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What size blower do I need for my bounce house

by Backyard Play Store on November 26, 2020
bounce house blower size
There are a multitude of different size and performance characteristics of a range of different blowers that may or may not fit your specific requirements. Each bounce house is unique and will thrive under different blowers, and having an understanding of how different blowers may affect performance can ensure peace of mind with your bounce house.

So what different sizes are available for blowers, and which will fit my bounce house. Below is a comprehensive list of blowers and their specifications.

List of blowers and their specifications:

Bounce House Size of Blower
Indoor bounce house, small and compact with measurements around 9’x 9’ 5 amps
Residential inflatable bounce houses with medium large specifications, usually in a range of 10’ x 10’ to 13’ x 13’ 6 to 8 amps
Commercial (or high grade residential) bounce houses in the 11’ x 11’ to 13’ x 13’ range 10 to 11 amps
Larger commercial grade bounce houses and jumping equipment in the range of 15’ x 15’ to 17’ x 17’ 12 to 14 amps

There are several other features that can make the perfect blower for use in commercial and residential settings alike. Some of the most important features to consider when browsing for blowers include:

Important features to consider

  1. Quality of motor- look for a blower with a full horsepower motor
  2. Accessibility and versatility- can this blower be used in both an indoor and outdoor setting? What will your desired use be?
  3. Housing design- polypropylene is a durable material for your blower and look for machines with long cords, to consider how it would operate in your space
  4. Energy performance- ensuring an efficient machine will keep energy costs low and give peace of mind in using the blower throughout the day
  5. Blower design- consider the shape and weight of the blower in relation to the space of it’s intended use, a lightweight, mobile blower makes things a lot easier
  6. Relation to your bounce house- ensure things like size, pressure, and energy performance are consistent with your bounce houses requirements, as well as the type of nozzle and design
  7. Cost- there are a multitude of blowers out there, and as long as all specifications are met, you shouldn’t need to break the bank to get a good performance blower.
bounce house blower

Overall, a blower is an important piece of equipment, and making the right decisions with the right bounce house and a suitable blower can make life a lot easier down the road. You can check some of our best bounce houses with blowers.


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