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The Inflatable Axe Throwing Game: Why Consider Adding It to Your Parties or Events

by Backyard Marketplace on September 30, 2020

Have you ever heard of axe throwing? Sure, this activity may not be something you’d like to add to a party or event. But there’s a fun and interesting alternative to this otherwise scary sport – the inflatable axe throwing game! In this quick post, you’ll learn what exactly is an inflatable axe throwing game. You’ll also gain insights about why this fun activity is perfect for different events and parties!

What’s an Inflatable Axe Throwing Game?

The inflatable axe throwing game is a giant replica of the traditional axe throwing equipment used in sports. However, the entire set is made from inflatables – the same materials used in bouncy castles! The set includes an inflatable target board and lightweight inflatable axes, all equipped with Velcro. The residential inflatable target board has a log-look frame just like how the typical axe throwing target has. It also features safety nets throughout the frame to catch axes that do not hit the target board. There’s also a huge logwood effect sign in the middle, effectively catching people’s attention and convincing them to try out this fun game! Now, the game is played in a similar way to the usual axe throwing sport – you’ll throw the soft axe and try to make it land to the target’s bullseye! The Velcro on the axes allows them to stick to the inflatable target board. Axes that don’t hit the target will simply bounce off to the sides or get stuck somewhere near the Velcro target board.

Why Add Inflatable Axe Throwing Games to Your Events?

Inflatables for grown-ups have become a long way with different sport activities. For instance, inflatable axe throwing game is a great party addition for both kids and adults. It’s a fun way to shake up a party and let everyone loose! Here are some more reasons for you to add inflatable axe throwing games to any event:

Safe for Both Kids and Adults

Inflatable games are made from heavy-duty inflatable fabric. The axes are also lightweight enough for kids to grab and throw. Most inflatable axes also do not have sharp edges, greatly lowering the risk of injury to little children.

A Fun Activity for All Ages

The inflatable axe throwing game adds a touch of wholesome fun to both kids and adult parties. It’s basically a fun activity for all ages! Kids will surely love throwing the lightweight Velcro axes around the play area – they surely won’t mind if they miss the bullseye! The inflatable game is a great addition to birthday parties with a wild west theme or cowboy spin. On the other hand, adults will surely feel like kids again once they’ve thrown a couple of inflatable axes into the target board! You can even hold a competition for the best axe thrower among your family, friends, and work colleagues. Another bonus – safely throwing things such as lightweight inflatable axes may even help relieve tension and stress from adults, making this game an amazing inclusion for team building activities. 

An Interesting and Quirky Activity to Attract People

Adding an inflatable axe throwing game will surely attract more people to your party or event. Fundraiser parties will surely benefit from this fun attraction. The inflatable game is an excellent way to keep your parties extra quirky and interesting! 

Adding an inflatable axe throwing game along with a residential bounce house with slides will surely attract more people to your party or event. Fundraiser parties will surely benefit from this fun attraction. The inflatable game is an excellent way to keep your parties extra quirky and interesting!

Easy to Set Up Anywhere

Whether you want to hold an outdoor party or an intimate indoor family event, inflatable axe throwing games are easy to inflate and set up. Most sets come with anchoring stakes and a repair kit so you can place the inflatables anywhere you want to party. Young children and kids-at-heart will surely love this exciting inflatable axe throwing game! Spice up your kid's birthday parties and adult corporate events with this enjoyable game and get ready to have a memorable event that’ll stick to your attendees no matter what!


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