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The Length of Time It Takes to Inflate an Entire Bounce House

by Backyard Play Store on October 06, 2020

If you purchased or rented a bounce house, knowing the length of time needed for inflating it is key to planning its setup properly. Some people who tried jumping and playing inside a bounce house are also curious about how this gigantic inflatable toy is blown up and set. Read on to understand how bounce houses are inflated properly and the length of time needed to complete it! 

Average Time to Inflate a Regular Commercial & Residential Bounce House

Moonwalk bouncy houses come in several sizes and shapes. But the average-sized inflatables can be blown up generally in 4-5 minutes. Other bouncy houses, such as residential bouncers are up and fully-inflated in just 2-3 minutes. So yes, it’s really a quick process! 

Factors to Consider in Blowing Up Bounce Houses

Several other factors come into play when thinking of the length of time needed to inflate bounce houses, such as:
  1. Varying sizes of the jump units
  2. The size, age, and number of available blower units
  3. The intactness and continuity of the blower’s power supply
  4. Age of the inflatable bounce house itself

Generally, it’s faster to blow up a newer bounce house unit using a powerful blower. It’s also possible to inflate older bounce houses quickly if multiple blowers are available. Note that the blowers must be connected to a continuous power source so they can continue providing ample inflation to the bounce house as it is used. 

To wrap up, inflating a bouncy house doesn’t really take up too much time. Your bouncy house will stand tall in less than 5 minutes! Make sure you’ve got powerful and the right size blowers to speed up the inflating process and make it more efficient every time.


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