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How to Know When to Buy a New Swing Set

by Backyard Play Store on April 15, 2022
How to Know When to Buy a New Swing Set

Knowing when to buy a new swing set will help you analyze if you need a new one, how you can save your budget, and ensure a safe place for your kids to play. So if you are contemplating whether to buy one or not, here are some important reminders and tips you should consider.

Signs You Need a New Swing Set

If you see any of these or maybe all of these signs on your current swing set, you may start planning on when to buy a new swing set for your kids to ensure safety.


The building support of swing sets is often made of metal, so they are prone to rust over time. Since they are placed outside, they also often get wet. The swing hangers and chains are the parts that corrode easily since they are made of metal. If these two break, it can cause serious injury to your kids.

It is advisable to have regular check-ups on your swing set to ensure you will not miss rusted parts and you can conduct immediate actions to prevent further rusting.

Wear out plastic items

Some parts of the swing are also made up of plastic, such as the slides, gliders, and belt swings. Exposure to the sun can cause plastic materials to wear out, fade in color, become brittle, and then crack. There is no assurance if a wear-out plastic part of the swing set can still carry its usual weight capacity. You cannot be sure that it is just your kids who will play on the swing set. They can invite the neighbor kids, so they can exceed the weight capacity. Worst case scenario, they may be caught up on some parts breaking while they are playing. And you wouldn't want that to happen.

Wear out plastic items

Therefore, as soon as you see some plastic parts getting worn out, consider if you can just replace that specific part. You can also opt to buy a new one if there are already too many areas of the swing set that need repairs.

Loose nuts and bolts

Assembling the swing set is the only time when people will check on the nuts and bolts. Most residential swing set owners often do not give importance to this part of the swing set every time their kids will use it.

Even though you are sure that your entire household takes their hands off on these parts, you might be surprised that they start to lose over time. But in some cases, no matter how much you tighten the nuts and bolts, if the part itself is already worn out, you need to consider replacing either that specific part only or maybe the entire swing set. It will depend on the overall condition of the swing set since everything is connected to function well.

Structural cracks

The safety of your kids will be at risk if you see structural cracks on the swing set's beam. You can think of filling these cracks out using cement, plaster, etc. You cannot guarantee durability once every part starts to wear out.

Instead of covering these cracks, it may be better to buy a new one instead to ensure the safety and security of the kids while playing on the swing set.

Factors to Consider on When to Buy a New Swing Set

Now that you know the concerning matters on when to buy a new swing set, you also need to take note of when is the best time to buy one. It will help you save a lot of money, decide on what type of swing set you should buy that you think can last with you in the long run, and the best quality swing set for your kids to use.



Spring and summer are the best time to buy a swing set since kids are having their break at school and they have more time to play outside. In this case, you will see swing sets sold out fast during these times.

So if you want to schedule your swing set shopping date, make sure it is around the fall season, which is from November to December. Not many people prioritize buying an outdoor item as the winter approaches, so you may catch up on cheaper packages, lots of stocks, and options to choose from, and your order can be processed right away since only a few choose to order during this time.


As mentioned on the availability, November and December are the best times to buy a new swing set. Black Friday falls during the Thanksgiving season, and it is when all products are sold at cheaper prices.

Seasonal activities

The season is an important aspect to consider when buying a new swing set. However, it may depend on how your kids would love to play regardless of the season.

These days, children get more interested in gadgets than in playing outside. But if they can see an available playground where they can be around, such as a swing set, they can get excited and ditch their tablets and smartphones.

So as long as you see the need for your kids to stay active, be it in winter or summer, grab the chance to buy one and have an available playground set for them to use.

Personal preferences or circumstances

Sometimes, some factors do not allow you to buy a new swing yet even though you want one. It can be of current financial status or you have other important priorities you need to focus on for your kids first.

Personal preferences or circumstances

Therefore, it is okay to buy one even during the off-season when the prices are cheaper if that is the time when you allot a budget and it is more convenient on your part. But if you can wait for a little longer, still grab the opportunity to buy either November or December.


Knowing when to buy a new swing set will depend on your current need and situation. As long as you think that the one you are still using can serve its function well, and, at the same time, provide a safe place for your kids to play on, then you can continue using it. But if it is no longer the case and you see the safety of your kids may be at risk, then it is the right time to buy a new swing set.


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