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The Best Bounce Houses for your Next Big Birthday Bash!

by Backyard Play Store on October 25, 2020


Kids look forward to the fun and freedom of their own birthday bash all year. What better way to celebrate than with a fun, thrilling bounce house!


Not only will the bounce house ensure the kids are always occupied for the day, but they also provide a safe, adventurous atmosphere to burn all that energy! With hours of enjoyment ahead, kids relish the opportunity to get active and creative on the bounce house. There are a plethora of great bounce house options to choose from, and having a plan ensures the party will be a huge success!

Classic Bounce Houses Bring the Fun

Nothing beats the old-time attraction of the classic bounce house, resplendent with safe, stimulating fun. The basic concept of the classic bounce house for residence has prevailed throughout years of evolving themes and iterations on the classic idea. There is the house, the castle, the rocket ship and so many more. 

Perhaps the big birthday bash is themed to your child’s favorite thing at the moment. Does your child love the Wild West, dream of being a princess, or wish they were a jungle explorer? Whatever the theme, you’re sure to find a bounce house to follow suit, and add that extra spectacle to the birthday party as a whole.

Inflatable Slides Offer High Octane Thrills

The glee and unabashed anticipation of climbing to the top of the inflatable slide and tumbling down is hard to match, and it is a sure-fire way to guarantee fun and adventure for your birthday bash. Not only do they provide great thrill, but they are safe and stimulate a friendly competitiveness where kids might want to race. 

Again, there are innumerable themes and varieties of slides, they typically are available in both dry and wet formats, so can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether summer or winter, the inflatable water slide for home can be a perfect addition to the party!

Obstacle Courses Always a Winner


Not only do obstacle courses offer the traditional fun of the bouncy, active play that kids so love, but also an element of engagement and speed that brings a new level of enjoyment! These are great for kids who like a race and come in so many different unique combinations. 

With various inclines, obstacles, and slides to secure completion of the obstacle course, these fun and engaging contraptions are perfect to add some structure and style to the traditional bouncy experience. This avoids the problem of repetitiveness and adds new challenge for the competitive kids!

Combine It All for an Unforgettable Experience

There are a plethora of bounce products that now come with a combination of several experiences all rolled into one. This ensures that everyone is kept on their toes and avoids repetition, while offering a safe environment for creative and cathartic play! What a great way to burn all that energy and spend time with friends and family. 

With the traditional bounce house providing safe, enticing fun, the slides offering a unique thrill and anticipation, and the obstacle course bringing a new level of engagement, it’s always easy to find the perfect bounce product for your party or get together. These products can be tailored to the age-group, weather conditions, and interests or theme relevant to the party. 

Adults and children alike are sure to fall in love with a bouncy party, and whatever kidwise bounce house is chosen is sure to bring a unique element to the next birthday bash. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next bouncy birthday party today!


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