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A Complete Buying Guide for Purchasing Swing Sets made in the USA

by Backyard Play Store on September 07, 2021
A Complete Buying Guide for Purchasing Swing Sets made in the USA

Swing Sets made in the USA by local and talented craftsmen are getting popular as playground equipment or backyard play-sets. Nowadays, almost everything is manufactured internationally and only a few goods, such as the swing sets made in the USA, are being manufactured nationally. Exercise is essential for kids aged 4-12 and outdoor activities such as swinging can really make their day! Nonetheless, it isn’t always easy to pick up the right set for your children and so, in this article, we will discuss things to look for while making a purchase, the types and styles available for you to choose from, and finally, answer a few questions that are commonly asked regarding these sets. Let’s get started!

Understanding swing sets

Before trying to judge the perfect swing set for your child, let us go through the main aspects of swinging. Swinging is generally the relaxing movement that makes you go back and forth.

How do swings work?

Swings usually require someone to push the person on the seat to provide a force that will carry them. The greater the push is, the higher you get. If there is no one to do that for you, you swing your legs to get some momentum that will help you go further up.

The main thing that makes swinging possible are energy transfers; kinetic to potential and then back to kinetic. Yes, the force you get from someone behind you or your contracting muscles, is kinetic energy. The faster you sway, the more kinetic energy you get, and the higher you go, your potential energy increases.

In short, swings works by transferring energy in different forms. In the case of swinging backwards, the conversion is from kinetic to potential, and while swinging frontwards, it is potential to kinetic energy.

What are the parts of the swing sets made in the USA?

What are the parts of the swing sets made in the USA

American made swings mainly contain the three components that have been listed below:

Swing hanger: Almost all swings have a hanger that connects the chain to the thick tube-like stand. The hangers look like a bunch of clips themselves and are often known as swing hooks.

Swing connectors: These join the seats with the hangers and are made of thick rope or chains. Nylon-made ropes are popular though steel chains are used too.

Swing seats: The comfortable the seat is, the better the ride gets. In fact, some of these are cushioned that make you want to keep swaying forever! There is a wide range of seat types that include tires, buckets, rubber belts, or large flat seats. If you are planning on buying an outdoor activity swing, cushions might not be a great choice as they will get soaked up in rain or dirt. Similarly, installing metal seat ones indoors will just spoil your home’s architecture!

What swings sets are made in the USA?

Cedarwood is used to make swings in the USA apart from American redwood. Redwoods are harvested using sustainable resources and are a popular choice for their dark reddish color. These are successful in giving a play set a complete aesthetic, classic yet a child-friendly look. Both these types are durable, long-lasting, and are strong enough to support your child’s weight. Redwood swings are highly eco-friendly and helps carpenters give final touches with ease.

Back to the question, swing sets made in the USA include redwood, cedar, metal, and plastic. If you’re looking for the types and styles, keep reading and we will let you know all of it!

Where are Swingsets made?

It is true that only a few factories in America create swing sets. Most of them are imported from China, Japan, Germany, and many other countries. Nonetheless, no matter where they are created, great quality playsets can be found and delivered to all states of America.

Why purchase a swing?

Why purchase a swing

The benefits of swings sets made in the USA are huge. Your kid gets to exercise outdoors while having fun. This really helps their physical health by improving their muscle growth and development. What’s more? They get to experience and learn from nature, experiment with hand and leg movements along with initiating eye coordination.

A child finds mental peace and joy while riding one of these swing sets made in the USA. When a child experiences such, his performance and concentration in day to day activities increase which leads to a disciplined life.

Kids nowadays are stuck to their devices, so having an enjoyable playset can increase their outdoor activities thus saving them from getting spectacles at an early age. If they got friends playing with them, their social and communication skills improve. Lastly, you and your child make a lot of sweet memories!

Types of Swing Sets Made in the USA

In terms of size, you can find single swings or double swings. Parents with only one child or with a small backyard often opt for single swings whereas double swings are mostly taken up by families with more children. We, however, believe the number of children you have shouldn’t affect your swing size decision as your ward’s friends can always come over and fight for that one seat! Also, you could slip into one extra seat and have fun with your child.

In terms of material, wood and metal swing sets are primarily used in gardens and backyards. As iron rusts off pretty easily, steel is used for the swing structure. These are easy to clean and their strength is extremely helpful. Metals are affordable though they require regular maintenance to cover up scratches. Wooden swings simply look better and can be sprayed to reduce insect interaction. Timber, redwood, cedar, and pine are a few varieties of woods used which too, are robust but heavy.

In terms of features, swings can be bought with or without other creative playthings such as slides and climbing towers. If you have a large family or buying a playset to put in a playground or carnival, then the outdoor toy sets, that do not just have the swings, will be a great choice. On the contrary, if you are looking for something simple, try the single swings!

There are tons of varieties of swing sets made in the USA available in The Backyard Play Store’s markets that just cannot be characterized in a sector so check them out here. Swing sets made in the USA are unique in designs and structures so you are sure to find something that matches your taste. If not, there are trampolines and bounce houses available that are great too!

What to look for while getting your child a swing set?

Now comes the main question; what should your sets have? With so many options in the market, it is no surprise that you will have a hard time making a choice. Also, with excessive commercials and promotions, you run the risk of purchasing a model that doesn’t serve your basic needs. For that reason, we have created a list to help you sort through your chosen potential products. Check it out below:
  • Choose the wood carefully: We have discussed about cedar and redwood earlier however, these along with their benefits do have some drawbacks. First of all, redwood is expensive. And it might not be suitable for children’s constant use. Cedar on the other hand is believed to warp after some time if not held properly by a support. Pinewood that has been treated and preserved can be used as well; they are affordable, durable, and have longevity.
  • Warranties: If the company you are purchasing from assures that they serve good-quality products, they are expected to have a warranty program that will reimburse you should any unintentional damage occur to your product. At Backyard Play Store you will be informed if you qualify for the warranty. If not, you will be able to pay in monthly installments and return the product if you don’t like it. Just let them know if you have any questions or are uncomfortable with your purchase and their team will assist you shortly. After all, customer service is their top priority.
What to look for while getting your child a swing set
  • Size: Swing sets made in the USA come in varying shapes and sizes and you might feel tempted to buy a large one however, please note down your backyard area to be sure. That being said, please do not just assume the size as decks and hanging material can take up extra space. Also, some structures are too big to pass through your fence gates so keep that in mind too. It is also not a good idea to fill up all your backyard with a toy so choose sets that take no more than a half of your chosen location.
  • Good quality surface: This is the material on which your swing set will sit on. If your child falls off accidentally, he or she can land on the surface instead of hitting the ground directly! Rubber is a preferred material for this surface as it doesn’t tear of with big bumps and is hard enough to maintain the weight of the whole swing set.
  • Fitted screws and chains: Self-build playsets are great however, when you are purchasing one, make sure they have drilled holes already with proper measurements. Of course, you don’t want to buy a new driller just to adjust that one screw! Check out their bolts and nuts to ensure safety for your child; loose screws can result in collapses!

Why get ‘Swing sets made in the USA’?

Whenever there is a business, it helps locals get jobs and support lifestyles. That being said, when Americans purchase locally made products, they help other Americans earn and live. Consequently, the USA’s economy improves as these manufacturers tend to buy goods from other Americans. So the next time you buy something, feel good as you are supporting someone’s life!

Another thing is that the transport costs and environmental effects are reduced. Tons of fuel burn each day to import material internationally so products made in the USA will mean these fuels are saved. This reduces carbon footprint by vast amounts.

Why get Swing sets made in the USA

If it is made locally, it is likely to be safe and not hazardous. Some international companies have been blamed for using toxic products with chemicals banned in the USA which not only affects the environment it was built on but the end-users as well I.e. your child. We of course do not want that, and so, suggest made in USA products because, unlike other countries, we have laws regarding the usage of toxic chemicals. These dangerous materials also harm our surroundings as when these toys are disposed of, radiation and vapors can come out.

Why purchase Swing sets made in the USA from The Backyard Play Store?

The Backyard play store, have partnered with companies that provide only the best, safe and affordable products. Their dedicated team is there to check every model before you select it as your merchandise. They lookout for any cracks, loose screws, or scratches, and if any of them doesn’t satisfy their needs, they reject that. One of their team is dedicated especially to look into advertisements and see if the product does what its manufacturers promises too and they even let you know of any drawbacks that might hamper you. Their customer base is always happy and leaves wonderful reviews to assure you that they are trustworthy.


We all loved swings when we were kids, didn’t we? The only thing we didn’t like was waiting in lines before the seats. Now that you are aware of swings and the advantages it has to your children, it is time to get yourself one of the finest models The Backyard Play Store has to offer.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or are willing to use their service, leave them an email or call them whenever you want. They will get back to your query as soon as possible as their friendly customer service group will love to hear you out!

So what are you waiting for? Get your child one of the swing sets made in the USA, today!


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