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Fun and Fantastic Games for Your Next Bounce House Bash

by Backyard Play Store on November 04, 2020
Bounce house games

We never need an excuse to get out the bounce house and start playing. It’s good old-fashioned fun and adventure, in an environment of activity and creativity loved by children and adults alike. 

With a big inflatable to spice up the occasion, everyone is sure to want a go. Having some games planned for your inflatable party is a great way to keep everyone involved and engaged, and ensure hours of fun!

Musical Freeze Bounce for Those Restless Bones

Kids love to burn all their energy in the bounce house, laughing and frolicking as they are shot all around with their friends. Adding in some music creates a great atmosphere for kids to express themselves and move to the beat of the tunes. But when the music stops, everyone must freeze! 

Kids will love the competitive fun and laugh as they watch each other try to find balance. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and burn off their energy. Offer prizes to the winners as an added incentive and to keep everyone playing all day long!

Red Light, Green Light for Guaranteed Fun

Similar to musical freeze bounce, red light, green light keeps everyone engaged and offers a competitive outlet to the bouncing that is fun and exciting! The leader directs traffic and upon shouting red light, all players must freeze or risk elimination. When the green light comes on everyone can bounce around as much as they like! 

Another great way to burn off energy and keep everyone competitive and involved, this games can also be adapted with different instructions, like U-turns and left/right turns to ensure the fun never stops! Adapt all these games with different creative instructions to watch the kids express themselves and have a great time!

Capture the Flag on a Bounce House

This is a classic game that kids often know and love, and the element of playing within a residential jump house adds a new excitement for children. Trying to maintain their balance and win the game is sure to keep them entertained, and the structure of the game ensures everyone is involved with a friendly and competitive environment. 

Four teams is preferable for this game, and each team is designated a color, with members of the team wearing streamers of that color. The object of the game is for kids to steal the streamers of an opposing team, while those losing their streamers are out! This is another game of fun and creativity that allows kids to burn all their energy in a safe and fun environment.

Bounce them Over

This is a great game to play in an indoor bounce house if it’s someone’s birthday. The person who’s birthday you’re celebrating sits in the middle of a circle surrounded by the other participants. On command, the other participants begin bouncing around the center person until they bounce up themselves or are knocked over by the bouncing. 

Kids love this game as they can celebrate the birthday person while having fun and seeing their friends be shot all over the bounce house.

Balloons Bring out the Bounce

Introduce balloons of varying colors for kids to bounce and chase and watch the mayhem. The balloons may float in all directions and be bumped and tossed by the bouncing kids, who love the feeling of flyiin up with the balloons and hitting them around.

This game is simple and offers kids lots of creative ways to express themselves within the bounce house. Buy some balloons, blow them up, and watch the mayhem ensue in the bounce house! Besides these bounce house games, inflatable axe throwing games are also popular and enjoyable for both children and adults.


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