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Comparing commercial and residential bounce houses

by Backyard Play Store on November 20, 2020

Commercial and residential bounce houses, while both used for the same purpose, offer drastically different performance over the lifespan of the product. Some of the most important considerations include the most kind of use it will be getting, the amount of use, and subsequently how durable to bounce house will be.

While you can find some options for personal residential inflatables at large retail stores, commercial grade inflatables are a much more sustainable investment, with a wider range of potential uses covering a much longer lifespan. Below you will find some of the direct comparative measures of the quality of a residential vs. commercial grade bounce house to help you find the product you’re looking for.

  Commercial Residential
Size Anywhere from around 10 to 80+ feet long Usually between 3 and 15 feet
Lifespan Between 3 and 5 years, longer with proper maintenance Between 6 months and 1 year
Warranty 2 years 3 months
Materials Commercial Grade, 18 Oz PVC Coated Vinyl throughout Lack of PVC Coating, lack of strong base fabric, replaced with Oxford Cloth Fabric
Business Use Adept for use by rental companies and indoor centers alike Unsustainable for use by rental companies and indoor centers
  1. Heavy duty, high pressure commercial grade blower
  2. Slide stopper usually included for additional safety
  3. Top cover usually included with optional removal capability
  4. Tall, firm inflatable walls for additional safety
  1. Frail, reduced pressure blower
  2. Rarely includes slide stopper
  3. Does not include a top cover
  4. Low inflatable walls
Amount of Riders Between 4 and 10 safely accommodated Maximum occupancy no more than 4
Accessories available
  1. Metal anchors
  2. High pressure, commercial grade tarp with heavy duty performance
  3. Climber linings with option for removal to enhance maintenance and extend lifespan
  4. Slide linings with option for removal to enhance maintenance and extend lifespan
  5. Extensive repair kit including vinyl materials and industrial glue
  1. Plastic anchors
  2. Generally fragile, low pressure tarp
  3. Climber linings are not able to be removed
  4. Slide linings are not removable
  5. Fragile repair kit makes maintenance difficult


With these things in mind, it becomes clear that a bounce house is an investment that, if done right, can reap rewards for years to come. Essentially, the investment is made based on the desire for use, and a commercial grade inflatable offers safety, security, and durability for years to come as opposed to the decidedly less robust residential option.


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