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3 Epic Custom Swing Sets – Which Best Fit for the Kids

by Backyard Play Store on June 25, 2021
3 Epic Custom Swing Sets – Which Best Fit for the Kids

Swings have been a stamp instrument for kid’s every physical game.

Decades ago, swings were commonly placed in every park and yard. They come in all forms and sizes. Rubber, plastics, steel types were the shared templates.

Swing designs have revolutionized since then. Aside from swing template designs, original custom swing sets have become available to every swing aficionado.

Yet, the emergence of digital games had dragged down the physical activities of children. This paves the way to the decline in the popularity and sales of playground signature stuff like slides and swings.

With this, the government made its move in advertising the benefits of play-based activity. As studies show, plays are integral in a child’s holistic development. Child-driven plays serve as real-life simulations that improve the children’s behavior, critical thinking, creativity, and other skills.

If parents want their children to realize their full potential. The first step they should take is to give space to the backyard playing area.

Plays are a necessity. Providing a challenging environment for physical and creative activities optimizes the experience. Instruments and props complete this scenario. This makes swings essential for every family with kids 0 to 15 years old or adults with young hearts.

It is easy to just lock custom swing sets near me or custom built swing sets near me and load it on a search engine and discover the long line of sellers. Knowing the most hyped types today is a big first step to discover which sets will really do the swinging.

Epic Custom Swing Sets

1. Congo Swings

The power combo of trapeze, slide, and two-belt swings compose this set. Its vinyl polymer coating provides an extra layer of protection against splinters, head bumps, and hard falls. This coating makes this set maintenance-free as the wooden and metal parts do not crack, peel, or chip. There is no need for sanding and refining the parts for a very long time. Kids will continue to explore and enjoy the slide and swings without any hassle.

Congo Swings

This set comes in 9 subtypes and 3 categories. The categories are grouped according to size.

Small Congo swings are perfect for limited spaces. The wooden parts are made of durable Woodguard lumber.

Standard Congo swings add play fort as its feature. Because of its redwood stakes and size, it is firmer and more anchored on the ground. It is the most popular among buyers because of its not-so-small yet not-so-big appearance. It is appropriate for a family with 2 to 4 kids.

Size indeed matters for the Large Congo swings. It provides the maximum swing-and-slide experience with its long line of features: swings with a couple of belts, trapeze bar, two slides, dual-deck forts, wooden posts, and solid wall. The slides that this subtype boasts are a 7-foot turbo tube slide and a 10-foot wonder wave slide.

2. Wooden Swings

This set best fits a family that desires a forest- or nature-themed swing set. The bases and wood are made of pre-treated and chemically sealed cedar or pine wood.

The small wooden swing package is best for buyers who look for a ginormous swing experience in a tiny space. This set sports a wave slide, mountain wall with a rope, trapeze-type swing, and an exclusive belted swing. The standard also features a swing beam.

Physical plays are not just limited to swinging and sliding as Small Wooden Swings have an array of features that include a chalkboard kit, sandbox, tic-tac-toe board, kiddie clubhouse, and a kiddie scope.

Standard custom wooden swing sets include six distinctively themed subtypes: Nantucket, Mountaineer, Navigator, and Pioneer Peak. Each set has its one-of-a-kind, boom-boom offer: highly durable rope ladder, monkey bars, navigational wheel, wave slides, and sand boxes.

The Empire type is the king of all king swings. It prides a trapeze swing, a picnic table, solar wall light-lit clubhouse, built-in sandboxes, and two belt swings. Homes with enough space for this set will have a 110% top-tier swing experience.

3. Ultimate Custom Fit

Ultimate Custom Fit

Typically, swing-hunting buyers would prefer a part of Congo swing sets and a portion of Wooden Swing Sets. A family desires more slides while another one hopes for more swings. A kid would hope for an all-swing package. A daughter would want to slide all over again and rest in the play fort afterward. These wishlists are easily granted with completely custom built swing sets.

Wooden swing sets give solid themes to choose from. These can be used as base designs for swing sets.

A nature-themed swing set can have the size of a Large Congo Swing set with half of the features of the Nantucket swing package (a sandbox, rock wall with a climbing rope, play fort, a tic-tac-toe panel, a telescope, and a steering wheel). Modification and installations are the quick fix for a kid’s heartly desire.

Pioneer peak main design can be accentuated with the trapeze bars of Congo swings, the alpine wave slide of small wooden swings, and the picnic table of Empire type. Would not it be a sight for everyone?

If a family does not opt to have major changes, the add-ons like sandboxes, rope ladders, and trapeze bars may be sought to have extra fun.

Swinging the Perfect Fit

Parents could not just point a swing set, pay for it, and go home in an instant. Buying needs time. And the extra feel before swinging the decision to pick the best fit for the kids and all the other factors.

When buying custom made swing sets, parents must consider finding an exceptional fit swing.

1. Space

Buyers should pick the swing package that literally fits their backyard space. One-meter allowance should be the minimum distance of the set toward a fence or a structure. Hanging add-ons like rope ladders and swing space should also be anticipated. The coating provides protection but concrete near the swing set is dangerous enough for kids who play the swing. Safety is still the utmost concern over enjoyment. Small swing sets are highly suggested to homes with limited spaces.


If the yard space can accommodate even the Empire Type, there is no need to consider space as a factor.

2. Color and Style

For aesthetic quality, the theme, color, and style of the swing set should be contemplated. Nature-themed swings best complete the exterior design of the house and the overall looks of the yard. Swing sets with wall features complement high-walled residences. Colors of the fences. houses, and the sets should add up. 

3. Children’s Age and Body Size

Grown kids will not find trouble with the big swing sets but toddlers will have. To ensure the highest degree of safety, parents should choose the swing sets which size is appropriate to the age and size of the kids.

Young kids are safer in swing packages with rooms and low-lying swings and slides. Big kids are perfect for climbing high walls and bouncing off rubber-coated slides.

4. Extra Features

Add-ons offer an avenue of learning aside from being mere props. Picnic tables and quality food stands simulate food etiquette. Lessons may be incorporated in these situations while children are having ongoing plays.

Canopied play forts and clubrooms provide shade to the children while playing. More often than not, kids lost their sense of time when they are at the peak of enjoyment. Parents also tend to forget that the kids play in scorching broad daylight. Sheltered swing sets render the space for the kids to play in the yard without giving worries to their parents.

A chalkboard kit hones a child’s artistic skills. Art materials feed an extra dimension to mere swinging as an art space. Rest in-between physical plays offers an option for health and art breaks. These are activities like drawing or writing that maximize the slide-and-swing experience in the yard.

These features give extra taste to the swing-and-slide experience.

5. Professional Quality

Professional Quality

While it is not difficult to build a custom set of swings, the quality is not guaranteed when the swing sets are assembled with limited knowledge. At all times, quality means safety. Quality is cost-effective. Quality is longer product life.

Buying professionally designed and assembled swing sets optimize the play-in-the-the-yard experience. Swing sets by professionals have warranties that reflect a clean and superb product reputation.

6. Safety and Maintenance

Cleanliness plays a vital role in the longevity of a product’s shelf life. Maintenance-free swing sets slow the natural wear-and-tear process. They reduce the time, money, and effort in keeping the swings, slides, walls, and exterior parts safe and clean. Safety is another big concern! You must carefully select your swing sets and surfacing materials for under swing set to offer a safe play area for your children. 

Final Thoughts

Custom swing sets provide three core types of swings and company to select from. Each group brandishes unique features that complement to the learning and fun experience of children. Template designs are easy to choose from as they almost have everything that children need to enjoy. Yet, swinging can still be taken into the higher notch with the widely available custom wooden swings and custom metal swing sets.

Parents, kids, and kids who are young at heart can find the best custom swing set for them. Go to for the swing packages and add-ons, trampolines, bounce houses, and other fun needs.


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