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How does Kids Morning Exercise help?

by Backyard Play Store on September 19, 2021
How does Kids Morning Exercise help

Encourage your kids to start the day with kids' morning exercise. Exercising regularly and staying fit should be a priority for everyone, even for the kids. Exercise keeps your body fit physically as well as mentally. Exercise could be of any type, like going for a morning walk or a jog, cycling, playing any kind of sport you like, swimming, swings or even dancing, aerobics or yoga.

How to begin with morning exercises?

Exercise is a critical component of a person’s physical and mental well-being. It has always been recommended to do regular exercise in the morning at least thrice a week to be fit and healthy. Getting up early in the morning and getting into some type of exercise or play makes your whole mood good and energetic. The day starting on with an exercise, makes you more fresh and active all through the day, ready to spend the day in a good mood.

Exercise can lift your mood and help you have a fresh start to the day. Kids' morning exercise makes them have a better day and be more active and sporty. They can perform better in their school, academically as well as in sports and activities. Being active tends to keep your mind active as well. Being fit makes children more creative and alert to their surroundings. Kids are more mentally fit and sharp. It is a known fact that the nervous system is affected positively by exercising or playing. It improves the overall concentration and memory of the individual.

Getting up early is essential to begin your morning exercise routine. As they say, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Kids should be introduced to this popular saying and sent to bed early by their parents or guardians, to help them wake up early.

How to begin with morning exercises

Exercising should be started at the beginner's level. Starting too rough in the beginning can lead to harm to the body rather than doing any good to our body. Warm-up is important every time you begin exercising. Slowly and gradually, the kids should be introduced to higher-level exercising or movements.

Exercises for kids

Parents and guardians can encourage their kids to exercise by indulging them in different types of activities like:

  • Dancing- Play that favorite music your kids love and make them groove to it with any kind of dance form they like.
  • Jumping Jacks- Jumping jacks help kids learn counting along with some fun exercising.
  • Knee Lunges- Knee Lunges are an effective exercise for both kids and adults.
  • Races- Kids perform better when they are posed with challenges and pitted against each other. It is a positive way to develop their sports spirit.
  • Yoga- Yoga relaxes your body and mind as well. It calms the mind and is a fabulous form of workout.

These forms of exercises will make kids' morning exercise more fun and exciting. 

Help your kids know the importance of daily exercises

Kids should be advised to start slow and steady. They love playing in the parks, gardens, open spaces and have fun. Kids' morning exercise can be made exciting by indulging them in play-way exercise methods.

The Backyard Play Store provides many options for parents to choose from for letting their kids enjoy themselves in the open play areas.

Kids have to be taught about the importance of exercising. Let them know about the health benefits of playing and exercising at a young age. The sooner they understand the importance of daily exercising, the faster they will make it a part of their regular day and continue it forever.

Is mobile addiction stopping your kid from exercising?

Is mobile addiction stopping your kid from exercising

Technology has been constantly advancing at a very fast. Technology has drastically changed our ways of living. It is now an important part of our lives. It can also be termed as a necessity.

Kids have been introduced to this fast-paced technological world too soon. They are less active outdoors and prefer staying in the comfort of their homes and play online games or watch videos on their phones or tablets, rather than going out.

Playing on phones and tablets all day can bring many ill effects on the body. More screen time harms the eyesight. It can lead to back problems and headaches because of sitting all day. It can also lead to posture issues, which are chronic problems.

It is also very common for kids to make groups online and play online games, Kids are at a very tender age and can be easily influenced. They should be taught about making the right and wrong decisions themselves, choosing what is good for them.

Children should be encouraged to analyze for themselves that it helps to be physically active. Make them understand the importance of kids' morning exercises and all the advantages that they can bring physically and mentally. So make them less addicted to playing games and surfing the internet on phones or tablets, and make them realize the actual fun of playing and exercising in the real world with children their age.

Benefits of kids morning exercise

When kids play and exercise outside, they interact and communicate with other children their age, which improves their interpersonal skills, rather than making teams online and playing, which is just of no benefit whatsoever. When they go out and play and exercise together, the kids can be more interactive and extroverted. Being introverted or extroverted is mainly based on the personality of the person, but they will not face fear when interacting with other children of their age group. The Backyard play store has a lot of options for making kids' morning exercises more fun.

Bounce Houses (Residential)

    Bounce Houses (Residential)

    Bounce houses are a great way to make kids more active. Residential bounce houses can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a one-time purchase and can bring more fun to many occasions like for example Birthday parties, Get together of friends, holidays playtime or others.

    Kids can play on these bounce houses indoors or outdoors. Kids' morning exercises would be more exciting with playing and jumping around on the bounce houses. Backyard Play Store has a variety of residential bounce houses, like Kidwise Lucky Rainbow Bounce House, Little Star Bounce House- Inflatable with Ball Pit, Kidwise Zoo Park Bounce House with Ball Pit, Kidwise Little Sprout All in one Bounce ‘N Slide Combo, Kidwise My Little Princess Bounce House, to name a few. These bounce houses are a form of investment by the parents for the well-being and fitness of their kids.


      Trampolines are fun for everyone. It is a fun activity that anyone can do. Select trampolines that are super bouncy and safe, have good quality fabric and are ergonomic in design. The Backyard Marketplace can provide you with a variety of options to choose from for their wide variety of trampolines. Trampolines can be rectangular, round, or even octagonal. Some of the most popular trampoline brands available are Sky Bound, Island Hopper, Magic Circle, Jump Free.

      Trampolines can be available with or without safety enclosures. Kids love to bounce and have fun on trampolines. This is a very great way to encourage kids to have fun and involve themselves more in exercising and activities.

      Bounce Houses with Slides

        Bounce houses with or without slides are the bestsellers at the Backyard Play Store. Like Kidwise Splash ‘N Play Waterslide, Kidwise Safari Bounce House WIth Slide, Kidwise celebration Bounce House and Tower Slide, Kidwise Princess Enchanted Castle with Slides, Kidwise Lions Den Jumper With Slide, Kidwise Dinosaur Rapids Back to Back Water Park, Dual Lane Paradise Inflatable Slip ‘N Slide with Pool, Kidwise Summer Blast Water Park, Kidwise Outdoors Clubhouse Climber Bounce House, and many more. These are similar to residential bounce houses, but with additional slides. Inflatable bounce houses are very attractive for kids and adults alike.         

        Swing Sets

          Swing Sets

          Different variety of swing sets for kids are available to choose from at the Backyard Play Store. Kids love playing on swings, which and is a way of working out. Getting out and playing helps kids reduce screen time and has positive effects on their overall health and well-being.

          Some of the popular swing set options available at the Backyard Play Store website are Congo Swing Central Swing Set, Congo Monkey Play system Swing Set, Congo Clubhouse with Picnic Table, Empire Swing sets, Gorilla Playsets Navigator Swing sets, Mountaineer Wooden Swingsets, to name a few. The swing set options are very durable and sturdy. These wings are also maintenance-free and can be used for a very long period. 


          Kids should be encouraged to begin their day with exercise. They should be made aware of the several benefits of exercise on health. Including exercises in the daily routine improves overall heath and well-being. The Backyard Play Store offers a wide variety of trampolines, swing sets, bounce houses, etc. that your kids will love. You can visit their website for more details.


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