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The 10 Best Inflatables for Grown-Ups

by Backyard Play Store on December 21, 2020


Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes and though traditionally associated with kids, the adults can have just as much fun in releasing their inner child. Just think about inflatable axe throwing game or an obstacle course; both children and adults will surely love these. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best inflatables for all the big kids out there, perfect for parties and getting together to bring something a little bit different.

18-20’ Dry Slide

This is the classic slide we all loved as kids. Climbing up the steps brings that rush of adrenaline and grown-ups never lose that competitive streak. Race to the bottom and climb back up for even more fun!

The beauty of a dry slide is in both it’s fun and it’s versatility, it’s a great way to get some exercise and excitement while being available to use both indoors and outdoors, perfect for any occasion!

Browsing any bounce house store will bring a range of dry slide options, particularly for indoor inflatable bounce houses.

Jousting Inflatables

Adults never lose that competitive spirit, and jousting is a great way to let grown-ups go head to head in combat in a safe and fun way!

Popular as both a commercial bounce house and a residential bounce house, joust inflatables bring all the fun of the fayre to your event, and lets the good times roll!

Obstacle Course

Climb, slide, duck, dive, and bounce your way through an inflatable maze. Bounce house stores have a range of obstacle course options available to get the blood pumping and keep children and adults alike engaged and entertained.

While commercial obstacle inflatables are a popular option for large gatherings and established event coordinators, residential bounce houses with slide always benefit from an obstacle course, bringing a dynamic not experienced with the traditional bounce house!

18-20’ Double Hump Slide

With the traditional dry slide the thrill of hurtling towards the bottom is what keeps us coming back, and with the double hump option, this thrill is taken to the max! Fly down and bounce around in this fun and unpredictable dry slide that gives a double dose of lumps in your throat excitement as the grown-ups fly and bounce twice down to the base.

Great if you’re looking for a residential bounce house with a slide, it gives that extra jolt of adrenaline that ensures this is an experience to remember.

The Cliff-Hanger

Dangle your feet from the edge of a precipice and freefall to the surface in this fast, fun, adventurous bounce house that brings one of the most successful commercial bounce houses to a residential setting.

Grown-ups are always seeking new and exciting thrills and this is like no other. See who’ll be the first to scream and watch the nervous climb of friends and family!

Slide with pool

While dry slides are great for both outdoors and indoors, on a hot summer’s day there is nothing more refreshing than getting in the pool. But what if you could bounce your way down in to the pool?

With so many inflatable water slides, the pool at the bottom brings that crescendo of excitement and so much splashing fun, and for the grown-ups not interested in going up and down the slides, it is a great place to chill out and still be involved with everyone else.

Residential water slides are perfect for the summer season, bringing good times and great refreshment!

Dual Lane Adventure Slides

Set up for competition, with both dry and wet varieties, the dual lane slide incorporates all the fun of schoolyard antics with the height and thrills that grown-ups will love.

Soaring high into the sky, grown-ups can’t wait to scale the ladder and sink to the bottom, racing and bouncing and falling all the way down!

Sports Inflatables

Bounce house stores now offer a huge plethora of options with regards to varieties and themes, and the interactive sports inflatables ensures that competitive edge never goes away.

Whether it’s shooting hoops, kicking it in the goal, tossing the pigskin, or a range of other activities, there is sure to be an inflatable that fits the bill.


Sticky wall

The Velcro wall provides endless fun and entertainment for those big kids, giving an unpredictable twist to the classic bounce house and facilitating a variety of great games to keep things interesting.

Sticky wallJump and stick around- release that inner child. Bounce house stores are sure to bring this new and exciting bounce house to you in a variety of shapes and themes.

The Classic Bounce House

Jump into outer space, coarse through the jungle, or rock around a pirate ship in the classic bounce house. With a seemingly endless array of residential bounce houses to complement commercial bounce houses, these are the classics for a reason, they hold that timeless quality we all love in bounce houses.
So grab all the big kids and jump around in this immersive and interactive house, choose from a variety of themes to match your event and get those grown-ups bouncing!


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