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How Much Do Trampolines Weigh

by Backyard Play Store on November 18, 2021
How Much Do Trampolines Weigh

Trampolines are no doubt one of the best things to have if you want to have fun while losing weight, exercising, and staying fit and healthier at the same time which is why you must know how much do trampolines weigh.

And aside from being a main source of entertainment for the family, this is also a great way to trim down your body fats and have a fit and healthy body.

In fact, these trampolines are one of the best ways to build up muscle mass, especially on your legs. This also improves your body’s core strength, making you more energetic and maintain better balance in the long run. There’s just very little reason why you can’t think of having these on your home.

This is also the reason why everyone today wants to have their own trampolines. And while owning your own trampoline is undoubtedly fun and healthy especially if you use it right. It’s still important that you think about its logisitics, or in simpler words, where you are going to place it in relation to its size and weight. This is also the reason why moving and packaging a trampoline is one of the biggest challenges when buying one.

There is just no reason why you will get a trampoline and you can’t transport it. This is what we will discuss in this article. We are also going to show you how much do trampolines weigh in the best and most detailed way possible. Aside from that, we’ll also provide background info you should know when it comes to buying, shipping, transporting, and installing your trampoline at home.

What is the size of a trampoline box?

Trampolines come in various shapes and sizes. However, they are usually ranging around 8 feet to 15 feet or sometimes even more. Note that full-sized outdoor trampolines are usually bigger than 12 feet. Meanwhile, smaller ones hover around the 8 feet to 10 feet size range. These also can fit in three medium-sized boxes. On the other hand, the larger ones need around five to six boxed for them to fit in.

8-feet Trampoline Box Size

8-feet Trampoline Box Size

An 8-feet trampoline box size is the usual size of trampolines. You can easily buy these on department stores. Their length is around 8-feet which is equivalent to around 4 to 5 feet. The width is around a feet to 2 feet for these. Furthermore, they stand at a height of around 7 to 10 inches.

14-feet Trampoline Box Size

The height of a 14-feet trampoline hovers around 4 feet to 5 feet. Furthermore, the box for a 14-feet trampoline is around 4 feet to 5 feet long and has a width of around 1 to 2 feet. Furthermore, their height is around 6 to 16 inches in height.

How heavy is a trampoline?

The weight of a trampoline varies greatly depending on the features, materials, and also packaging which it is in. Note that the frame and mat usually weigh more than the trampoline’s spring and poles. These are the ones that support the overall weight and structure.

The boxes of a mini trampoline usually weighs around 60 pounds, sometimes even less. Meanwhile, a full-sized trampoline can weigh around 200 pounds and more. This is the main reason why many people choose smaller trampolines because of their portability.

Also, note that trampoline boxes are usually divided depending on their respective parts, with each part having their own weight. A box with metal parts can weigh around 50 to 90 pounds or even more. They need more than one person to carry it and move around for home installation. On the other hand, a trampoline box with a smaller size and is made with lighter materials can weigh in as little as 20 to 40 pounds.

How are trampolines delivered?

The delivery method depends on various factors such as the shipping company, method of shipping, and the place where you buy the trampoline. You can get it by yourself at the local store. You can also avail a same-day delivery from the retailer.

How are trampolines delivered?

What retailers usually do is that they hire a third-party professional that moves packages and parcels to the direct buyers. But the thing is, there are also a few retailers out there that have their private delivery system.

The cost of shipping also depends on the store because a few stores that are offering free shipping. There are also some shops that have very low shipping fees as long as it is within the area. If so, then you must do do is to just sit comfortably at home and wait for your package to arrive.

You can also expect the retailer to deliver an unassembled trampoline. If this is the case, then you are going to have a harder time installing the trampoline because the installation process is out of their service coverage.

Are there weight limits for trampolines?

In the past, trampolines were just made for children. These first trampolines for home use are just considered as toys. You might have seen these when you to a children’s party on your friend’s house. These trampolines are where you’ll find kids who are jumping on it enthusiastically. This might have been the norm in the past. However, things have changed and now, children as well as adults can now enjoy trampolines. How? Well, because they are now being used by the average joe for daily exercise.

This is why it is important that you know the weight limit of your trampoline so that you can ensure yourself that you have a safe time with it.

You surely don’t want to go through an accident just because you’re jumping back and forth your trampoline, right?

Why trampolines have weight limits?

There is a huge chance that the spring and mat are going to suffer damages if the weight exceeds the maximum weight limit.

Why trampolines have weight limits?

But it’s not all about avoiding accidents. There are weight limits so trampolines can have a smooth and efficient operation. The materials that the trampoline is made of should return the force that is exerted on it with a corresponding upward force.

An exmaple to this is that if a spring is made from dense material, then a skinny person is not going to have much fun on it because the bounce intensity is not that sufficient to propel them upwards.

Meanwhile, if a heavy person is going to use the trampoline, they are going to have a better time with it because the force exerted downward is equivalent to the force needed to propel the man upward.

What is the weight limit of a trampoline?

The weight limit of a trampoline depends on several factors, with the many ones being the spring. The spring is an important part that affects the weight limit.

The stronger and harder the spring is, the better it is to withstand heavier weights of around 200 to 250 pounds or even more.

Meanwhile, a softer spring means that thinner and lighter person that weigh around 100 to 150 pounds will have a better time with it. Aside frm that, the frame and jumping pad also says a lot about the total weight.

The trampoline size also decides its weight limit, which is why it is important to consider the size you are planning to get.

The trampolines made for toddlers are the lightest ones. So how much do trampolines weigh? Well, these range between 100 to 200 pounds with their weight capacity being 75 to 150 pounds. They easily fit on your backyard.

They are also ideal if you have kids or you don’t have much space outside your home. Meanwhile, adult trampolines or those that are made for professionals or for competetive purposes can weigh around 200 to even 400 pounds or more.

Why it is important to know how much does trampoline weigh?

Why it is important to know how much does trampoline weigh?

Space savings

Knowing the weight of a trampoline means that you ensure that the trampoline can fit inside your background. It’s all about space savings because it will be useless if you can’t fully open and stretch it. The more weight a trampoline has, the bigger it is, and the more space it needs.

Safety and security

Another reason why you need to know how much do trampolines weigh is that it makes the process safer. It’s all about ensuring safety when you are jumping on the trampoline. This is especially important if you have kids or children that will use it.

Healthy living

Knowing how much do trampolines weigh also means that you live a healthier life because you can use it to exercise. You lose weight and tone your body build while having fun jumping back and forth your trampoline.


With all of this being said, you can clearly see that knowing how much do trampolines weigh is very important to ensure safety, fun, and to make the most out of this thing that makes you a healthier person overall.

Just make sure that you do the best you can to utilize it to its full capabilities. It’s all about being healthy and having fun at the end of the day.


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