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Best 5 Moonwalk Rentals for any Outdoor Event

by Backyard Play Store on January 05, 2021

Best 5 Moonwalk Rentals for any Outdoor Event

Looking for Moonwalk bounce houses for sale? Moonwalk provides a range of fantastic options for both commercial and residential bounce houses that can be used at a variety of functions and events. While offering a plethora of themes and designs for the traditional bounce house, Moonwalk brings a number of additional features to spice up your inflatable experience.

Here we’ve delved into the Moonwalk collection to bring a list of 5 Moonwalk rentals that are sure to bring fantastic, safe fun and so many memories.

15' Palm Tree Combo Water Slide

Perfect for the summer break, this 15’ combo brings the best of both worlds when it comes to combining the fun of a bounce house with the thrills of a residential water slide.

There are few things as refreshing on a hot summer’s day as taking a dip in some cold water. Moonwalk has produced an exceptionally safe combo made with 100& vinyl material that offers peace of mind and lasting fun.

With all the pent up energy and restlessness the sun can bring, taking a slide on the water slide can quickly cool the kids off, while the adjoining residential bounce house offers a diversity of experience that ensures kids remain engaged.

The palm tree design allows the residential bouncer and slide combo to fit seamlessly into a summer party and bring great fun to any event!

20'H Dual Lane Inflatable Wet/Dry Slide With Pool

This one brings out the competitive edge in children and adults alike, and is a sure fire winner come rain or shine. The adjacent lanes give the perfect stage for competitors to battle it out together, and with it’s versatility, this one can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


20'H Dual Lane Inflatable Wet/Dry Slide With Pool

The hot summer sun is the perfect setting for a pool, but when winter arrives, there is no need to put away the commercial inflatable. With this dual lane model, Moonwalk has offered a slide that can be used both wet and dry, with the option for a pool. This means that every occasion works with this commercial water slide, and the fun never has to stop!

15' Birthday Cake Commercial Bounce House

This one goes back to the traditional bounce house roots with a twist. It’s a giant birthday cake!
One of the fundamental advances in commercial bounce houses is their versatility and striking designs that can fit into any desired theme. So often brought out for birthday parties, the giant birthday cake bounce house is so unique and immersive, it provides an unforgettable experience for kids and something truly special for those celebrating their birthday.
Exceptional safety and unique fun combine to make this one a winner.

7 Element Obstacle Course

This obstacle course has 7 different challenges to ensure kids and adults will want to rush back to have just one more race through. The beautiful thing about inflatables is their interactivity and immersion, and that is never more true than on the obstacle courses.


7 Element Obstacle Course

The sheer number of obstacles here mean boredom is never a worry, and with safety and durability at the forefront of their designs, Moonwalk has brought a unique product that ticks all the boxes for your next big event.

14' Classic Castle Commercial Bounce

For nostalgia, for tradition, for that feeling we all first had when we set foot in a bounce house, or ‘bouncy castle’ as they were known. The classic castle design is the original and still has the same childlike appeal of bouncing around your fortress and making friends along the way.




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