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Which Trampolines are the Bounciest?

by Backyard Play Store on July 03, 2021
Which Trampolines are the Bounciest?

Trampolines can provide endless hours of fun for the whole family. There are so many reasons we might decide to purchase a trampoline, from the fun our kids can have on them, to a place for the adults to blow off some steam. Flips, tricks, and all-out mayhem come to life on the trampoline!

It gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping, and that is an important mental and physical release we all need at times. The exertion activates the entire body, giving a full body response that doesn’t require a trip to the gym. Not only that, it gets us moving in a creative way that lets loose our inner child!

Sometimes, it’s great for the kids to have a meeting place, a gathering space where they can release some energy when they have nothing to do. Those long summer months can be tough on the kids and the grown-ups, but a bouncy trampoline gets them moving and being creative in the sun, perfect to break up the monotony!

Equally, when you need to get some work done, it is comforting knowing the kids have a place to play so close to home. A place you know and love. A place you feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that everyone is having a good time and you can focus on the work you need to do.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a trampoline, it ultimately comes down to that inherent sense of fun and adventure we all love, that big bounce! So what better way to decide which trampoline to get than to consider which has the biggest bounce, the most bang for your buck. Which are the bounciest trampolines?

How to Decide which trampolines are the bounciest

Ultimately, there is no exact science that can detect how high you’ll bounce on any given trampoline. There are a lot of extenuating factors that come into play that can interact with the given bounce for each individual. So first, it is important to take these things into consideration.

How to Decide which trampolines are the bounciest

One important factor are the wind conditions of the surrounding area. This can be an important factor in deciding which trampoline to buy, because to get the bounciest reaction, a trampoline thrives in certain conditions. Not only can wind affect balance and thus bounce, it can provide situations that may not be entirely safe for you or your children.

This is why it is important to always consider the weather conditions when buying and using a trampoline. If your climatic surroundings are prone to wind, rain, and snow, it may not be suitable to use the trampoline outdoors. Nevertheless, indoor trampolines, given the space, are great options when thinking about which trampolines are the bounciest!

The benefits of indoor trampolines also come with their foundations. This is a feature that offers sturdy support for the highest bounces, and often indoor surfaces can be a better fit. However, with modern trampolines, it is likely that a flat outdoor surface will work just fine as well, so this is not of primary concern.

Additionally, individual characteristics can affect the bounce, and as such it is difficult to give a once and for all answer to the bounciest trampoline. One such factor is the weight of the individual, which may interact differently with each trampoline. As such, the bounciest trampolines are more akin to a rule of thumb than a definitive answer.

But, for the most part, it comes down to which trampolines launch you highest in the air. That’s the fun of playing on a trampoline, it’s what excites us as kids and makes us show off as adults, and a quality, safe trampoline gives peace of mind when your kids are bouncing high in the air.

To read more about safety on the trampoline, you can visit our Trampoline safety blog and learn about the best ways to keep safe on the trampoline!

Which Kinds of Trampolines Can I Choose From?

Which Kinds of Trampolines Can I Choose From?

Deciding which trampolines are the bounciest often depends on the individual situation. There are a number of different kinds of trampolines, each with their own unique features that may influence how high you bounce on them. For example, the round trampoline design is perhaps the most common, and most popular for home use. We’ve all seen this trampoline in someone’s back yard, and most of us have probably bounced on it at some point!

With the round trampoline, outdoor use becomes the most important. There are a wide variety of sizes facilitating the most likely users, with smaller trampolines accompanying smaller users and vice versa. This also suggests another important point in the decision-making process- trampolines for the little ones may be better placed indoors. With this in mind, the round mini-trampoline is often preferred.

The major benefit of a round trampoline in reference to bouncing is it’s ability to safely influence the bounce. The way the round trampoline is designed encourages bouncers towards the center of the round bounce area. This limits the possibility of accident and injury, and gives peace of mind when children are bouncing on the trampoline.

Square Trampolines- a Different Bounce Style

Square trampolines have similar safety features to the round options, and are good for both blowing off some steam and practicing certain bounce techniques- as such, they are perhaps the next step up when thinking about which is the bounciest trampoline. The square shape is something of a precursor to the rectangular models used in certain professional outfits.

It should be noted that the square option is a step-up in price to the round option, and as such it’s use should be put into context before purchasing. For the casual bouncer, the round option serves it’s function. For more serious bouncers, the square option is a worthwhile investment.

Square Trampolines- a Different Bounce Style

Though not quite as much as the rectangular design, the square models have something approaching the ‘sweet spot’ sensation- a focused point for a higher bounce that can be used in fields such as gymnastics and circus performance. As such, for these kinds of pursuits, a square trampoline can be good for both bounce accuracy and spatial awareness, while retaining an element of the safety features of the round option (namely a focus on directing toward the center).

Rectangular trampolines

There is a definitive difference when you get in to the world of rectangular trampolines, and these are for the true bounce aficionados. This is because of the patterns of bounce that are typical in the rectangular shape. This pattern encourages more control, with higher bounce, than the square or round options. As such, you get out of it what you put in.

With this in mind, it is important to consider how much and what you plan to use the trampoline for. Professionals typically go for the rectangular patterns. Not only are they more space-efficient for both indoor and outdoor use, but they utilize the ‘sweet spot’ sensation much more. This is where the concept of a trampoline for practice comes in when thinking about which trampolines are the bounciest.

As such, when looking to purchase a trampoline and considering the bounciest options available, it is important to remember the kind of use you will be getting from the trampoline. This is why thinking about which trampolines are the bounciest is a matter of personal need. If it is for multiple people to use and have fun with, a larger, rounder option is not only more affordable, but also safer. If you are looking to seriously practice routines, in pursuit of gymnastic or other athletic performance, a rectangular option can provide the extra bounce you are looking for.

Octagonal Designs

Octagonal Designs

This is another important and fun concept within the trampoline world, that will have it’s own unique interactions with bouncing and the trampoline experience. Typically, the major benefit of the octagonal shape is in it’s ability to accommodate a large number of people at the same time. This means the kids can have fun with all their friends!

In terms of bounce, it boasts similar safety features to the round option, in that, in accommodating a large number of people, it’s structure encourages bouncing toward the center. Additionally, in creating a larger surface and uniquely sided shape, there are greater options for creative play that kids will enjoy and engage with attentively, arguing that their trampoline is the bounciest.

In terms of it’s ability to offer bounce, it often depends on the size and accommodation for weight that is specific to each individual trampoline. Often slightly smaller, tighter trampoline styles offer a greater bounce, though this tightness can also affect weight allowance, and as such how many people can use it at one time. All these things are important to consider when purchasing and using a trampoline.

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