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The perfect backyard play kit: Swing sets with monkey bars

by Backyard Play Store on September 11, 2021
The perfect backyard play kit: Swing sets with monkey bars

Swing sets with monkey bars, also called a jungle gym, enhance the quality of your child's life. When it comes to your children's health, it is essential to take note of their exercise patterns. Yes, kids aged 5-10 need a proper exercise schedule to help their muscle growth and development. Play kits such as climbing stones, slides, trapezes or bounce houses are a great choice; however, if you want your child to have strong arms and a sense of balance from a very early age, then having swing sets with monkey bars is a must! In this article, we will explore what exactly swing sets with monkey bars are, what they do, and why we recommend these to you. We will also examine the types of monkey bars you will get in local stores and, finally, tell you the things you should consider while making such a purchase. Let's get started!

What are swing sets with monkey bars?

It is evident that everyone knows the meaning of monkey bars; these are a couple of sticks stuck to each other that form a horizontal ladder-like thing. On the other hand, swingsets simply mean a pair of moving seats that are very fun to ride!

Swaying through the air with our hands moving freely and legs curled up in a straightforward fashion indeed brings joy within ourselves. Adding monkey bars to these not only makes them balance well but look good as well. Your child will now have two different exercises to deal with!

What do these playsets do?

These large setups allow your ward to walk and run safely while observing and learning new shapes and colors! Yes, it has been proven that visual impairments allow brain development to happen at a faster rate. Apart from that, the exercise they provide is incredible. Children learn to walk faster and tend to be more balanced and cautious while moving. Below, we have created a list of benefits these toys can bring to your kid:

What do these playsets do
  • It increases your children's physical activity: As mentioned earlier, young infants like to hang out in a creative place. Nowadays, with the rising technology, children are becoming more and more reliable on gadgets such as phones and tablets. Even young pupils who need to exercise are falling for this trap of mobile phones. Therefore to prevent such for your child, get one among the numerous swing sets with monkey bars. This will allow them to get out of the house and make some muscles movements.
  • It increases bone density: Your bones tend to develop only when external forces act on them. As a result, bones and the surrounding flesh receive a push from hanging in monkey bars, which triggers them to get larger and more robust. With pressures of the body, hanging and swaying becomes a fun exercise that keeps your muscles fit.
  • Improved brain coordination: During swings, our brains tend to follow a rhythm. That is why we feel uncomfortable if we stop this activity all of a sudden! As you may have picked up, swaying about the equipment gives your brain a chance to maintain a pattern and follow it. This is really helpful as your child progresses to higher education as their concentration in certain activities increases.
  • Muscle development: The muscles in your shoulder and upper hydration need to be stretched and squeezed to get bigger and better. Hanging helps with that as it provides the force required to do such. When exercising, muscle tissues and ligaments break down however when these are repaired, they grow tougher and sturdier, so we have great muscles. Your ward may not need such physical structure, but it's good to know that your child is doing their bodywork.
  • It gives a sense of relaxation and fun: This is the most significant benefit of all; having fun. What is a toy that doesn't excite your minor children? With wooden swing sets with monkey bars attached together, your child is sure to have a good time in your backyard. They might even like some friends' company or maybe yours!

Types of backyard monkey bars available

Types of backyard monkey bars available

At The Backyard Play Store, you are offered tons of different types of swing sets with monkey bars. To begin with, their maintenance-free swingsets are an affordable option for you as their sturdy nature doesn't require you to make additional arrangements. These are even suitable for small backyards and outings. Nonetheless, this store has varying sizes and structures for you and your child to choose from.

Two materials are mainly used to manufacture such toys and playhouses; they are wood and metal, or sometimes a combination of both. Of course, metal ones are more durable than wooden ones; however, if you reside somewhere where the climate can get cold, the metal ones might not be a great fit! Also, the wooden ones exhibit a traditional look. Wood is lightweight, which makes it easier to set up in the first place. Similarly, long wooden bars can stay upright without needing additional support. Being electric resistant, no electrostatic shocks will be experienced by its users. On the contrary, metals make your swingsets look modern, and it's easy to clean them.

Additionally, freestanding and anchored ones are two different types of swingsets. The freestanding ones are basically the ones you get to fold or break into parts and join later. These are easy to transport and can be stored temporarily. As a result, these are a popular choice for backyards as when their kid will grow up, they can uninstall it. Similarly, the anchored ones are permanent, so they are used primarily in playgrounds, theme parks or carnivals. These playground equipment are securely attached to grounds using cement.

Please note, the types L-P22 and L-P2 are toxic, so avoid them. This is because these materials are manufactured to touch the ground soil directly and not for human touch.

Things to consider while purchasing a toy set

Things to consider while purchasing a toy set

Now that you are convinced that you want a playset for your child in your backyard let's explore things you must note before buying. Following these will ensure that your investment is coming out in a planned way. Keep reading!

  • Look at the material: Even though we've mentioned that the main types are wood and metal, there are varying kinds of wood and metal. You must make sure that these materials are robust and long-lasting. Maintaining your set is a good practice, and it will contribute to the amount of time you can use it. Do note that some monkey bars come in plastic, so they aren't very durable. These are easy to clean.
  • Size of your product: Take measurements of your backyard properly and judge how much space you would like to allocate to a toy. We suggest you not to put the house too close to the playset as it induces a risk of injury through collision. Filing the entire backyard with just a toy is also not sensible; you will be reducing your child's walking spaces and make your house area look messy!
  • The design: Every jungle gym will have swingsets; however, there are additional features in some that might attract you. During designing these, The Backyard Play Store keeps in mind their end customers' wishes; they use bright colors, user-friendly handles, etc., so that your kids have no trouble while playing. All of their goods are checked before being brought to the store for sale.
  • Safety features: This is one of the most important things to consider. Safety is essential in everything a child interacts with. Some of these include non-slippery hand bars, smooth surfaces wood that doesn't have any splinters popping out, tight-fitting and thick strings, and many more. Do lookout for these features while making a purchase, as, without safety, the toy would cost you loads of injury!
  • Quality: Never compromise quality for the price, as quality-based items last longer than low-quality ones. Anti-rot wood sets are a great choice, along with weather-proof barriers. The colors should also stay intact for a long time.

How to choose the perfect location for your swing sets with monkey bars?

How to choose the perfect location for your swing sets with monkey bars

The first step is to locate an even surface, the one that has no bumps. Secondly, measure the area and figure out how much space would be needed for the set. Do keep in mind that most of these toys are large and heavy so cannot be moved easily, so make sure to figure out the area you want to keep it in beforehand.

Installation of these is pretty simple, and if you require assistance, the staff of the provider company will be happy to help you. At Backyard Play Store, they find joy in supporting their customers while choosing a location as well as installing the product. Furthermore, they have guides to help you out too.

Some common questions about swing sets with monkey bars answered

Can you add monkey bars to the swing set?

Of course! You can add these together to create a fantastic combination. In fact, most sets that The Backyard Play Store have consists of both the features mentioned above. Kids love to climb while grabbing things, so they even have a ladder attached to these. Their monkey bars are durable, simple to hold, and comfortable, so hanging with them is fun! These are made with good-quality wood and attached with strings of thick thread.

How far apart should monkey bars be?

Each bar is expected to have a 1ft gap between them. This number is small enough to prevent excess strain in arms or children and large enough to make sure hand movements are being taken into consideration. Nonetheless, if you wish to customize the spacing between your bars, you can do that too. Just ask them, and the company will figure out something for you. Apart from that, money bars are one and a half feet long.

Are monkey bars dangerous?

Well, monkey bars can be dangerous if they aren't correctly fitted or manufactured with faulty material. Low maintenance can cause metals to wear off, making them weak and susceptible to crack open with the slightest force. However, the good news is that the designers and makers at the Backyard Play Store consider tons of factors to ensure safety to the end-users, i.e., your child. That being said, they assure you that your chosen model will be balanced and safe to play with.

Do monkey bars build muscle?

Do monkey bars build muscle

Why yes, they do! As mentioned earlier, muscle growth and development are among the most prominent benefits of hanging and swaying. These activities help muscle growth by tearing off tissues and ligaments. As a result, these broken objects need to be fixed, and once they are repaired, they become stronger and more prominent. This is how exercise, especially hanging and fluttering, helps build muscles. Hanging works with arms muscles, whereas swinging works with leg ones.

What is the best brand for an outdoor playset?

If you are looking for brands that provide affordable, long-lasting, excellent quality products while maintaining safety, then The Backyard Play Store is a great option for you. They usually sell Kidwise and Moonwalk products. Of course, there are other brands to help you out, but it is very rare to find brands that give your needs full attention and helps you in every step of your purchase for no additional costs. If you're still not sure about them and their services, feel free to read the reviews they’ve received from their past customers. We genuinely love them!


Swing sets with monkey bars can be a life-changer for your kid. Exercise while having fun simultaneously is something everyone enjoys. If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact them, and they will discuss your requirements accordingly. If you would like something other than these, they have tons of different options such as trampolines for you to select from.

Lastly, we wish you excellent health and hope to see your child smile on their brand new swing set!


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