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Why you should consider buying frozen inflatable bounce house for your kids

by Backyard Play Store on December 24, 2020
Why you should consider buying frozen inflatable bounce house for your kids

Frozen has no doubt been one of Disney’s biggest hits, and children everywhere are singing the songs and waiting for the wintery wonderlands depicted in the movie. But why wait until the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall?There are so many new and creative ways to bring the Frozen family fun to your next child’s bounce house block party or family gathering. Building around a themed inflatable is a great way to get children involved and having fun together in a positive, engaging environment.
The beauty of the Frozen inflatable options are that they immerse the child in the world of Frozen in a safe and fun environment, replete with numerous creative games and a great catharsis to get rid of all that energy.
Whether it’s a bounce house, a bounce house and slide combo, or any number of additional features, you are sure to find the perfect design for your Frozen party. But what are some ways to complement your inflatable fun?

A wintery menu

In the summer heat, nothing is more refreshing than a cold drink, and it doesn’t have to stop there. Snow cones, carrot sticks (think Olaf) and coconut cakes can all bring a sense of wintery fun to the food and keep the kids engaged and immersed in the world.

Why not bring some powdered sugar to sprinkle as they please? Even some frozen jello to bring that ice cold blue atmosphere. Though seemingly simple, they can go a long way to creating memorable moments and making this a party the kids won’t want to leave soon.

Frozen Ambience with Decorations

Frozen is a winter wonderland that quickly turns into an icy fortress- lots of cool blues and whites go a long way to creating this theme.

Frozen Ambience with Decorations

So tablecloths, napkins, bunting, can all be color coded with the world of Frozen in mind.

Frozen Bounce House

Not only will the bounce house bring that burst of energy the kids have been waiting for, but when they see their favorite characters inviting them in to the world of Frozen, their smile tells 1000 stories. 

There are a plethora of Frozen themed bounce house options available, all offering safety and fun for all the family. After opening presents and eating food, kids won’t want to wait any longer and will be ready to jump around all day!


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