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Trampoline Homeowner's Insurance- its affects on your insurance

by Backyard Play Store on November 27, 2021
Trampoline Homeowner's Insurance- its affects on your insurance.

The following piece of writing deals with trampoline homeowner's insurance.

Trampolines and homeowner's insurance? What is the connection? Let's find out.

Trampolines are a great way to keep the kids busy. Especially during summer holidays or family brunches. In fact, trampolines became an easy option during pandemic lockdowns.

One may think, it is just another piece of toy for kids to play with. However, trampolines aren't just an asset, they are a liability, and that too is a heavy one. In terms of home insurance, they are very much a part of the items you need to insure under the homeowners' insurance policy.

Let's deals with all the whys, buts, whats, and whens regarding trampoline homeowner's insurance.

Do I need insurance for my trampoline?

Insurance companies, most of the time, do not cover trampolines because of the high monetary risks involved. Although, some insurance companies may add them to your policy if you happen to have the right safety equipment accompanying the trampoline.

The main idea to understand is that homeowners insurance companies cover any damage caused to the property or any damage caused by the property. However, any medical payments are entertained only if the item causing the damage is covered by the personal injury liability. In this case, a trampoline. Hence, the need to ensure a trampoline.

Why do I need  trampoline homeowner's insurance?

Let's say you have had guests over and one of their kids happens to break a bone while playing on the trampoline. One wrong twist, one off-balance landing, or one wrong flip will leave you with a lawsuit in one hand and a huge medical bill in the other. In order to avoid costly lawsuits or in the event of any type of injury-causing huge medical expenses, it is considered wise to include a trampoline homeowner's insurance in the cover. 

Why do I need  trampoline homeowner's insurance?

Not just this, a trampoline may cause damage during a windstorm. Therefore, it is prudent to check with your homeowner's insurance company regarding the trampoline.

Do all homeowner's insurance companies cover trampolines?

This is where one needs to pay attention. All insurance companies do not cover trampoline and its related injuries. There are three ways in which a policy regarding trampolines is written-

1. Included

Some insurance companies cover a trampoline without any issues. This policy has no exclusions and will cover any injury caused by the trampoline. Even if a tree falls on the trampoline, the cost of the damage is covered.

2. Excluded

There are other homeowner's insurance companies that point-blank refuse trampoline inclusions. In such situations, the company will not entertain any trampoline-related injury claims. Also, in the future, the insurance company may refuse to renew your policy because of the trampoline. Then you need to find a new insurance company or avoid getting a trampoline altogether.

3. Restricted

Some insurance companies cover a trampoline only if correct safety measures are taken beforehand. Safety measures in terms of-

  • Netting around the trampoline to make it an enclosed feature
  • Limit placed on the size of the trampoline
  • The area around the trampoline is fenced properly and or locked
  • Not too close to other features like a pool, a patio, etc
  • Proper padding placed around the trampoline.
  • Proper anchoring of the trampoline

Why are insurance companies afraid of trampolines?

The insurance companies aren't scared of trampolines per se. They fear the high medical costs related to the injuries caused by the trampoline and the secondly, the fact that children are involved with this feature. That is the reason a trampoline is dubbed as an "Attractive Nuisance".

This means that a trampoline attracts, primarily children, and in turn, they can seriously harm themselves. Even if a child trespasses, it is the owner that is deemed responsible because the property is on your land. The reason may seem unfair, but the idea is to avoid any kind of injury to a child. This is the reason why homeowners insurance companies avoid getting anywhere near a trampoline inclusion. An attractive toy invites a whole bunch of kids to your backyard and thereby increases the risk of potential injury.

Do I need to inform the homeowner's insurance company about my trampoline?

Do I need to inform the homeowner's insurance company about my trampoline?

YES! Never hide this information. There can be serious repercussions if you don't disclose this to your insurer. Whenever you plan on purchasing a trampoline keep your insurer in the loop. They may be fine with it or may not take a liking to it. Either way do inform your insurance company because if they happen to discover it themselves, then it may pose a problem for you. They can also deny any further claims even if they are not trampoline-related or even worse, deny any coverage completely. Therefore, the best option is to discuss with your homeowner's insurance agent prior to getting a trampoline. You and they can work around it and arrive at the best possible solution. The insurance company may cover trampoline and related injuries, deny it completely or include it with some restrictions like safety measures. You can even decide not to include trampoline coverage, but still inform the insurance company. By not providing vital details like location, safety measures and usage of the trampoline can place your entire policy at risk.

What if I hide about the trampoline from my insurance agent?

If you happen to hide this vital information, you are putting yourself at the risk of getting your policy canceled. Further, the insurance company may deny any future claims even if they are not related to the trampoline.

What if my tenant gets a trampoline?

If your tenet gets a trampoline on your property then you are liable to pay for any trampoline related damages. Be very clear in your rent agreement regarding installing trampolines or better yet you can avoid renting your place to families that own a trampoline. In the wake of any unfortunate incidents, you as a homeowner are held responsible and can even get dragged into a lawsuit.

Circumstances under which trampolines are covered

If your insurance policy happens to fully cover trampoline-related injuries or cover if the correct safety measures are adopted, then under the following circumstances your policy can be useful-

Circumstances under which trampolines are covered

1. Storms

In the wake of natural disasters like windstorms, thunderstorms, hail storms, or fire, homeowner's insurance is likely to replace or pay for it. Suppose if a strong wind smashes your trampoline into your neighbor's house, fence or car, then the trampoline homeowner’s insurance may pay for the damages. If you happen to forget to chain down your trampoline during a natural disaster, your trampoline homeowner’s insurance is likely to cover the damages. However, if you happen to chain down your trampoline and yet a strong wind carries it away then it is dubbed as 'An Act of God'. It means that you could not have avoided the unfortunate situation and cannot be held responsible for it.

2. Theft or damage

In case of theft or any type of damage to the trampoline, the personal property policy can cover it if the trampoline homeowner's insurance provides coverage for it. After all, there are some really expensive trampolines in the market.

3. Trampoline related injuries

Statistically speaking, about 1 million Americans injured themselves due to trampoline usage between 2002 and 2011. Who will pay for the medical expense? If your own family member gets hurt while using the trampoline, your own health insurance will cover the damages. However, if a guest or a guests' child gets hurt then your trampoline homeowner's insurance may cover the medical expense, provided it is covered under liability coverage. In case you are slapped with a lawsuit, then the insurance may cover court costs and settlement if any.

Is trampoline homeowner's insurance expensive?

A trampoline cannot be insured separately. It is a part of your homeowner's insurance, provided the company agrees to insure it. Under other circumstances, the insurance company may include trampoline related damages if certain safety requirements are met. Depending on your liability coverage limit, your premium will increase. In reality, it is difficult for insurance companies to fathom trampoline related injuries and put a price on them.

Is trampoline homeowner's insurance expensive?

The best solution is to review your homeowner's insurance policy and be aware of any premium increase.

What are my options here?

If you absolutely want to get a trampoline on your property then work it out with your insurance agent. Your trampoline homeowner's insurance may cover damages up to a certain limit. You can also raise your personal liability limits if you are eligible to get a trampoline. This can cover any damages related to the trampoline.

You can also speak with your agent regarding the addition of a personal umbrella insurance policy (PUP). Much like the homeowner's insurance, the umbrella insurance policy covers a family in the event of any large liability claims that may be more than the limit of your homeowner's insurance. This basically raises your liability insurance coverage.


A trampoline may be a great way to keep the kids busy or even from a physical exercise point of view. However, getting a trampoline is easier said than done. There are several formalities to it. For one, it affects your homeowner's insurance majorly. Work out the statistics with your agent before you run off to buy one and yes, do remember to get.


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