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Trampolines made in the USA with different types and safety measures

by Backyard Play Store on August 05, 2021
Trampolines made in the USA

Trampolining is a great way to have fun and adventure and it can also improve your overall health. Trampolines made in the USA are available in all shapes and forms: octagons, hexagon, rectangular, round, the options are many. There are different sizes available for kids and adults.

Different Types of trampolines made in the USA

Trampolines are increasingly getting popular with people of all ages in the America. Jumping on a trampoline is always fun for kids but most often it also ignites the child within you so don’t shy away and get your own trampoline. Trampolines Made in the USA are available in all shapes and sizes in the market so it makes sense to choose the right type as per your needs. Round trampolines are usually more common although rectangular, square, or hexagonal trampolines are also available. Let’s have a look at different types of USA made Trampolines available in the market as this will help you to make an informed decision.

Hexagonal/Octagonal trampoline

Generally, they have got the largest jumping surface and high weight limits to accommodate more than one person at the same time. This is ideal for outdoor fun activities with your best pals or with your family instead. They are also commonly visible at public parks and other public places so that all people can have a great jumping experience. Octagonal trampolines made in the USA are known to provide the highest bounce due to their superior quality and higher weight limits as compared to other types of trampolines.

Round trampoline

Round trampolines made in the USA are the most common and are available in all types of sizes with different weight limits. They can be used both indoors and outdoors in the garden or backyard of your home. When a person jumps in a round trampoline, he tends to fall at the center due to the perfect symmetry of the design which makes it the safest choice.

Rectangular trampoline

Rectangular trampoline

Rectangular trampolines are not as common as round trampolines and are used exclusively by gymnasts to carry out their daily practice. Due to their shape and design, rectangular trampolines provide a unique experience with different jumping patterns. They can easily take on more weights and comes with much higher weight limits which make them more expensive as compared to their round counterparts.

Square trampoline

These trampolines bring the best of both worlds. They are safe to use due to their symmetric design and are also used by gymnasts to carry out their daily training schedule. These trampolines can be used either indoor or outdoor and can be seen in trampoline parks and other outdoor public spaces. If you want to develop or perfect your gymnastic skills then having a square trampoline could be a great option.

Mini Trampoline

If you want to bring your body to shape without going to the gym then a mini trampoline is the perfect option for you to buy. The good thing about it is that you can place it anywhere inside your home due to its compact size. Now you don’t have to spend on your daily visits to the gym as you can do your own exercise at no cost also you can make your own schedule at home. Having a mini trampoline made in the USA in your home is a great way to save your money and effort. You can use it to burn those extra calories in your body in a fun-filled way. Trampolining helps improves your muscle strength, lung capacity, heart rate, immunity, and overall health of your body.

Caged Trampoline

To ensure the safety of the users they are equipped with a safety net in the form of a cage creating a mesh like structure. A caged structure provides complete safety to the jumpers as it prevents them from falling off the trampoline. Also, you can keep an eye on your kids when they play since it comes with a see-through safety net or a cage. The safety net comes as part of the trampoline or is optional in many cases.

Springless Trampoline

Springless Trampoline

As is evident from the name itself springless trampolines made in the USA are the one that does not use springs for the bouncing effect, instead, they use stretchable bands. They are a much safer choice as they do not have steel springs that might hurt you. These generally have high weight capacities so that more people can enjoy. Due to their specific design, they generally cost more than others.

Water Trampoline

A water trampoline is a great way to make your vacations unforgettable. So if you are planning a tour of the lake or sea don’t forget to take a water trampoline with you as it will surely add to your fun and adventure. A water trampoline is no different from a ground trampoline in terms of what it is intended for although it differs in design and shape. It is like an expandable pad that floats on the water on which you can jump and slide. You can play all kinds of tricks like all people in a group can slide down the trampoline into the water one after the other or you can woo others by doing some special jumping tricks.

Bungee Trampolines USA

These are much bigger in size and generally found in a fair, an event, or other entertainment and fun sites. It has stretchable bungee cords that are tied to the jumper so that he can get an extra rise from the ground when they jump into the air. These trampolines made in the USA are a must-try, as they give extra thrill and adrenaline rush for an unforgettable experience that you would like to have time and again.

Health Benefits of Trampolining

Now you don’t have to follow a tight exercise regime to keep your body fit. Set up your trampoline outdoors in minutes to have unlimited fun or install it indoors and exercise your body from top to bottom.
Trampolines can provide a complete body workout for growing bodies and adults. It can be a great substitute for running or going to the gym. To get a fit and fine body all you need to do is some aerobic exercise on the trampoline.

Light Exercise

Light Exercise

For the elderly person doing some light bouncing or jumping exercise can improve their health drastically. This exercise is safe to perform as it reduces the overall impact up to 65% on the joints, which helps protects them from any kind of injuries due to excessive strain.

Enhance lung capacity

Doing some simple aerobics exercise not only improves your cardiovascular health but also improves your lung capacity. That means your lung can take more oxygen inside which in turn is absorbed by the lungs and transported to different parts of the body by the blood. Enhanced lung capacity can greatly enhance the stamina and power of your body.

Keeps your heart healthy

As with other exercises doing some aerobics and gymnastic exercise on the trampoline daily for about 30 minutes can greatly improve cardiovascular health. A good and healthy heart is important for stamina and the overall health of the body.

Strengthens bones and muscles

Trampoline is a good way to strengthen your bones and muscles since it is a low impact exercise and can be performed safely by people of all ages. Especially it is good for elders and kids as it does not put too much strain on the joints or other body parts.

Boosts Your Immunity

According to research, the aerobic exercises performed on the trampolines help activate the lymphatic system. White blood cells released by the lymphatic system are responsible to fight against viruses and bacteria that are majorly responsible for all types of infectious diseases.

Better balance and coordination skills

Trampoline exercises help in the development of gross motor skills in children. It helps them in better coordination in their day-to-day activities like walking, running, bending, and jumping. Exercising on the trampoline requires a lot of coordination so it surely helps them in increasing the coordination of different parts of the body.

How to ensure the safety of the user?

Trampolines are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are designed for a specific purpose. When choosing a trampoline one should keep in mind the purpose, age group of the user, size of your garden or indoors where your trampoline is to be set up.

Now that you’ve got your own trampoline it is important to ensure the safety of the users. There are few precautions one can take for safe usage of the trampolines as stated below

  • Set up your trampoline on a leveled surface, away from any kind of obstacles like tree branches, power lines, etc.
  • Always make sure to have a safety net installed in your trampoline to avoid any kind of injuries.
  • Check the recommended weight limit and do not overload your trampoline to avoid any kind of wear and tear.
  • Children should be supervised by their parents when they are playing with trampolines.

Trampolines come with different shapes, sizes, and features. When choosing a trampoline one should keep in mind the purpose, age group of the user, size of your garden or indoors where your trampoline is to be set up.


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