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Six Tips in Maintaining Your Moon Bounce Houses the Right Way

by Backyard Play Store on October 09, 2020

Got a moon bounce for your kids or running a bounce house rental business? Then, you should definitely learn how to maintain these inflatable items. Moon bounce houses need the utmost care and maintenance to keep them safe and fun play areas for children. 

Learn tips on how to maintain your moon bounce houses properly in this quick post. Heed these six tips and your moon bounce will surely continue giving your family or clients hours upon hours of fun and entertainment! 

1. Clean your moon bounce house properly.

Clean the entire moon bounce unit after each use. It’s a bit tedious, but an essential step to keeping the bounce house safe and hygienic. 

Start by vacuuming the unit’s interiors with a high-powered vacuum or a multi-surface vacuum cleaner. Use extended tubes so that your vacuum can reach all corners and creases of the moon bounce house. Each nook and cranny must be vacuumed since sand and tiny rocks may hide in small areas, ultimately damaging your unit’s stitching in the long run. 

After a thorough vacuuming, it’s time to wipe down the entire moon bounce with a powerful cleaning agent. Use a soft brush/sponge and soapy water with the cleaning agent diluted in it. The solution to use will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Gently wipe the commercial bounce house’s fabric with the cleaning solution and avoid aggressive rubbing which may damage your unit.


2. Remove spots and stains with a degreaser.

Tough stains and grease on your moon bounce? Deal with these by using a degreaser solution. Rub some degreaser over spots and stains that cannot be removed by your cleaning agent. 

3. Sanitize your moon bounce house after cleaning.

Cleaning alone doesn’t remove all the germs and bacteria that accumulated inside the bounce house unit. Hence, you must sanitize the moon bounce after a thorough cleaning. 

Again, turn to your manufacturer’s recommendations for the right sanitizing solution to use on your unit. However, most people simply use typical commercial solutions like Lysol or Clorox. Dilute your sanitizing agent accordingly and wipe down the entire moon bounce unit using a sponge or soft brush. Pay special attention to areas that users can typically reach like the walls and the bouncing area itself. 

4. Power wash an intensely dirty bounce house.

If the bounce house is too dirty its color practically faded or changed after use, you’ll need to power wash it first before starting the regular cleaning process. Spray and respray every inch of the moon bounce, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Do this until the residential jump house returns to its typical clean color. 

5. Air and sun-dry your moon bounce house.

This is an essential maintenance step if your bouncers with slides get wet from the rain or an adjacent water slide. Set up the unit and sun-dry for 4 to 6 hours. Partially open any zipper holes so that moisture can evaporate. Climb inside zipper holes and dry them thoroughly with a towel as well. Finally, remove any standing water before leaving your unit to dry out in the sun.  

6. Regularly check for punctures and tears.

Immediately check for tears, punctures, and other damages after the kids leave the moon bounce unit or after the client returned it to you. Repair any minor rips or punctures that you see on your unit. Letting small tears and damages go may cause them to get bigger until it’s beyond repair already. Have patch kits and vinyl repair kits handy in case you need to repair anything on the moon bounce. 

Moon bounce houses last long when they’re maintained the right way. As such, regular cleaning, sanitizing, and immediate repair of even the slightest damages go a long way in keeping your bounce houses safe and hygienic. Do all these and your moon bounce house will be ready for its next set of jumping users in no time!


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