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Festival Fall Inflatables for the Last of the Warm Weather

by Backyard Play Store on December 27, 2020


Festival fall inflatables

As the seasons change and the nights grow shorter, there is no shortage of holidays to look forward to. With the spooky fun of Halloween and the changing of the leaves bringing vibrant color, there is no better time to throw a bounce house party for your children!

With so many adventurous themes to get kids involved, and safe, enjoyable ways to expend all that candy-fuelled energy, a bounce house is a great way to have loads of fun and build the excitement for all the holidays to come!

New and Exciting Games

There are so many fun and interesting ways to get kids involved with bounce houses. Not only do the traditional bounce houses have an array of diverse themes to stimulate your imagination, there are also numerous sport games, interactive activities, obstacle courses and slides to get the kids excited.

Choose from both residential and commercial options with the choice to add on slides and other fun activities. Maybe you want the fun of a race, the challenge of a puzzle, the refreshment of a pool on a hot day? Whatever fits the bill for your event, you can be sure to find it at any bounce house store.

Halloween Fun

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. Not only do they get to dress up as all their favorite characters, but they also get to look forward to all that sugar!
With that comes the energy, and sometimes kids can seem ready to burst. What better way to let that out than on a bounce house! With loads of fun and creative ways to get kids playing together, it’s no wonder bounce houses are such a popular addition to Halloween mayhem.

Halloween fun

With a range of themes to fit any occasion, you can find the best bounce house for your Halloween party. Maybe you’re looking for the gothic look of Batman or Nightmare Before Christmas? Maybe you want the playful horror of Hotel Transylvania? Perhaps it’s the raucous fun of the Addams Family?
Whatever the mood, there is sure to be a bounce house that fits your desired style.

New Additions to Old Favorites

Trick or Treating amongst the fallen Autumn leaves has a special place in all our hearts. It conjures up the excitement and atmosphere that only the festive holidays of fall can bring.
With a Bounce House for every personality, you are sure to find a new tradition amidst the nostalgia and sentiments of the old. With old and new friends alike, kids are able to express themselves in a safe and creative environment, and feel that same immersion they feel when putting on the costume of their favorite fictional character.
So find the best in Fall bounce houses today and prepare to make some memories along the way. 


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