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Three Good Reasons Why You Must Consider Buying Commercial Bounce Houses

by Backyard Play Store on October 12, 2020

Commercial bounce houses are fun inflatables where kids can jump around and enjoy. They come in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and sizes as well. Children and even adults always have a great time playing and bouncing around in these versatile inflatables. 

But at times, parents and families doubt if buying their own commercial bounce house is a good idea. They often look at renting options instead. There may be different factors affecting each family’s decisions, but we’re here to tell you that a commercial bounce house can be a great investment given the right circumstances. 

In this quick post, we highlight three good reasons why purchasing commercial bounce houses is a potentially good idea for your kids and the entire family. Summed up in three words, commercial bounce houses are bigger, better, and inexpensive. 

Bigger Options Than Rentals

Commercial bounce houses are generally larger than rental bounce house units. Consider purchasing your own commercial unit if you’ve got a large yard and many family members eager to use the bounce house. Bigger bouncers also come with customizable options like additional commercial water slides or climbable walls, making them even more sensible investments for your family’s entertainment. 

Better Bounce House Quality

Both rentals and commercial bounce houses are made from superior quality materials. These units are also made in the USA and are tested for safety and quality. However, it’s understandable that rental bounce house units may have patches and are prone to faster breakdown. This is because of its continued use by several clients. 

Generally, new commercial bounce houses and obstacle courses are of higher quality and will last long enough for your kids and family members to enjoy. They’ll have longer life spans especially if you maintain them often and use them sensibly (no jumping with sharp objects and shoes, no overloading, and other safety measures).

Relatively Inexpensive Than Regularly Renting Out Bounce House Units

Does your family want a bounce house for daily use? Buying a commercial unit is then more sensible and cost-effective than regularly renting out a unit. Owning a commercial bounce house is a huge investment, but you’ll notice that the upfront cost is much smaller compared to renting out a unit regularly over many days. 

Choose a high-quality yet affordable bounce house for your family. You’d even be surprised at the numerous options available for you! Most commercial bounce houses are priced from $1,200 to $2,500, but as we’ve mentioned a while ago, these inflatables have a long lifespan and will ultimately stay with your family for a long time. 

Of course, rentals are a good option if you simply want to use a bounce house for a kid’s party or a family special event. But if you’re into jumping on bounce houses regularly, buying commercial inflatable bouncers is a great idea! They’re bigger, better, and relatively inexpensive than most rentals, so shop for yours now and make a great investment for your family’s wholesome fun and entertainment.


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