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Some exciting kid exercise songs to encourage them to be fit

by Backyard Play Store on September 15, 2021
Some exciting kid exercise songs to encourage them to be fit

Before beginning the discussion about kids exercise songs, let us understand and discuss about the importance of exercising in our day to day lives and why kids should be indulged more and more in exercise and fitness as early as possible.

Importance of exercise for kids

Your body is the most important asset. It is a precious asset that needs to be taken care of in every possible way. To keep your body in the proper condition, it is very much necessary to keep performing regular exercise or movement. Exercise is basically performing movements in your body, which can be in the form of aerobics, jogging, or even dancing or playing a sport. Regular exercise can keep your body remain fit and help you stay active and healthy.

Exercise is also important because it is a fact that a person who regularly exercises lives longer. It is also a fact that a fit person is less prone to diseases or any form of illness. Because a healthy body keeps you active and energetic. Even kids should be encouraged to include exercising as part of their daily routine and this can also be done by adding in some kids' exercise songs.

Exercise regimes can be of varying levels or stages. It can be categorized as beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. As the name suggests, beginner level involves some mild exercises or movements for the body to get used to it. And with practice and time, the level and forms of exercise improve.

The earlier the better

Every person should be indulged in exercising in their early learning ages to get hold of it better. Kids should be encouraged to swing into exercising because it is their learning age and exercise can easily become their habit for a lifetime. Parents and guardians should make their kids understand the importance of being fit and the benefits of exercising regularly. Kids should not be forced to exercise, but they should be encouraged to get involved in exercising, only then they will continue it for a long time with zeal and excitement. Playing any games or any sort of sports is also a form of exercise.

The earlier the better

The Backyard Play Store provides many different playing options for kids to play and enjoy with. This can help your children in being more active and sporty. The different types of products for you and your kids to have fun with include

bounce house stores, which are available along with slides or residential types like the party castle bounce house, bounce house with Playstation wet/dry combo, and many more to choose from. Bounce houses are available in many different themes and even for the enjoyment of adults. Many options for swing sets are available. To name a few, like Congo Monkey Playsystem swing, Congo Swing Central Swing Set, Congo Safari Swing set, and many other options to choose from. Trampolines are available as well for the children to enjoy their exercise, in different sizes and variety, as per your preferences.

With catchy and upbeat kids exercise songs playing in the background, your kids will be encouraged more to exercise to get fit. Being active in any form is an exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

With improvement in technology, children now are more happy playing on their phones or tablets or laptops, than playing outside in the open with others. Kids have to be encouraged to play outside and have fun and interact with other kids their age. This helps them grow better physically and also improves their interpersonal skills at a young age.

Kids' exercise songs can also be a bonding factor between the children while playing or exercising. Staying at home and not indulging in exercising or playing, can bring many disadvantages to the health and well-being of the individual.

Music to amp up the excitement

Music can be of different types based on the situation or event. Music has the power to control your emotions and moods. It can bring enthusiasm and motivation to your exercise routine.

Music to amp up the excitement

Kids can be encouraged to exercise and play with music. Yes, music does affect the mood and will of exercising. An upbeat kind of music is a good choice while exercising. Many varied kids' exercise songs are available to choose from at the time of exercising. Kids will be more participative when an appropriate song is played in the background that gives them the drive to have fun while exercising or playing.

List of Popular Kids Exercise Songs

As we have understood, different music is suitable for different situations or events. Kids' exercise songs can be used for warm-ups, fitness, dancing, or during games.

Some of the popular action songs are:

  • Get up (Pam Minor)
  • I Can Do It (Jack Hartmann)
  • Do the Wobble Wobble (Vivi Melody & Family)
  • Imagination (Two of a Kind)
  • This is our Jam (Stephen Fite)
  • Yes O Yes (Wayne Potash)
  • Now Jump! (Musical Games and Action Songs)
  • Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles (Hap Palmer)
  • The Windmill Song (Colleen and Uncle Squaty)
  • Shake My Sillies Out (Andy Z)
  • Making music (Tickle Toon typhoon)
  • We Are Walking (Growing Sound)
  • Now Jump (Musical Games and Action Songs)
  • The Olympic Games (Jack Hartmann)
  • I Clap I Shout (Growing Sound)
  • Monkey Girl (Judy Pancoast)
  • Jump (Patty Shukla)
  • Hokey Pokey (Andy Z)
  • Make a face (Growing sound)
  • Music Make Me Wanna Move (Music with Mar)
  • Skipping Along (The Battersby Duo)
  • Tweet Tweet Little Birdy (Margie La Bella)
  • Raise Your Hand Song (J. W. Snyder)

Some popular songs for cardio and fitness:

  • Fitness Test (Exercise your Smarts)
  • My body makes motion (Music, Movement & Magination)
  • Simple Exercise (Bobby Susser)
  • Fitness test (Exercise Your Smarts)
  • Cardio March (Exercise your Smarts)
  • Superhero workout (Stephen Fite)
  • Jump Up (Music, Movement & Magination)
  • Fergie gets Fit (Jack Hartmann)

Some Popular Dance, March and Movement songs:

List of Popular Kids Exercise Songs
  • Colors Dance (Patty Shukla)
  • Hear Me Sing, Watch me Dance (Music with Mar)
  • Dancer in the Middle (Colleen and Uncle Squaty)
  • Do the Robot (Adapted Dance & Movement)
  • Planet Placement Dance (Music With Mar)
  • Up on your feet (Music With Mar)
  • Wiggle Jiggle (Alphabet Rockers)
  • Play Your Instruments (Stephanie Burton)
  • March Around in a Circle (Bobby Susser)
  • Doctor, Doctor (Skip West)
  • Parade March (Caroline and Danny)
  • Parachute Song (Music With Mar)
  • Seat Dancin’ (Stephen Fite)

Popular Action kids exercise songs:

  • I Got a Wiggle (Colleen and Uncle Squaty)
  • March Around In a Circle (Bobby Susser)
  • Tap it on your head (Margie La Bella)
  • Wiggle It (Patty Shukla)
  • Movin’ is Cool (Jack Hartmann)
  • Everybody’s Body (Johnny and the Raindrops)
  • Twist (Patty Shukla)
  • Clap Hands (Alina Celeste)
  • Everybody touch your head (Margie La Bella)
  • Shake and Move (Patty Shukla)
  • I’ve Got the Music In Me (Margie La Bella)
  • Horns to Toes (Two of a Kind)
  • Wiggle my body (Ron Brown)

Popular Counting Songs for kids:

  • Blast Off (Stephanie Burton)
  • Skip Counting Reggae Man (Music, Movement & Magination)
  • Stand Up, Sit Down (Patty Shukla)
  • Pop the Bubbles (Patty Shukla)
  • Choo Choo Train (Patty Shukla)
  • Let’s Clap Our Hands Together (Colleen and Uncle Squaty)
  • A Counting WIll Go (Music, Movement & Magination)
  • Native American Counting Song (Music, Movement & Magination)

Popular Command kids exercise songs:

  • I can Do that! (Jack Hartmann)
  • Jump Up! (Music, Movement & Magination)
  • Stand Up (Skip West)
  • T. O. P. (Patty Shukla)
  • Tooty Ta Dance Mix (Stephen Fite)
  • Move Your Body Along (Listen & Learn)
  • Open your mouth and sing “Ah” (Margie La Bella)
  • Wake Up! (Listen and Learn)
  • Reach for the sky (Amy Michelle & Friends)
  • Wiggle, Giggle and Learn (Stephanie Burton)
  • Tooty Pop (Jack Hartmann)
  • Follow Me (Patty Shukla)
  • Do Si Do (Patty Shukla)
  • Wiggle Worm Workout (Stephanie Burton)

Relaxing and cool songs:

Relaxing and cool songs
  • The Caterpillar (Margie La Bella)
  • Cool Down (Exercise Your Smarts)
  • Rest Awhile (Bobby Susser)
  • Wave Goodbye (Colleen and Uncle Squaty)
  • Static Stretch (Exercise your smarts)
  • Butterfly Quiet Down Song (Stephanie Burton)

Move or Freeze action exercise songs for kids:

  • Magic Ball (Jack Capon & Rosemary Hallum)
  • Move it to the Music (Margie La Bella)
  • Play and Do this (Margie La Bella)
  • Wiggle and Freeze (Cathy Bollinger)
  • Frozen Kidsicle Freeze (Musical Games and Action Songs)
  • Move and stop (Margie La Bella)

Parents or guardians can play their kids’ favorite songs from the list above while the kids exercise to bring in more energy and enjoyment in it. The lists provided here are just a few of the most popular songs for the kids to learn.

Parents can explore and find the best songs for their kids and encourage them to ditch their video games and phones to enjoy more outside in the open with other children of their age in any sport or other activity. Parents can purchase bouncing houses, trampolines, swing sets, and other products for their kids at The Backyard Play Store to make their playtime and exercise more fun.


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