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Options for Swing Set with Slides

by Backyard Play Store on June 29, 2021
Options for Swing Set with Slides

There is a huge range of different swing set with slide options for you to choose from, all of which can bring fun and excitement right to your doorstep. Whether looking for swing sets with tube slides, wooden swing sets with slides, or even swing sets with slides and trampolines, you are sure to find a hue array of options out there!

At backyard play store, you’ll find a huge selection of different swing sets to sit every taste!

Not only that but swing sets can be just the beginning of something very special. They can make you laugh and sing, find new ways to enjoy your backyard, and bring something for everyone. There are combination options that bring a huge amount of life to your backyard. You can even build toward a full-on play set, replete with all the works, available to you at all times.

Of course, there are many things to consider when looking at the right swing set for you. Would a plastic swing set with slide be preferable to a wooden swing set with slide? How might a swing set with 2 slides fit into your budget? Would you have the space for a full-on play set, or would looking at a small swing set with slide be a better option?

It used to be the case that bringing a playground to your living space remained the domain of the rich and famous. However, these play sets are as accessible as ever, with plenty of options below the $500 mark. Looking at a range of factors can help bring the perfect play set for your situation, and bring a huge amount of fun and excitement to your backyard.

So let’s at least scratch the surface and look at some of the popular options out there for swing sets:

Wooden Swing Set with Slide

Wooden Swing Set with Slide

Wooden swing sets bring a classic feeling, with sturdy structure and a variety of creative options for kids. In keeping with it’s rustic element, many come with options such as chalkboards to allow for creative exploration, as well as shaded areas to keep out of the sun at times.

Not only are swing sets excellent places to release some creative energy, but they also offer exercise and a safe space within a reasonable distance from home. With the addition of features such as chalkboards and shaded areas, there is the potential for creative, expressive play that forms an important part of the developmental process.

The All in One Extravaganza

When kids go out to play on play equipment, they become masters of their world, exploring and creating and interacting with the equipment. Play sets with a plethora of options to choose from allow kids to experience a range of different activities, while also increasing participation to allow for greater socialization amongst peers.

There are a huge range of features, often combined into one, that can bring fun and adventure to each child’s day. Some include, but are not limited to, features such as rock walls, slides, swings, tube slides, and even kitchens and shaded house areas. Such combinations give kids the chance to really explore and play in a creative way that aids in the developmental process and brings hours of fun at all times.

The Adventurer

Following on from the all in one extravaganza, there are those sets that encourage active, exploratory play that perhaps cater for slightly older kids, up to around the age of 11 and beyond. For those with energetic, curious kids who love to jump and play around, there are many swing sets catered toward these desires.

There are a selection of different features that typically delineate this style of set from other swing sets with slides, all of which bring an element of fun and fascination for the adventuring hearts. Features such as rope bridges, climbing frames, rock walls, and monkey bars all bring a great combination to keep kids engaged and actively playing to enjoy the outdoors and get that all important exercise.

The Adventurer

Not only will kids love it, but it can give the adults that all important break, and offers a great option for having large gatherings in the back yard. Kids can typically spend hours on these adventure sets without getting bored, and when all is said and done, they’ll have worn out all that energy and be ready for bed when it’s time to come in!

Swing Sets for the Little Ones

While these provide excellent options for kids at a relatively advanced stage of independence in terms of independent play, it does not mean babies are out of the equation. Far from it! There are a large number of options available for smaller children who may not have the capacity for more adventurous play, but certainly enjoy the creative fun nonetheless.

Typically in the most affordable range of swing sets, those designed for smaller children still have a huge range of diverse activities to retain interest, while offering safety in abundance. These swing sets typically offer slides, basketball hoops, soccer nets, swings, and other sporting activities designed to give great practice areas for development, as well as enough variety to ensure the kids keep coming back.

Another great feature of this design of set is that they can typically be used both indoors and outdoors as they do not use up a large amount of room. On top of that, such swing sets can be used for kids as young as 6 months or less, and so provide a great fun activity for all ages!

Important Factors in Choosing a Swing Set

One Factor that is vital when thinking of the long term operation of your swing set is the material it is made of. Children of course come into contact with the swing set on a regular basis, and will be active and engaged with it’s structure. As such, durability is important, as well as the effects of consistent contact with a particular material.

Important Factors in Choosing a Swing Set

Wooden swing sets have good durability, though basic maintenance is important to ensure that functionality is maintained at a high rate. Those made of metallic materials also have good durability, but have different reactions to things like sunlight, heat, and rain. These are important when thinking about the typical weather conditions your kids might be playing in.

With the metallic option, they are more likely to heat up quicker, and are susceptible to rust if not coated effectively. Though wood or metal is typically used for the structural and foundational elements of swing sets, the actual swing and slide material is typically a plastic derivative, for comfort and flexibility.

It is important to monitor how the plastic reacts to the typical weather conditions it is likely to come into contact with. Specifically, how does the plastic react to the specific heat conditions, as well as the elements such as rain and snow, and whether it has a secure enough base to handle potentially windy conditions.

Another important factor to consider in terms of safety is how the actual swing set as a whole has been manufactured and physically assembled. Paying attention to any potential sharp edges and dull ends can prevent accidents before they happen. Additionally, the chains on swings should have the necessary covering so as not to pose a risk to children using the swings.

There is also the additionally element of being aware of the necessary space required for each swing set you may be considering. Assessing the space you have in your back yard will give an important indication as to the kinds of swing set that will work best. Additionally, it is not just the floor space that is important, but also the surrounding area that the swing et will be placed within. Ensuring there are no obstacles or aerial hazards that may interfere with play is crucial in establishing a safe, secure environment for creative, expressive play in each individual.

Important Factors in Choosing a Swing Set 2

There are a huge range of different designs and options when purchasing a swing set, with different activities that require different levels of space. Kids like to run and jump around and will typically use more space than is actually occupied by the swing set. Accounting for this kind of exploratory, creative play can help prevent any potential issues before they arise.

As a general rule, a radius of at least six feet can be helpful in providing a safe space for play, while looking at things such as fences and tree branches can help eliminate any extenuating issues early on, offering peace of mind that your kids have the necessary space to play to their heart’s content.

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