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Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Playground Equipment in 2020

by Backyard Play Store on February 17, 2020

How to choose the right Playground Equipment is something that bothers many school officials and parents. 

Well, choosing the right playground equipment is of great importance if you want to catalyze the mental and physical development of children through outdoor activities.

All playground equipment installed should encourage children to actively engage with them and also discover new possibilities.

We have taken out time to compile a set of guidelines to follow when buying playground equipment. These work well even if you are trying to replace a piece of playground equipment.

Since it is important to do proper research before making any purchasing decisions, we highly recommend reading this article.

So, without any further ado, here are the top tips you may use when choosing the right playground equipment for your kids!

Understand the licensing requirements for your playground

Every state has its own set of licensing requirements which are to be met. These specific guidelines are subject to change with respect to the state or community or school you are taking into consideration. Therefore, make yourself aware of these rules and regulations as you don’t want to face the consequences of breaking one.

Conduct a Complete Playground Audit

Performing a playground audit is highly recommended as it will help you assess the requirements of your playground.

When conducting a playground audit, make sure you factor in all of the following variables as these will help you make an informed decision! 

  • Size and layout of the playground
  • Frequency and number of children using the playground
  • Age-group of children using the playground
  • Special consideration to disabilities and other needs

Critically Evaluate all Existing Playground Equipment

It’s important to evaluate the equipment already installed in the playground. This is vital to understand what kind of playground equipment will be required, which will eventually help you in researching and selecting.

While evaluating, take the local authority’s guidelines and match them to your equipment. Also, taking the children’s point of view is also important. You can take note of how popular a specific set of playground equipment is with the children. You can then go forward and purchase equipment that matches the excitement of the present one.

Figure out a Budget for Playground Equipment

It’s important to realize that the playground equipment is just one part of your budget. When trying to install the equipment, you will have to pay for many services like site preparation, storage charges, surfacing costs, and maintenance costs.

So, we highly recommend taking all important charges into consideration while trying to purchase playground equipment.

Over to You

Buying the best playground equipment in the market is not enough. You have to take a deep dive into understanding its usability by factoring in all the above-mentioned important aspects.

We hope this piece of content brought great value to your research for buying new playground equipment.

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