners are easy to snag if the edges are angled and will easily peel over time. Make sure to cut the patch at least two inches larger than the tear. Also, ensure that the rounded edges are smooth for ensuring a long term fix.

Expert Advice on Bounce House Repair

Step 3: Flatten the patch

Following this step will ensure that there is no peeling when you are trying to apply a patch. You can use a book or anything heavy or flat for putting pressure on the patch. This step is extremely important as the cutting could have caused the patch to curl slightly.

Step 4: Apply vinyl glue generously around the leak

You should always try to apply the patch to the inside of the bounce house if it is possible. Some large bounce houses come with zippers that provide you access to the inside of the bounce house. Applying on the inside is the best place for patch application. This is because the pressure upon inflation will push the patch into place rather than pushing it outwards. You need to remember that you have to apply the glue around the leak and not where the material has split or torn.

Step 5: Apply glue to the patch

You need to begin with a light coating of vinyl glue on both sides of the patch. Make sure to coat the entire patch and also ensure that the layer of coating is thin. Let the glue dry slightly before application to the bounce house. This would usually take less than a minute.

Step 6: Press firmly over the patch and apply pressure

You need to press the patch onto the leak and hold for a few minutes. You can also place something heavy over it if the bounce house is deflated and let it sit over a while.

Step 7: Check if the edges are sealed

You need to check if the patch is entirely glued to the bounce house or not. If there is any piece of patch peeling away, then make sure to apply more glue and exert a little pressure until the patch secures completely to the bounce house. Let the glue dry before using the bounce house.

Following the above-mentioned simple steps will make you put a long-lasting and secure patch to your bounce house. This guide is all about fixing small cuts and tears.  Again some damages can not be fixed with glue or patches, in that case buying a new bounce house might be a good decision.


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