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Football Inflatables for Tailgating Triumph

by Backyard Play Store on October 30, 2020


We wait for it all year long, and when football season hits it brings back all the joys we’ve missed. From the fall leaves on the ground to the smell of the grill, there are a plethora of things that conjure up football season, all enjoyed best with friends and family.


Putting together the big-game bonanza involves preparation- from the food, to the music, to the entertainment. Pre-game tailgates bring together adults and children alike, and there’s no better way to keep the little ones occupied than with a football themed inflatable.

Bounce House and Slide Rolled into One

Perhaps the two most popular bounce products available, the commercial bounce house and the inflatable slide offer fun and thrills in a safe environment, while also stimulating the competitive environment sure to prepare for the big football game ahead.


With both a bouncing area and an outdoor slide component, the bounce ‘n’ slide combos provide hours of fun and ensure boredom is impossible. Themed bounce houses decorate your inflatable in the colors of your favorite team, so you can display them proudly for all the neighbors to see!

Inflatable and Interactive Sports Fun

Don’t let the kids sit around and wait for the sports to start, get them into the game immediately with a variety of sport themed inflatable products. Whether it’s throwing the football through a target, kicking that perfect field goal, or bouncing your way to the end zone, there are a plethora of interactive sports themed inflatables for kids to try!


Bring a variety of sports to the party with other sports themed inflatables, whether the kids want to shoot some inflatable hoops or score some inflatable goals, it’s sure to bring hours of fun to the party!

The Giant Football Bounce House


Nothing says pre-game tailgate like a giant inflatable football, and this not only brings some good old-fashioned fun for the kids, but is an excellent spectacle to add the atmosphere at the tailgate. The children will love bouncing around, burning their energy and playing with their friends, while the spacious and expansive platform may even entice some of the big kids!


Adults and children alike will love the fun and excitement of the football bounce house, which never fails to deliver at the big pre-game tailgates.

Show your Team Colors in the Summer Sun

The classic water slide is a sure fire way to bring everyone together for your summer tailgate experience. Make the most of the last weeks of summer with a refreshing water slide resplendent in your favorite teams colors. You might not be able to get to the game yourself, but you can definitely bring the color and excitement of your favorite team to your own party.


Not only is a water slide a classic way to have fun and experience the thrills of a rapid slide, it also brings a level of competitive energy for adults and children alike. So throw on the swimsuit, get out the barbecue, and have some incredible on your very own team themed water slide!


Bounce houses offer a great way to spice up any pre-game, with a competitive energetic kick that is hard to replicate. At Backyard Play Store we have a variety of options to facilitate the perfect get-together and preparation for the big game. So call your friends, get the hot-dogs and the hamburgers, and find the perfect football inflatable to make beautiful memories together.


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